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Official DBN Meet-Up: Cle vs Chi 12/15/2013

I have been very absent in the past month or so due to my new job being real actual work. Its fun and I love it but I have to be honest, I miss the hell out of DBN. I will be in Cleveland the...


@oracle gif thread

just so we dont have any more crazy load times for the chows, please submit oracle gifs in this thread. theyre fun! theyre long to load. ENJOY YOU CRAZY CHILDREN OF THE CORN! Steelers suck...


The pwndabear Assessment of Negative Realism: Week 1

Ah the wonders of the footsballs. It's amazing the effect a bad loss can have on a Monday morning, akin to going out for a few too many drinks the night prior but they were all bad drinks and you...


OT: Beer v3.0

Ahh yes it's that time of year again: The offseason which is about to ramp up into the training season which then proceeds to the fantasy football speculation season which then leads into Peter...

Typical Steelers fan


Just thought I'd share what a typical steelers fan looks like for any newbs


Opps! All Links! 11/02/2012

Cleveland Browns Eye-Candy of the Week: Welcome to another Opps!Things may get a little hectic again for me in the near future (I actually hope they do cause that means good things for me). If...


Opps! All Links! 10/26/2012

Cleveland Browns Eye-Candy of the Week: Sorry for the hiatus last week from Opps! All Links! I have officially moved from Rochester to Buffalo and life has settled down a bit more so I can...


Opps! All Links! (10/12/12)

I was going to make this all glitz and glam and cool but its harder to find funny stuff than you would think. and now i am pressed to get back to something else. I will try to do this weekly...


Daily Dawg Chow -or- Opps! All Links! (09/28/2012), presented by PBear

With Mr. Stinchcomb (and every single Browns fan, for that matter) having to endure yet another almost-win, I have taken it upon myself to put together today's Daily Dawg Chow. Why am less...

Buffalo Bills Beards


Hi all! Some of you may or may not know me from Dawgs By Nature. I am from the Rochester area but moving to Buffalo in the very near future. Anyways, one of my buddies is a huge bills fan and created a facebook page dedicated to Buffalo Bills Beards. If you're on there, you should like the page and post your billsbeards! I kinda don't get it but its still fun. I guess. GO BROWNS!



After the debacle that was TNKK's most recent OT Thread, I feel it necessary to create a new OT Thread to help purge ourselves of such a horrible recent past (just kidding TNKK, we love somewhat...

Every Steelers fan smells like a beer someone farted in.


New Deadspin. Why your team sucks: Squeelers edition.


OT: Pets!

It seems like many people on out lovely DBN have pets (specifically dogs and a tortoise with a really cool enclosure and Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course). It seems that a site named DAWGS by...


Pwndabear Assessment (O,x)Q(^-^)o

There was a poll last time asking about something and 65% of you voted for one of the things, 26% another, and 7% for a third thing. There was a debate about whether these things should be weekly...

Ochocinco Cut?


Apparently as I type this, he has not been cut but it looks like it just may be a matter of time before we hear word that he is no longer a patriot. Should the Browns pick up this receiver? I mean, he's a freakin attention whore but maybe he can be some veteran guidance for our lackluster receiving corps...


OT: Beer v2.0

Those of you who know me, know that I am passionate about beer. I can talk about the beer making process, history, current politics surrounding beer, and great quality beer products all day long. I...

Browns not interested in Peyton Manning


This means that we are interested in getting a QB and the only QBs that we would get at this point are in the draft and the only viable QBs in the draft at this point are Luck and RGIII. i am pleased.

Kameron Wimbley


maybe we should try to get him back. i thought he brought a lot to the browns

Eric Metcalf and Phil Taylor are coming to the Photo City Browns Backers BrownsFest on April 21st. ...


Eric Metcalf and Phil Taylor are coming to the Photo City Browns Backers BrownsFest on April 21st. They shared this video in the email they sent out. Thought you guys would appreciate.

If NFL team names were honest


I wish this person did all the teams. CONTEST: makes the browns honest name and logo.

Peter King is an idiot


"It's clear the Colt McCoy hit by James Harrison was the final brick in the wall for the NFL. Harrison was suspended for one game today -- though I disagree with the ruling; more about that later -- and the league made it clear the suspension was for the accumulation of illegal hits, not just this one. In the NFL's statement, Harrison is tidily shot at sunrise with the facts of his history. Five illegal hits on quarterbacks in three seasons. Two additional fines for unnecessary roughness, including the hit on Mohammed Massaquoi across the middle last year. Six fines in a two-year span. And this line from the 2011 League Policies from Players: Players who were fined for violations in 2009 or 2010, and whose fines were either partially or fully upheld, will be considered second and/or repeat offenders under this policy.'' There's no question the league felt it couldn't practice business as usual with Harrison. Money was not a meaningful deterrent. It's also clear, going forward, that Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau have to practice a different form of coaching with Harrison. They have to stress with this great football player that if he doesn't begin aiming lower on his hits -- and on this hit, he clearly could have and should have aimed lower on McCoy -- his career is going to be constantly interrupted by fines and suspensions. He'll be miserable. The Steelers will be miserable. He simply has to change. The league's not going to. That said, I urge you to watch the play again. If you're a defensive player and your job is to tackle the ball-carrier, who appears to be in the process of running and not passing, you have to wonder what a defensive player can do in this case. McCoy took five full strides as a runner with the ball tucked under his arm. Just before contact, he pulled the ball out and threw it. By that time, Harrison was already coiling to strike. He should have aimed lower. We know that. But the fact is, until a split-second before Harrison knew that McCoy was going to throw the ball, he was a runner, with the protection of a running back; that means that he could have been hit in the helmet. I'm just not a big fan of suspending a guy on such a borderline play." I dont get this; I really dont. He says it himself here that Harrison has broken the rules numerous times in the past and that the stupid oaf hits to injure. Yet he then goes on to say that he should not have been suspended? Is King a 6 strikes and you're out kinda guy? It makes no sense whatsoever to cow to Harrison's broken "intellect" and allow him to just keep playing the way he has been. They needed to make a point that this kind of act will not be tolerated any longer.

Of Joe Thomas, and puppies, and hunting, and being an ultimate rec whore.


Of Joe Thomas, and puppies, and hunting, and being an ultimate rec whore.

Eric Wright Injures leg


Im sorry, I know a lot of you are Wright fans and/or supporters but i really just don't care for this guy. I am so happy he is off our team. PER SI.COM ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) -- Detroit Lions cornerback Eric Wright has injured his right leg. Wright took himself out of practice Monday morning and had the inside of his right leg stretched. He went back in, then took himself out a few plays later. The projected starter later had his right groin wrapped with ice. Chris Houston, the other starting cornerback, is also injured. Aaron Berry and Brandon McDonald have been pushed into first-string roles during practice. Detroit plays its second preseason game Friday at Cleveland, Wright's former team.

Matt Roth to Jacksonville


Looks like someone finally picked him up. for pretty cheap too: one year, $3 million.


Off Topic: Beer

People care about their beer.  So much so that we have a fairly accurate measure of how long prohibition lasted... almost down to the second (13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes, and...



  This is an article from back in May that I corrected on behalf of  No trolling, just take it for the joke it is.   ELMA, N.Y. (AP) -- Running back Fred Jackson brought the coolers...


Bills begin informal workouts in suburban Buffalo

This is an article from back in May that I corrected on behalf of   ELMA, N.Y. (AP) -- Running back Fred Jackson brought the coolers filled with budlight lime and other such girlydrinks....

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