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Buttle stories


At a charity event honoring another former NY Jet, Buttle shared some stories about Penn State to another SB Nation writer.

One tuff nitta


In case you needed reminding...



Bah-Chomp, bah-chewy-chomp, bah-chewy-chomp


Step Up and Move On

This was a tough game to watch, there is just no sugar coating it. There are changes that need to be made and as a fan base we need to step up and move on as a unified group. Here are my...



The Tecate Strikes Back! Shenanigans? You gbru shirely do not know Word and SpellChekc my friend. Dear Gallon, If you don't see the appeal of blowing up a piece of American in celebrating...


Spur of the moment bender

Hello Everybody, I realize we already have an OT thread to last us the weekend but I’m currently on my 13th beer in a spur of the moment 30-pack bender because I’m alone for the weekend. Hey,...


LBU, LBwho?

Last year I wrote a several fan shots on the NFL value of players from various universities. PSU has been very good at graduating productive NFL players compared to other universities. I followed...

Why I hate George RR Martin - spoilers????

  1. he kills my favorite characters
  2. there is less and less sex in books 4 and 5
  3. he leaves books in cliff hangers and waits half a decade to continue
  4. the are soap-operatic
  5. he seemingly pulls things out of his ass to continue the suspense

Off Topic MidWeek: Fiquestered

Yeah, it's the slow time of news year which has resulted in a lot of sanctions posts recently which I've been getting bored with. Plus, our research lab just had it's first casualty with more to...

Came across this and thought it could be an alternative conversation to everything else going on.


Came across this and thought it could be an alternative conversation to everything else going on.

Academic BCS Bowl


Unfortunately we are disqualified from participating this year. In the three years we were ranked, we finished 1st twice and 3rd once.


Off Topic Friday Night Moral Dilemma Thread

So I have a bunch of Star Wars Episode I action figurines in their original packaging. Go ahead, make the jokes, but I know there are plenty of other sci-fi nerds on here so I don't feel...

Take a look at his pin.


Take a look at his pin.

LBU Contenders

  1. PSU
  2. OSU
  3. Miami
  4. any others?

Stats Comparison


Since the season is winding down, I wanted to check out a few numbers for some legendary and soon to be forgotten players. Automatic Robinson 73/983/11 JB 47/649/4 though he does add 19 pr for 308 yards, 1TD. Z28 167/821/5 plus 17/172/1 in receiving SR 138/740/9 plus 6/101/0 and coached by a douche* *Massengill confirmed

Is this holding or not? I really don't know.


Is this holding or not? I really don't know.

re-watching the game and saw more thing JB could never do


re-watching the game and saw more thing JB could never do

How I know it's November for a PSUalum

  1. It's way past midnight on a weeknight and I'm awake
  2. I'm drinking past midnight and I have to leave for work in a few hours
  3. I'm posting about IT related topics
  4. BSD is consuming even more of my time
  5. I'm getting legal questions answered on a football blog

better picture of most recent graduation rates


better picture of most recent graduation rates

It's a step up from entertainment non-leader but it's still a malt Forde


O'brien is named half-season Rookie coach of the year for what that's worth from Patty Cake Forde pack.

Interesting performer coming to State College


This is totally un-fútbal related but a music act coming to State College that I think is very worth checking out. I saw him in concert over a year ago and would love to go back now that he has more experience under his belt. He goes to tOSU after PSU and it would suck for those pricks to out sell us for his show. Check out his website and if you're in town, he is very entertaining.

The new Z28 trucks like a mutha

[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][URL=]gif creator online[/URL]

The new Z28 trucks like a mutha

We got a great senior class, a great coaching staff, it’s a fun place to play football and go to...


We got a great senior class, a great coaching staff, it’s a fun place to play football and go to school.

Bill O'Brien's post game on field interview

Insightful recap of Saturdays game below


Insightful recap of Saturdays game below

Half of us have meaningful jobs, the other half browse BSD

5 looked into starting salaries, mid-career salary and "high job meaning" of alumni of various schools. Of course there's many ways to evaluate their raw numbers such as cost of living indexes, the variety of degrees offered and the definition of high job meaning.

BigTen rebranding logo in consideration.


BigTen rebranding logo in consideration.

Animated Drive Charts


I learned of this from another college football blog on sb1nation United under web. I find it pretty freakin' cool, enjoy.

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