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6/13/2013 Junk

So the last junk is 8 days old...everyone knows that after 1 week, ya ought to clean out the fridge. Question of the junk: how do you deal with work/life balance? Do you find yourself thinking...

30 second Blazer Ringtone


Had some free time tonight and decided to make a ringtone for my new phone. If you would like to use, feel free to download the .mp3 from this link (you should just be able to right-click and hit save-as).


How to add your own ringtone iPhone:




Windows Phone 8:


Audio based off of this year's opening video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgizy4DLoaA


Off-Topic: Junk Drawer for 8/28/13

Junk Guidelines: The Junk Drawer is the place for off-topicness. Everything goes (except Blazer talk) in here. Well, that and punching people in the face. Save that for the main page. To get...


Game 4 Finals Open Thread (+ JD)

Old junk drawer was getting old, so let's have a new one and also make it an open thread for the Spurs/Heat game. Will Lebron come back and redeem himself? Or do the Spurs take a commanding lead,...


Junk Drawer 6/8 - Friday Night

Friday night! Best night of the week? Question to start the junk is--what does your typical Friday night look like? Raging party? Start catching up on sleep? Go out? Stay in? Or do you have a work...

Let's Start Tanking


Freshman Seventh Woods is a beast. I want.


Blazer Sedge's Drawer of Junk for 21 Mar. 2013

Topic 1: Diamonds are bullllllleeeeeeeeeep!Seriously, why do we give people giant rocks to wear around? Why not give them something useful...like a car or some stocks or bonds. Seriously, a rock!? ...

Blazers Coaching Staff Vibing


Good read on O-Live on coaching staff: ... When the staff gathers for a coaching meeting to prepare for an opponent, there's an open forum to debate and brainstorm how they should defend that opponent, what offensive sets they should run -- even how they should stack their player rotation and who should be placed on the inactive roster. The meetings are a time for brutal honesty -- Hughes' specialty -- and Stotts craves input. Sometimes he'll ask an assistant directly what they think. Before the Blazers' win against the Timberwolves last week, he turned to Osbourne, offered two plays, and asked which the Blazers should open the game with. Osbourne answered and Stotts used his suggestion. And it worked -- the Blazers opened the game with a bucket. ... Full story: http://www.oregonlive.com/blazers/index.ssf/2013/02/blazers_coaching_staff.html#incart_river


1-14 JD of Non-Importance

I remember I used to wait to pen JD's until I had something mildly important to include as the junk topic. Lately I can't think of anything important to say, though, so you'll just have to come up...

Hanging w/ Dame (via NBA.com)


Hanging w/ Dame (via NBA.com)


Junk Drawer - 10/30/2012

What was the most memorable world-wide event you've observed/been a part of? A natural disaster? A certain sporting event? And related question: does the impact of being 'connected' change that? I...


8/25 Junk Drawer

So the last junk drawer should have got all our bad stuff out of the way. I hereby christen this junk the positive juju junk, in hopes that good things happen. For my random question: you are going...


8/9 Junk

Junk question of the day: 1) What is one vacation or place or trip you've been on that's awesome and would recommend? 2) A vacation or place you've been that wasn't awesome (i.e. you'd tell others...


7-26 Drawer of Junk

Question of the junk: how do you handle being in a setting where you don't "fit in"? Do you make yourself fit in? Leave? Hide? Tell jokes? Play with your phone? Make new friends? Be quiet and...

"Champion" featuring Lillard (music with NSFW-ish language)


"Champion" featuring Lillard (music with NSFW-ish language)

Basketball needs more of this. I count one in-uniform Blazer and four who would eventually become...


Basketball needs more of this. I count one in-uniform Blazer and four who would eventually become Blazers.


Greg Oden for Carmelo Anthony...thoughts?

We was chillin' over at Blazersedge and this comment caused a stir: Not to turn this into a trade drawer.. but why don’t we do Greg Oden for Carmelo? Nuggets begin to rebuild. If GO turns...


Lots of Junk Ahead...8/21/2010

So Bedgers...engaged. Dang. I've known some of you guys almost as long as I've known Mrs. Prez. The story was a simple one. I found a pretty girl, we liked each other, we're getting married. Who do...

Secret Rich Cho Interview


You have to highlight the text to read it...enjoy. Q&A with Assistant GM Rich Cho Sonics assistant general manager Rich Cho is not a household name even amongst Sonics fans. But general manager Rick Sund says he can’t imagine how other teams survive without a similar person in their organizations. Cho’s job title fails to do justice to the number of duties he has with the Sonics. He is responsible for knowing the ins and outs of the salary cap to help the Sonics best exploit it and is the team’s associate legal counsel in addition to his traditional front office duties. Since starting with the Sonics in 1995 as an intern for Wally Walker while he was attending the Pepperdine University School of Law, Cho has moved up in the front office steadily, most recently being promoted to assistant GM during the summer of 2001. SUPERSONICS.COM caught up with Cho to find out a little more about his duties and his background.

Blazer Ticket Holder Party @ Big Als TONIGHT


Confirmed guests include prezofdeath and philthyanimal. Anyone else coming? Holla!


Drawer de Junque 1-7-10

Two completely random and off-topic topics for today's junk. 1) How do you know when you've found The One? How do you know if he/she really loves you, or if they just are loving you because they're...


Dec. 22 Junk Drawer

So, topic of the day: What sites do you regularly visit besides BEdge? I get really bored with the usual suspects, and I'm guessing some of you guys do to, so let's collaborate to get some new...

Audio Montage of 2008 (2:00)


Had to do an audio project for school...and seeing Sergio the other night made me miss him...so I decided to take a trip down memory lane and use clips from the team we grew to know and love. 2 minutes, 5MB. Linky.


12/14/2009 Junk Drawer -- Coolest Bball Shoe Contest

Sup JD? Hope all is well with y'all. So, I need help (there's a news flash for ya). Need some new kicks. Has to a be basketball shoe. Has to be cool. Post nominations as a comment and I'll collect...

Greg Oden gets absolutely hosed by the refs. Again. Ugh.


Greg Oden gets absolutely hosed by the refs. Again. Ugh.


December 1st JD: Something's Different

Hello Junk Drawer! Right now there's 2000+ comments in the old junk so...time for new junk. So I've been thinking...something's different. I can't think of anything to be annoyed at on BE. I've...


Blazers Edge Community Podcast Episode 008

A Bedgecast Boo-Ya to Ya Boom. Southern Oregon, Magnum, and yours truly, along with fashionably late arrivee Philthyanimal hit threes--Rudy style--as we go around the Edge, talking about last...


11/14 Junk Drawer

Sup all y'all! This is the Drawer de Junk. So today on F. B. I noticed Gavin Dawson became a fan of "pretending to text in awkward situations." What's your secret formula for escaping awkward...


Season Preview: Jerry Sloan

2009-2010 Previews, Jerry Sloan

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