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Born and raised in Denver, prettyinpurple, a.k.a. "pip", overcame a childhood of not begin raised with baseball and being lost in a sea of orange in blue in Broncos country. At the age of twelve, she miraculously started following baseball and the Rockies via the Rocky Mountain News in April 2007. As we know, the Rockies made their run in late ’07, making her "one of those bandwagoners" at first glance, but the run had made poor prettyinpurple fall in love with baseball. Among slowly growing in baseball knowledge, highs and a lot of lows of the seasons, favorite players coming and going, writing The Rockaholics Series (a cultural study of Rockies-addicts) in ‘09, and many hotdogs eaten, she still will fight anyone who dares propose that baseball is not the greatest sport in the galaxy. Starting in 2011, college began to suck poor innocent pip up, where she studies geophysics and covers the DII baseball team (a team that throws less strikes than the Rockies and regularly loses by double figures) for the school newspaper. She enjoys long summer nights next to the radio.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • MMA Batman; TMNT
  • Boxing Rocky Balboa
  • General CSM Orediggers
User Blog

When the Ball Flies

Woosh. Thump. Pause. Woosh. Thump. Woosh. Crack. Woosh. Cheers. When the ball flies, it is then I realize how dead I’ve felt inside for 191 days. Yes, 191 days it has been since the ball has...


I loved you, Huston Street

I don’t know where I’m gonna get the time, or why I have to do this, but I feel I have to do this. The Rockies traded Huston Street. Huston Street is gone. It’s not a big shock: I knew this was...


Superheroes/Villains: Because We're Bored During the All-Star Break

I recently stayed up very late having a heated debate with my siblings about a very important matter: if the Rockies were a Marvel or DC superhero or villain, who would they be? Opinions flew, and...


Daddy Didn't Teach Me Baseball

My dad taught me how to ride a two-wheeler, bait a hook, blast a .22, and drive a minivan. He did not teach me how to field a grounder or how one might keep score. I had to learn that myself. As a...

SI: Why are fans so aglow in Colorado? Oh, The Places They'll Go


I read this this morning at the dentist's office. Anyways: "Tulo is willing to put up with the inevitable ribbing from the rest of the Rockies, who keep his locker at Coors stocked with Bieber-obilia. Last week his space was adorned with a glittery backpack and a T-shirt bearing the singer's likeness that most middle school girls would surely be proud to own. 'Lots of comedians in this clubhouse,' Tulowitzki says. 'I just go with the flow.'"


All's Right With the World After Opening Day

  Anticipation. Excitement. The day we had all been waiting for. That day when life went back to normal and all was right in the world. Opening Day. Opening Day never disappoints. Whether it’s...

After 180 long days of counting down...


After 180 long days of counting down...


Things I Want to See This Season

Or, Crazy Optimistic Predictions I Wrote While Wearing My Purple Glasses A new season is nearly upon us, so I thought I’d share some things I would like to happen, or at least would be fun if...


Rockaholics Anonymous: The Offseason

The baseball offseason drives fans nuts, especially those of the Colorado Rockies. Here's one take on all of this.


Opening Day/Fireworks Games Ticket Thread

This fanpost is for sharing extra codes to purchase tickets to Opening Day and the Fireworks games. The sale is Tuesday, from 10 til 10, I believe.You can only purchase 4 at a time. Have an extra...

YAY! TULO!! In honor of Tulo's long-awaited gold glove...


YAY! TULO!! In honor of Tulo's long-awaited gold glove...


A Season of Memories

Disappointing. Exciting. Heartbreaking. Any of these words can be used to describe the 2010 season. It was a season of mile high expectations, expectations that were not reached. We thought for...


Goodbye, Rockies

The last game at Coors Field.

NL West or Bust!


NL West or Bust!


Into Enemy Territory

A chronology of prettyinpurple's journey into enemy territory, and experiences while there...


Seth Smith is the Best Looking Rockie of 2010!

Yay! Congrats, Seth! You deserve it! Seth Smith was the winner, making a strong push at the very end to stay ahead of Dexter Fowler, who got 2nd place. It may be speculated that Seths shave gave...


Poll: Because We're Bored During The All Star Break

Who is the best looking Rockies player in the 2010 season?  Please vote on this silly poll, you have nothing better to do after all....and dont just vote for your favorite players, even if they are...


Opening Day In Pictures

 It was a Beatiful Day- the exact song by U2 played while we walked up to Coors Field on. I came armed with my shoelaces and sign early, welcoming the Rockies home. Here I am standing on the purple...


We Will Rock You

  Why the Rockies Will Win the National League West, the Pennant, and Ultimately the World Series   Now, this story is no scientific observation, “professional opinion”, or specific...


850 KOA Wants To Send You To Opening Day!

Okay, you might be saying , "Hey, pip I wanted to win, why are creating more competition?" Well, if someone wins, I'd rather it be one of us, so...850 KOA Wants to Send You To Opening Day! Just...

Faith Day 2010: Jeremy Camp to perform.


If anyone cares. I myself was hoping it would be Third Day.


Rockaholics Anonymous: Speak Rockaholic?

  I’m sitting here, trying to think what words to type to the last Rockaholics article (for awhile). Well, it’s been a nice offseason, almost as nice as it could be, and the best one for me, since...

Street Has Shoulder Pains


Sidelined at least through the weekend.


What Does Your Avatar Mean?

The sequel to Andrew T. Fisher's "What does Your Name Mean?". Everybody should have an avatar. If you don't, get one. (Really, it would be nice, but I guess you don't have to. But if you don't...

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