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Fixing Service Time Manipulation

Obviously one of the bigger issues in baseball right now (at least among us prospect geeks and transactional nerds) is the concerted effort by teams to manipulate the service time of their top...


What's Wrong with Baseball?

Well, a lot or very little, depending on who you talk to. It's certainly a subject of plenty of debate, and while things have improved recently, I don't think anybody takes the position that the...


COP Round 5: Even More Free Agents and Trades

Last week's thread can be found here.Since Pence wasn't officially signed by us before his new deal, the 5/90 contract will be put in place. The breakdown calls for $16M in 2014 and $18.5M in...


COP Round 4: More Free Agents and Trades

Last week is here. The current 40-man roster and salaries can be found here. We're still at 36 players on the 40-man and $118M in committed dollars because I'm making a change to the system, so...


COP Round 3: Free Agents and Trades

Week 1's decisions are here. Week 2's decisions are here. The current roster and salaries can be found here. There are currently 36 players on the 40-man. The current payroll stands at $118.07M....


COP Round 2: QO Free Agents and Trades

EDIT: COP ROUND 3 IS UP Last week's decisions can be found here. The current roster can be found here (there are 35 players on the 40-man). Please note that this is the plan, not necessarily a...


Community Offseason Plan

So this season sucks, and a good way to avoid it is to talk about next season, which hopefully won't suck quite as much. With the minor league season wrapping up soon, no playoffs on the horizon...


Because It's Never Too Early: How's 2014 Looking?

I really have no idea why I'm doing this. Boredom, I guess. I mean, Sandoval just hit a two-run homer, so I'm not that bored, but it's sort of appropriate that the same guy who gave the Giants the...

Giants Trade Conor Gillaspie to White Sox for Jeff Soptic


I think many of us knew this was coming as Gillaspie was out of options and didn't really have a place on this year's team. Soptic's a 100MPH reliever in the low minors with awful control and no great offspeed pitches. Project, but with a lot of payoff potential.


Marlins and Jays, Sox and Dodgers

The Marlins and Jays pulled off the trade of the winter. I guess we can all go home now, because shy of Josh Hamilton getting $300 million ain't nuthin' gonna top that. In case you haven't heard...


2012 Community Prospect List in Review

BEWARE THIS IS LONG. 5000 words to be precise. I wanted to take the 2012...

Giants Acquire Jose Mijares


3.50 FIP, nice peripherals in general. Extreme flyballer with an already-low HR/FB, so that should play nicely in AT&T and with Dave Righetti. Under control through 2014, so hopefully this means we can get rid of Affeldt after this season. Nice pickup for free; here's hoping Penny gets dumped.

Felt like looking it up after the ATL series, because it seems like we can never secure a sweep....


Felt like looking it up after the ATL series, because it seems like we can never secure a sweep. Giants are 3-7 in the last game of a potential series sweep for them, plus a failed two-game sweep of Colorado. 2-3 in games that would prevent them from getting swept.


Could Melky Cabrera hit .400?

just wanted to get this out there before theres a big debate about it. last guy to do it was bill terry in 1930. hit .401. cabrera's at .373 after today and his .412 BABIP isn't sustainable for ac...

Pat Burrell Retires


Not surprising given the foot injury. He'll sign a one day contract with the Phillies and end his career there. Thanks, Pat. You were a pretty damned awesome Giant.


Drewing Up A Better Offense

No matter how you slice it, things don't look great for the Giants' offense next year. The most optimistic outlooks project for slightly above-average run production, counting on healthy years from...

Mota is Back


One year, $1M. Excellent deal - Mota's been a very good, very underrated part of the pen over the last two seasons. Elsewhere, Eli Whiteside is apparently nearing some sort of deal. Believe it or not, I heard something from a semi-reliable source that indicates he's not going on the 40-man and the team is pretty set with Stewart as the backup so I'm guessing it's an ST invite, maybe a minor league deal.

Marlins Sign Aaron Rowand


The Marlins' spending spree continues as they ink Rowand for $5 million. Ha, just kidding. Minor league deal.


How Teams Got Marquee Players 1995-2011.

As we celebrate the anniversary of the Giants' World Series triumph (can I get an "Amen"?!) I thought it'd be interesting to see how we and other teams have been acquiring that championship talent....


Post-season Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies            102-60 .626     Midseason rank: 1       Preseason rank: 2             The Phillies are the best team in baseball, with a somewhat disappointing year from Roy...


Neal for Cabrera: Worse Than You Think

Let's just start with the obvious: Orlando Cabrera sucks, and he does nothing for this team. There was no reason to get him. Zero. He's old and bad; the best thing that can be said is he's cheap....


2011 Power Rankings Update

This is a continuation of a series I did in the offseason. Fair warning: it is a very long post. Here are the original rankings (parts one, two, and three) and the divisional rankings. 1. P...

Rockies DFA Jose Lopez


I'd like this guy. Bit of a white whale, but I don't think you go from a 25 HR bat to non-rosterable in a season. He's been BABIP'd to death and can play at least 2B and 3B, and he has 490 innings at short, plus he's free. Better use of a roster spot than Brandon Crawford.

All-Star Game Ballot Up


Hilariously enough, lists Belt at 1B and Huff in the outfield. I would love to see Belt go from Fresno to the ASG and introduce the country to Aubrey Huff's Outfield Adventures.


What if Bonds hadn't taken steroids?

I should start by saying that I do believe Bonds used steroids, and that technically no one has proven he did use them. I will cling to that technicality for as long as I can, because I am an...

Giants Are Fangraphs' #11 Organization


Don't know about you guys, but this seems low to me. 10th in present talent? The justification for that seems to be that we are pitching-heavy and therefore vulnerable to injury. Well, I'd like to see a couple top players on other teams go down and have them still make the playoffs. There's also some unidirectional thinking, a la "Zito and Rowand are bad deals made out of ignorance but Huff and Torres were just lucky flukes" and "There were a lot of things that went right for SF last year, and pretty much nothing that went wrong". Cameron points out that the Giants led baseball in WAR last year and says that doesn't mean much. This really doesn't make sense to me, so if someone could explain why the Rockies have a better team despite finishing nine games out of first last year and both teams bringing back mostly the same players, and, well, everything else, I'd appreciate it.


2011 Divisional Rankings

This post is based on the previous Power Rankings posts (parts one, two, and three) 1. AL East (Average Team Rank: 12.2; Average 2010 Wins: 86) 2. NL East (Average Team Rank: 13.8; Average 2010...


2011 Power Rankings (3 of 3)

Part one can be found here Part two can be found here 21. Mets - At least the Yankees were #10; with a $125 million payroll, the Mets barely avoid being the worst team in their division. They can...


2011 Power Rankings (2 of 3)

Part One can be found here 11. Rockies - Two offensive superstars surrounded by a bunch of meh gets you a below-average offense, and while the Rockies were actually a better pitching squad than the...

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