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Martell with the number two play...get used to seeing him on this list :-)


Martell with the number two play...get used to seeing him on this list :-)

Webster = DOTN. Shannon Brown gets my vote for failed dunk of the night.


Webster = DOTN. Shannon Brown gets my vote for failed dunk of the night.


keeping your heads up

i said about 24.hrs ago that if d.socks beat me by 100 in bowling i would retire prezofdeath from blazersedge.well blazersfans the worst case scenerio surfaced.d.socks beat me last nite. now on a...


9/2 Junk Drawer

This is the junk drawer. Use it. So what's new with everyone? I have had nine thousand two hundred different things going this week, so I been pretty busy, but things are settling down a bit. My...


Episode 007 -- Blazers Edge Community Podcast

A Bedgecast Boo-Ya to Ya The podcast strikes again. It's summer, so we've been slackin', but with things starting to heat up as we move towards training camp, we've got more and more to start...


Bedgeball live blog/evening junk drawer 7 28

Bedgeball has begun! We here at b e. Arena and a solid turnout of twenty people or so. 10 minute quarters and white is killing 28-8. Philthy, TonyStratam, Tinfoil, Appel, cafe civet, arkitect,...


7/25 Junk Drawer

Wadduppp junk drawer amigos/amigas? How's life treatin' ya? Well it's the weekend and even child slave laborers get breaks on the weekend, so here I am. So things pretty quiet around here? I see...


July 09, 2k9 Evening Junk

What up? It's the Junk D. Here's some stuff before we get red hot and rollin'... Sprite Slam Dunk Tour...you guys been followin' this thing? Some pretty cool dunks...nothing groundbreaking, but not...

Think he'd sign for veteran's minimum?


Think he'd sign for veteran's minimum?


A friendly fanpost/fanshot reminder

As we enter the free agent period, with rumors, alleged signings, and all kinds of other shenanigans afoot, Blazers Edge explodes with users, each with ideas, thoughts, and points for discussion....


6-12 Junk Drawer: Make a Song Edition (4U92!)

92wasthe year is famous. The world's tiniest junk--what an honor. But he also is a talented song-writer (quite under appreciated I might add). I'm sure a lot of folks around BE feel the same way....


Junk Drawer--June 10, 2009 (MOM! edition)

Here it is--the Mean Ol' Mod edition of the junk drawer.   We all love the Junk Drawer. It's a place to hang and post random off topicness that wouldn't otherwise fit around the site.  A lot goes...

Don't u luv our boys? Roy & Martell "Make It Better"


B-Roy and Martell helped raise money for a private school that doesn't like to charge tuition...man I love this team.

The Schonz's Catch Phrases (via Casey)


Great piece over at Lance's Center Court blog. Schonz talks about --Bingo Bango Bongo --Lickety Brindle Up the Middle --Rip City Good stuff. Read it!

Artest calls out C-Webb, talks about his boys from the hood, and re-confirms that B-Roy is his...


Artest calls out C-Webb, talks about his boys from the hood, and re-confirms that B-Roy is his toughest matchup in the league. Found via JE Skeets.

Interesting Read on Refs from ESPN Archives


After talking about refs on the podcast and Corvid bringing up Bernie Fryer, I somehow ended up reading this article from ESPN's archives. It's by Ric Buford--talks about how tough reffing is and how much scrutiny the league is putting on them. It seems like change needs to happen from the top and come down if anything is going to happen.


Blazers Edge Community Podcast Episode 006 (Jake, Philthy, & Cab.)

(Pre-Show) So today we are recording for the podcast. Guests scheduled to be on today include Cablinasian, jksnake99, and philthyanimal. Instead of just recording and posting it, I thought it...


Junk Drawer -- May 29, 2k9 (Love Edition)

I love weddings, drinks all around! Today's junk drawer is for...well....junk. Just like always. But to kick us off, got any love advice? What's the first thing to remember in a lovey dovey...


Post-Lottery Trade Thread (5/19)

14. Suns 13. Pacers 12. Bobcats 11. Nets 10. Bucks 09. Raptors 08. Knicks 07. Warriors 06. Timberwolves 05. Wizards 04. Kings 03. Thunder 02. Grizzlies 01. Clippers   The order, via Timbo. T...


Blazers Edge Community Podcast -- Episode 005 (Ben & KP2)

Craziness! Episode 005 is here, and with it, some brilliance from two of the game's best--Ben Golliver and Kevin Pelton. Topics included Nicolas Batum and his role on this team, draft theory,...


Blazers Edge Community Podcast -- Episode 004 (Dave Edition)

A Bedgecast Boo-Ya To You Boom. Blazers Edge Community Podcast is back again, this time with a twist. Today's episode features poop-deck-swabbie Prez (yours truly) and Captain Dave of the...

Tominrehab should change his name.

  1. For the uninformed/confused, Tominrehab is NOT Tominhawaii.
  2. The confusion has become too much.
  3. Tominrehab needs to change his name.
  4. This is worse than "Yellow Mamba" copying "Black Mamba."
  5. I'm fo really. ;-)~

Bam ba lam.


Bam ba lam.

Former Baller Dave Bing Wins Mayorship of Detroit


Don't know if I'd wanna' be mayor of that place right now, but congrats to him on his election nevertheless.


Quatro de Mayo Junk Drawer

Alright, let's get busy junking away. It's a new day, so make hay.   To start out the day though, two questions: First, what was the last thing you bought online? Second, is there a Blazer...

P.O. Thanks Blazers


I don't always agree with Canzano, but he sure does have some good emailers.


Episode 003 -- Blazers Edge Community Podcast

The third edition of the "Blazer Laser" is has hit store shelves the Internet. People are going nuts over this product podcast. Get yours before it's gone. We've got SandbergOnSports in the house...

Iverson sells more jerseys than Broy


So just saw this come across my radar screen today...Top 15 jersey sellers list....Iverson was number 5 in the NBA. B-Roy didn't make the list.


Episode 002 -- Blazers Edge Community Podcast

The second edition of the "Blazer Laser" (aka Bedgecast) is now available! In today's episode (today meaning Wednesday evening), Brian (Outlaw Is Rejector), Phil (Philthyanimal), and Josh (that's...


Episode 001 -- Blazers Edge Community Podcast

Podcast fun! We're starting a new thing around these parts--a Blazers Edge Community Podcast! Today, Sophia (BlazerFan1) and Steven (SandbergonSports), and Josh (that's me!--prezofdeath) kick...

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