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Born and raised in Denver, prettyinpurple, a.k.a. "pip", overcame a childhood of not begin raised with baseball and being lost in a sea of orange in blue in Broncos country. At the age of twelve, she miraculously started following baseball and the Rockies via the Rocky Mountain News in April 2007. As we know, the Rockies made their run in late ’07, making her "one of those bandwagoners" at first glance, but the run had made poor prettyinpurple fall in love with baseball. Among slowly growing in baseball knowledge, highs and a lot of lows of the seasons, favorite players coming and going, writing The Rockaholics Series (a cultural study of Rockies-addicts) in ‘09, and many hotdogs eaten, she still will fight anyone who dares propose that baseball is not the greatest sport in the galaxy. Starting in 2011, college began to suck poor innocent pip up, where she studies geophysics and covers the DII baseball team (a team that throws less strikes than the Rockies and regularly loses by double figures) for the school newspaper. She enjoys long summer nights next to the radio.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • MMA Batman; TMNT
  • Boxing Rocky Balboa
  • General CSM Orediggers
User Blog

Rockaholics Anonymous: The Things That So Easily Upset Us

As Rockaholics, some things just upset or annoy us. Maybe it is because Rockahol contains some enlightening substance, and everyone else is so ignorant. Finally, a beneficial addiction! Ahh, the...


Rockaholics Anonymous: Your Story

Welcome back to Rockaholics Anonymous! This month we are going to discuss the story of your Rockaholicism: the story how you became a Rockaholic, and the highest you've been on Rockahol. Well, it...


Rockaholics Anonymous: The Survival Guide

The Complete Rockaholic's Guide to Surviving the Offseason Oh my beloved Rockies! How doth I miss thee! How will I ever survive? So many long months before I see thy face again! Gosh, I hate the...


Rockaholics Anonymous: Session 1 Notes

Okay, this month we learned the symptoms of being a Rockaholic and we are not alone in our Rockaholism. The symptoms are as follows- you might be a Rockaholic if...   CATAGORY 1: You only have...


Rockaholics Anonymous: You might be a Rockaholic if you...

Welcome to Rockaholics Anonymous! This month we are going to diagnose your addiction! You might be a Rockaholic if ........ You dream in purple, black, and white. You have a certain weakness for...


As Seen From the Upper Deck: A Fan's View of Game 4

I didn't get any homework done Monday night. That's because I unexpectantly went to Game 4- my first playoff game!   I already had a purple hoodie on, so I threw on my Tulo jersey and grabbed...

MLB.com: Expect a Wild run in 2009 playoffs


Recent history shows little edge for division champs. Enjoy.


Close Encounters

Well, we all dream about meeting our favorite Rockies player. He would sign your baseball, jersey, or baseball card... You would say something clever and memorable.....while not embarrassing...

Why we MIGHT not win the division....


Why we MIGHT not win the division....

From drewlitton.com .....


From drewlitton.com .....


The Real '07 World Series Winners

I laughed this week when two more cheaters David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez (who we already know is a cheater) were revealed. Both were key members of the '04 and '07 World champion Red Sox (ugh!). N...

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