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I'm 36 married, one kid, living in Palm Springs area (hence the name pslakerfan). I grew up in the greater LA area and became a Laker fan in the mid 80's. I followed the team throughout the 90's and really became a serious (blogging, going to games regularly, etc) fan in the 00's. Is there a good way to say 00's yet? Anyway I got my name on the season ticket list during '04 season and got my season tickets beginning in '06-'07 season.

I live a few hours away so I don't get to too many games, but I love it when I do. I was at the game against Phoenix in Game 4 of '06 playoffs when Kobe put the dagger into the Suns in OT. What a game! My wife was 9 months pregnant at the time and my daughter was born a week later (right after losing Game 7, ughhh). She (daughter) is exactly one week younger than Kobe's youngest who was born right after Game 4.

Anyway that's my story, what's yours?

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  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
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  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • Golf well, it was Tiger...
  • EPL Man U (by marriage)
User Blog

"NEW" NBA Team Efficiency Chart

This is the revised version of my original Team Efficiency Chart that was posted a few days ago. It is updated through last night (1-3-12). I have made a couple of design changes that hopefully...



OK, so a couple of years ago there was a website that had an NBA efficiency chart which basically graphed Offensive and Defensive efficiency together. I found it to be a simple way to see how each...

Ron Artest gives away two Finals tickets!


Ron Artest has given away two court side tickets for tonight's game. He paid $18,000 out of his own pocket. I know chump change, but pretty cool in my opinion.

Any doubts about who made the better aquisition now?


It appears our favorite Celtics Blog (great name) has some opinions on Rasheed Wallace. I think the question of who would be the bigger cancer (Wallace or Artest) has been answered. Enjoy.


Why I don't hate the Spurs.

Recently there was a FanPost here on Silver Screen and Roll titled “Poll: Second Favorite Team?”  There were quite a few different answers and quite a few interesting comments.  I voted for the S...


The best 6 man team?

Which NBA team this year will field the best 6 man unit (starting unit plus 6th man)?  The Spurs fans, Celtics fans, Blazers fans, and Laker fans all seem to think they have the top 6 in the NBA. ...


Build your all time NBA team.....and defend it.

We as Laker fans know how great our franchise is, and has been for decades.  I have heard a million times that you could create an all-time great team from Laker players only.  What about non-L...


Sarcasm Detection Formula

OK, It kills me that I even feel the need to post this, but we all know it is long overdue.  I call it my Sarcasm Detection Formula (SDF for short).  It's quite simple and should only be used by...


Where does Kobe REALLY rank?

Most of us know that Kareem is the all time leading scorer in NBA history with 38,387 points.  You also may know that Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain share the lead in Points per Game at...


Tempo free Boxscore

A note from Nate (yes, I can edit or hijack these posts myself!) Anyhow: This tempo free boxscore offers some pretty good insight to the game and is pretty much all about the Nuggets. Check it out. ...


Gettin to know ya.

[Ed. note: A great idea by pslakerfan. Lakers fans, get to know each other a little bit. I'll be adding my own story to my profile in the next couple of days. pslakerfan, thanks for getting this...

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