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Jared Odrick Shaking His Booty


I was watching the game and then he busted this out after a shared sack.


It probably shouldn't, but this really bugs me

and maybe it's because I'm being petty or immature. "Great news! Hyundai is sponsoring 25 of America's top college football teams, and we want owners like you to be a part of the fun!" Now, I...


Exclusive: Important facts missing from JoePa biography revealed

I've obtained an unedited copy of the Costas interview to be aired tonight and am now presenting to you some exclusive facts that were not in the book.


Off Topic Tuesday - Worst Date Night

Well, it's only Tuesday and the fanpost and shots have been filled with non-football related stuff (save for an entertaining thread on craziest fans just a bit ago). I've been thinking of a topic...


Morz Futbol Post

Last week I wrote a general post about Penn State's rank in getting players drafted, total games played and their approximate value in the NFL as a primer for more specific posts. It was not...

Megan Hodge anybody?


I was going to post just the picture but I wasn't sure how the mods would have taken it. This is ESPN's annual "bodies issue" so you might be a bit disgusted by some of the images. I figured I would link this one since she's a former alumni and on the National Women's Volleyball Team.



Okay, after that obnoxious title what I have is a purely football post that is being powered by NE based fruity beers and Erasure, New Order, and Bob Seger. Last week I wrote a bit about our...

LB Tackling Efficiency


Posluszny doesn't just look good on the beach, he has been one of the most efficient tacklers in the NFL the past three years according to Pro-Football Focus.


PSU's Rank in producing NFL Players

When the BigTen re-initiated conference expansion a couple of years ago, there was a lot of discussion over which team would fit in both academically, and athletically. Of course, the most...


Qualities we value in the Penn State Football Program

I am working on another Fan Post and in the proces of writing I came across the idea of what we value in the program. While I have some perception of what we as Penn Staters here on BSD value, I...

Michael Murphy Documentary Help Needed


Hello Everybody, I came across this link via LinkedIn and wanted to share it. I'm not sure what happens if you contribute and they don't reach their goal.


PSU v. Clemson Drafted Pro Talent

The discusion on the recent FanPost that nobody read on the commitment of Nkemdiche to Clemson got me to thinking of writing another FanPost that nobody will read on the comparison of PSU players...

Aaron Maybin 2011 Secret Superstar


Nice summary of Maybin's resurgence with the NYJ last year. While it is impressive how much he did in limited snaps, he definitely needs to develop more. He wound up in the perfect spot in NY given Rex Ryan's ability to put players in position to succeed, especially on defense. I don't completely blame the Bills on his failure there, as I would not have drafted him that high, but it's over and hopefully he can build up a nice career and avoid the "bust" tag. One thing I can't stand about him though, is his over celebration on every sack, even if the team is getting blown out, but then again if your Aaron Maybin, quarterback cravin' and filled with other def rhymes and a revived career, life is good.

Rookie Spotlight - D'Anton Lynn


Interview of D'Anton Lynn's first few weeks in the NFL covering such things as the transfer to safety, playing on the same team his dad is a unit coach, and some praise from Coach Ryan. Although Coach Ryan often over hypes some players, I felt he gave an honest assessment of Lynn and feel that the Jets were the best team for him to sign with given their current need for safeties and Ryan's love of CBs.


Movie Night - Polisse

by psualum9931, Black Shoe Diaries Mar 13 2012, 9:16p

I used to have a belief that the "We are Penn State" meant that every student, alumni and employee had a responsibility, a contribution and a voice in defining what it meant to be a part of Penn...


Board of Trustees Nominations

I received an e-mail for my nominations of trustees. I am willing to nominate those who want to change the structure and transparency of the board. Sadly, we won't be able to ouster Joyner, as he...

O'Brien calls Paterno


Reading this actually made me feel good. Glad O'Brien isn't a coward and ignoring Paterno. Gives me hope that when the trials have passed, he'll invite him to a game.

Town Hall Meeting to be streamed live


For those of you not able to attend the metting, you can watch it online. The article above provides the link.

College football gets richer


Not really much in the article, nor anything new, but a more appropriate title would have been Penn State Football expected profits and fan attendance to decline. Sadly, the university's credit rating has been put under review, and if the credit agency decides in the next year that we are not meeting revenue expectations it could lead to higher bowering costs which will just be passed off to students.


Fan Violence

What do you believe about fan violence?If a fan of the home team is injured due to another fan bringing an illegal weapon into the stadium, what do you feel the victim is owed? Or what do you feel...

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