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Home and Home with George Washington


Pretty good non-conference game for the men's basketball team in one of the best recruiting areas right now. We'll have games at Maryland, but getting another game in DC is a great idea.

Jealous of this cake


I am getting married this summer and my wife-to-be has already said no to this.

Highlights of Penn State G Recruit Devin Foster


Here's some highlights of incoming basketball recruit Devin Foster. In true BSD fashion I'm stealing this from 247 which posted it earlier.

So Elite


VT is so elite that they had to remove their empty trophy case.


B1G Men's Soccer Champs

The men's soccer team wrapped up the regular season conference championship with a comeback win over Northwestern. The soccer team has really been picking it up the past few weeks and could crack...

Sean Lee article on


Thought some of you would enjoy reading about one of Linebacker U's best.

WVU player is a poor criminal


At least he was smart enough to not commit the crime while the victim was holding on to his school ID, so it could have been worse.

Related to Nits....Bed Bugs in Curtin Hall


This does not surprise me. East Halls are all dumps.

Watch Brutus get lit up


Ohio State's football team decided it would be a good idea to beat up on their mascot in practice. While this would be better if it were Mauti de-cleating Brutus, I still enjoyed this.

There's hope for our shooty hoops team


This should give some hope to our men's basketball team. On any given night, a team that's winless in a power conference can beat a top 5 team. TCU is a team that we would probably be favored against if we played them. So, there's still hope.

2 more Pitt games added


Football team will play Pitt each year from 2016-2019. Glad to see the rivalry renewed, but I'd rather play a big name team.

Auditor calls for sweeping changes at Penn State


I think this is Corbett's end game in all of this. While agree there are changes that need to be made, I'm guessing he's hoping to get more power over Penn State out of this. If the commonwealth wants more power than they are going to need to start funding the school more.

Men's soccer team snubbed


I don't think this is any sort of conspiracy, but the Michigan soccer team somehow made it into the NCAA tournament over our Nittany Lions. South Florida also got in while not even making the Big East tournament. From the article: "Michigan sneaked into the tournament despite a 10-9-1 record. They did boast a strong strength-of-schedule, and did finish the year on a strong note, but nine losses is nine losses (and two of them were unimpressive multi-goal losses to Bowling Green and Cleveland State). There were teams who could definitely make an argument for being more deserving. While Michigan did get in, regular season Big Ten champion Penn State did not. The Nittany Lions fell to eventual Big Ten Tournament champions Michigan State in the conference tournament, finishing with a 9-5-3 record. They suffered losses against Georgetown, Akron and Indiana during the season, while tying Michigan at Michigan. How they missed out and Michigan made the tournament is a head-scratcher." Shame they didn't get in, but great that they won a regular season conference championship. (Georgetown got one of the top 4 seeds, while Akron was overall #5 team and had the #2 RPI ranking, Indiana was #16 overall in the seeding). I thought Penn State was deserving, but I guess the selection committee thought otherwise. That loss to Michigan State in the B1G tournament was killer.

Nebraska's chancellor on our sanctions


Here's a quote from the article by Nebraska's chancellor in support of the sanctions. Maybe it's just me, but when someone is being blackmailed it doesn't really make it a legitimate "agreement" (To be fair, I could picture Spanier saying something like this if the roles were reversed.) "I think it ought to be clear what the NCAA did at its core," said Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman said. "It entered into an agreement with Penn State. If that's true, I'm not going to stand back and critique an agreement between two parties about what's going to happen. It's not Pandora's Box. Some of the comments that were made about it made it larger than that."

BO'B B1G Teleconference


Since the weekly press conference was postponed (canceled?) we only get the B1G teleconference to hear what BO'B has to say. Nothing earth shaking, but it beats talking about the last game.

Kicking Recruit?


WA high school kicker kicks a 67 yard FG. Wow! He only has a partial scholarship offer to Eastern Washington. I wonder if he'll get a scholarship offer from somewhere after this kick. I was really impressed. (Obviously, one kick does not make a kicker but this kick is so unreal I have a hard time not thinking it's fake.)

OT: E. Gordon Gee's bow ties


This is quoted from the Dayton Daily: "Since 2007, Ohio State has spent more than $64,000 on bow ties, bow tie cookies and O-H and bow tie pins for Gee and others to distribute, the newspaper found." I feel like that is probably half the bow tie market, but maybe I underestimate the bow tie. Do you own a bow tie? Is your bow tie budget thousands of dollars? If you own a bow tie, do you actually wear it? Are there people that wear bow ties in the corporate world?

Beaver Stadium Blue Out raises funds, child-abuse awareness


I thought the Blue Out was a big success even if the crowd was a little sparse. (I did like the comment about how the attendance was so low for the Blue Out game and how that spoke volumes about Penn State. Haters gonna hate.)

College Colors Conspiracy?


I went to vote for Penn State today and the college colors poll was down due to "inauthentic activity." I feel like this will be ESPN's excuse to knock us out of the poll, but I guess I have my tinfoil hat on. Hopefully, it will be back up soon.

It's Official! Pitbull to Alaska


To be honest, I'd love to go to Alaska. Not sure this is where Pitbull would choose.

Stewart Mandel ( expects us to tank


I wish I could say I disagree with him, but I think it is going to be a long season. Coaching transitions are rarely easy. Hope I'm wrong. "As for which team I expect to "tank," that depends on the parameters. If the sole criterion is a team that went to a bowl game last season and may have a losing record this year, I'll go with Penn State. New coach Bill O'Brien is saying all the right things, but there's no way a program can go through everything the Nittany Lions have and not take a significant step back. O'Brien doesn't have a quarterback on the roster capable of becoming his new Tom Brady, and the defense, long Penn State's bedrock under coordinator Tom Bradley, is undergoing both a schematic and personnel overhaul, particularly in the secondary. A slide from 9-4 to 5-7 (or worse) is entirely conceivable."

Jeter Picks Vandy


I guess the good recruiting momentum was stopped as Jeter has picked Vandy. And so ends another interesting recruiting tale. I guess Chambers was going to lose a recruiting battle eventually. Best of luck to Jeter, but hopefully Donovon is better.

Lady Lions have fun in win over Nebraska


Didn't know Tim Frazier nearly had a triple double for the Lady Lions. Good work Altoona Mirror.


The healing process and the kids

I feel that in recent days the Penn State community has begun to reunite and heal. I personally have gotten past the stage of defending individuals or trying to make sense of what happened. At...

Unity and learning from Baylor Basketball


Thought this was a good article from Yahoo. It's going to be a bumpy few years, but here's hoping O'Brien can pull this off. Scott Drew worked a miracle at Baylor, here's hoping O'Brien can do the same.


Bernstein Article Complaint

I feel badly about having read the Bernstein article since that is exactly what they wanted. So, I wrote a letter to complain. I suggest that you do as well by emailing ...

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