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2011 Power Rankings (1 of 3)

With 2011 now upon us, "the 2011 season" is no longer next year. Duh. I hate writing introductions. More importantly, with the exception of a few players, most free agents are off the board, the...

A Look Back on Some Predictions


These looked stupid coming into the season, and history has vindicated that opinion.


Your 2011 Giants

Well, the offseason is here, and I'm already thinking about next year. I mean, yeah, we won the World Series, but wouldn't a repeat be nice? Plus, as a baseball junkie, if I don't have actual games...


Madison Bumgarner is Awesome

It occurred to me today that Madison Bumgarner is kind of awesome with the pitching and whatnot. And perhaps we should look that this, because it's really been criminally neglected. The last time...


The Giants Should Claim Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez has been placed on waivers by the Dodgers, and it looks like the only teams that want to claim him are AL squads, particularly the Rays, Rangers, and White Sox. This is likely because...

Giants Draft Barbosa For The Third Time


I'm presuming a few of you (Fla-Giant and wilriv at least) knew about this, but the Giants have apparently drafted Andrew Barbosa for a THIRD time. Huge guy who evidently doesn't throw hard, but when you see Barr & Co. go after a guy this hard he's probably got some potential.

Steve Phillips, who dug himself a hole recently when he said he'd trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy...


Steve Phillips, who dug himself a hole recently when he said he'd trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt, is thrown a ladder and a shovel. Guess which one he uses.

Yahoo! "Experts" Make 2010 Picks


No one thinks Timmeh will even compete for the Cy Young this year, but one guy thinks Cain will win it. Ichiro is a "dark horse" for MVP, over A-Rod, Longo, Cabrera, etc. Jaime Garcia, who looks like a middle-of-the-rotation starter, is a more likely NL ROY than Posey, who no one has in the discussion. Absolute fail.


Trading Defense for Offense

This past offseason, the Giants have made a couple of decidedly mediocre maneuvers to try and improve one of the worst offenses in the major leagues. Success came in 2009 on the backs of great...

Sabean #28 on Marchman's GM List


Above merely Ed Wade and Dayton Moore. Go skeptics!

Giants' Draft Review


FanGraphs' Marc Hulet finally gets around to reviewing the Giants' draft.

Yankees Sign Randy Winn


Nice 4th OF option for the Bombers, I just hope they don't expect 2008 out of him.

Blue Jays Continue Taking DFA'd Giants


The Jays picked up their second DFA'd Giant, Merkin Valdez. I guess they just really, really like our farm system.


Consulting the Players

In the spirit of the offseason and finding new ways to evaluate talent, I was wondering if any of you know whether management consults players when scouting free agents. It seems to me that the...

Giants DFA Bocock


Henry Schulman eliminates the question of WHY IS BOCOCK?


Sabean vs. the Groupthink

I think Brian Sabean is a bad GM. Let’s get that out of the way right there. I’m not going to bother proving it, because you probably don’t have five years to read the endless list of idiotic...

Pujols wins NL MVP


Pujols wins a unanimous MVP, unsurprisingly. Unexpectedly, Sandoval finishes 7th, Timmy 12th, and Affeldt (!?!) tied for 20th


A New Idea for the General Manager's Position

So there’s pretty much a universal feeling of anger and frustration and sadness here regarding Sabean’s retention, mostly deserved. The man did engineer quite a few winning teams and pulled off...


Examining the Bums' Finances

The Dodgers' fantastic lineup and decent staff are starting to get very expensive.

Mat Gamel available


The Brewers are saying Mat Gamel is available after the season Casey McGehee had last year. Gamel's got some power and the Brewers desperately need pitching. Given his mediocre ML numbers, anyone think we could get this done with a AAA pitcher and a throwaway prospect?


Johan Santana Fined Over Beaning

Johan Santana of the New York Mets has been fined after throwing at both Pablo Sandoval and Bengie Molina three innings after David Wright was hit in the head with a pitch by Matt Cain on August...


My Radical Trade Proposal

It's radical.


Arguing the Call

I just wanted to know if ANYONE has EVER seen an ump reverse a call on ANY play (not involving instant replay). I've never seen it, and I've never seen any ump look like they might consider it....

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