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Does minor league BABIP mean anything?

We're deep in the midst of BABIP funny season, when there are star hitters batting below .150, and scrubs batting .400 — and it feels like they've been playing long enough for those numbers to mean...


Eric Young: Not as bad as you think?

Like many of you, I've been wailing and gnashing my teeth at the prospect of Eric Young Jr being installed in the leadoff spot with little regard for hitting or fielding ability. That said,...

I think Vegas is ready for baseball season, too


Context: https://twitter.com/DDMayorMootz/status/429767944596238336/photo/1

DePo discusses various Mets prospects


Nice piece from MiLB.com. DePodesta giving a peek at the Mets' internal evaluations on some top guys in the context of an "organizational all-stars" thing.


Ruben Tejada and the LD% of Secrets

Much discussion of Ruben Tejada and his future has mentioned his very high line drive career line-drive rate of 27%, which is second in the majors among qualified hitters in the batted-ball-stats...

Embiggen I think this technically disqualifies me from the contest rules by using non-licensed...

Embiggen I think this technically disqualifies me from the contest rules by using non-licensed sports photos, but it's the Dickeyface I wanted to make even before the contest was announced, so I'm just going with it.

Turns out discontinuing your GCL team isn't such a hot idea

I pretty much suspected this would happen, but it's still interesting to see the Mets' front office reverse themselves so quickly. After deciding less than a year ago not to field a GCL Mets team...


So it seems we've had a pretty good bench

Remember this spring when some were up in arms about how we were going to have the worst bench in the league? Well, I admit I was (and am) disappointed that Sandy didn't pursue a better backup...


You got your money in my ball

Mets sign 16-year-old LHP Adrian Almeid for $170K


Apparently the Red Sox were also in on him. Doesn't sound like anyone has a publicly available scouting report yet, but that's a fairly large IFA bonus.


Mets post-draft top 30

Don't beat me up too badly, this is my first real attempt at a prospect list. On with the show:   1) Matt Harvey, RHP, 22 A+ & AA: 127.2 IP, 10.6 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 3.17 ERA  Mediocre ERA, excellent...

Mets sign overslot 15th-round HS SS Evans for $650K


15th-rder Phillip Evans agree on $650k. Calif HS middle infielder, offensive-minded guy w/solid D. San Diego State commit.

Voltron rides off into the sunset. Godspeed, sir.


Voltron rides off into the sunset. Godspeed, sir.


Brad Emaus's peculiar splits

I was excited on Rule 5 Draft Day because I'd been hoping that the Mets would draft this Brad Emaus fellow who was available and had an .890 OPS in AAA last year. I didn't know much about him, but...

Mets sign LHP Justin Hampson to minor league deal


Via Great Blue-and-Orange Satan Does anyone know why this guy's has been out of MLB for two years after having a sub-3 ERA and good FIPs the previous two years? I'm guessing injuries but I didn't see anything about in in a quick googling.


2010 Postmortem and 2011 Napkin Projection

  The idea here's pretty simple. This isn't an offseason plan, but an attempt to look at where the Mets are in terms of on-field talent, and where we can reasonably expect to go from here. 2010...


Fun with numbers: WAR/162 games, 2006-2010

I just thought it'd be interesting to see how various current Mets have performed over the past 5 years. It doesn't measure ability to stay on the field, of course. This is all baseball-reference...


Is Jason Pridie the next Endy Chavez?

I love Endy, and there's been a hole in my heart ever since Omar traded him away for (ugh) Jeremy Reed, one of the many players who made 2009 so difficult to watch. Endy had only 773 AB during his...

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