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Fred Smooth on Smitty


Fred Smoot did an AMA on Reddit today. Lots of "boating" talk. But Smitty came up, briefly.

Panthers place DeAngelo Williams on IR


Adam Schefter reports on his Twitter page: "Panthers strongly considering placing RB DeAngelo Williams on IR, as early as today. Strained arch might be too much to overcome this year." UPDATE: Darin Gantt has reported that DeAngelo has indeed been placed on IR. I have edited the title to reflect this (JD)

Jamie Dukes: "The Giants get a fifth preseason game."


Jamie Dukes, who forced us to suffer through that faux-ESPN 'Put Up Your Dukes' crap a couple of years back on NFL Network, has been much less of an ugly television personality lately. He's tended to have smart commentary recently; that doesn't mean I agree with him here, though. I think it's pretty obvious that Carolina's got a lot of questions on offense, and that's fair point of criticism. Our pre-season malaise has led to this recent spike of otherwise knowledgable folks predicting doom and gloom for Carolina. I hope the Giants read that press and believe it. If there's one thing John Fox's teams have always been able to do, it's to out-physical every team they face. They'll do it again Sunday, too. I really do believe that. I'm not sure we'll win, but I know our guys will hit them in the mouth, and that always gives you a good chance to pull something out.

DeAngelo Williams has been cut.


Wait, what? No, not really. But in one of the more understandable-yet-baffling typos I've seen in a while, the NFL's transaction page lists him as having been cut by the Panthers. In fact, it was Cincy's DeAngelo Willingham who was cut.

Cowboys draft board revealed, and what it says about our draft.


The Cowboys offered a peek into their war room for their fans, even releasing pictures which inadvertently (?) led to the revelation of much of their actual draft board. So what does this mean to us? Well, despite the media hoopla around "the fall" of Jimmy Clausen, the Cowboys had him pegged at a mid-second round level. Now, maybe that reflects their situation and needs at the QB position more than it reflects on Clausen as a player. But what I find staggering is that they actually had him at 48, which was his eventual draft position. Brandon LaFell, our third round selection, was listed with a third round grade on their board, despite the fact that most draft-niks felt he had second round talent. That's not to say that the Cowboys were masters of the draft: they have Navorro Bowman (3rd round, 91 overall) with a first round grade. But maybe our two selections, as well as those guys have performed in minicamp, weren't the amazing value we initially thought?

Steve Smith "basically thinks Jimmy is a punk"


PFT has a story about mixed reports they're hearing regarding Clausen's performance over the weekend, and his... let's say "mixed" reception from teammates. Hopefully this is just media blather. I suppose we'll find out more once they actually strap on pads and head down to Wofford.


Who else from the Panthers might make it to the 2010 Pro Bowl?

With the Saints and Colts opening 14 roster spots on the Pro Bowl teams, we had the addition of Panthers' C Ryan Kalil to the NFC's Pro Bowl roster. Given the physical NFC championship game,...

Ryan Kalil named to Pro Bowl


Kalil will replace Saints C Jonathan Goodwin in next week's game. Kalil's gotten better over each of his two seasons as a starter. He's a deserving player, to be sure.

"Unless something crazy happens here, I am coming back to the Carolina Panthers and I will be the...

Video: Glazer's Edge: Flying north?

"Unless something crazy happens here, I am coming back to the Carolina Panthers and I will be the head coach there next year." Jay Glazer "just got off the phone with John Fox", so we have to assume this is the rock solid truth. For now. God help me, if the Panthers let Foxy get away, I'm going to be very sad for a long time.

PFT: Special Teams coach Bobby April is available


Honestly, is there any better option to upgrade the most underperforming aspect of our team this past season, and do it quickly?

NFL Fillms interview with Steve Smith: Passionate Panther

"Find out what really drives Panthers WR Steve Smith on the field, plus what he's like off it." Steve Smith sits down with Steve Sabol for a one-on-one interview. A fascinating look behind the mask.

News: Texans trade DT to Chargers (not to us)

With the Panthers in dire need of help at DT, particularly experienced help, it's worth noting that the Texans traded former first-round pick Travis Johnson to the Chargers for a sixth-round draft...

The Official NFL Rulebook


After spending a while trying to find the official rules governing certain odd little situations, and being really frustrated by the "NFL 101" scope of the Rulebook page, I finally came across this PDF of the 2006 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy of Roger Goodell's latest thriller on Amazon if you want something a little more recent.

"Press Hop." Phat beats. Pro ballers. Can it get any better? Not at all Panthers related, but it's...


"Press Hop." Phat beats. Pro ballers. Can it get any better? Not at all Panthers related, but it's awesome and has NFL pressers in it. So I feel like it fits. You've probably all seen this already, but just in case you haven't...

Kemo's Achilles Tendon Is Torn


The worst case scenario is reality. The Panthers' run defense has suffered a major blow with the announcement that Maake Kemoeatu has torn his achilles tendon.


Top 6 Players the Panthers Cannot Afford To Lose In 2009

This post lists by order of importance the top 6 players the Panthers cannot afford to lose to injury in 2009.

Interested in Sports Illustrated photography?


This really is Panthers-related. MP posted a link to an SI article from the Super Bowl about Jake sticking around to watch the Pats celebrate. Reminded me of another great SI-related article from the Panthers' Super Bowl appearance, this one about the photography workflow that Sports Illustrated goes through for an event like this. Since it's obviously 5 years old, all of the technical details (what computers, what software) are all out-dated. But the process is still basically the same, and the article's just fascinating. It is for me, anyway. But I'm a photographer. So I'm reading through the Photoshop stuff going "Oh, really?" And it's interesting as a time capsule piece about the industry conversion from film to digital, which magazines were the last to embrace. But I think anybody can really enjoy quotes like this: "I've never seen so many guys say so many good things about their own take, and there's nothing but shit on the screen."

Trgovac's Kids Not Well Liked?


He's not here anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't still talk about Trgo. I stumbled onto the Wikipedia revision page for former defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac. Someone (maybe Trgovac himself) had added under the Coaching section: Trgovac also has a family. A wife Angela and two children. Jordan, a girl and Michael, a boy. These children are the best in the world. Someone came through and wiped that last sentence with the following explanation: Deleted the crap about how his children are "best in the world". I've met them, and they are bastards. I got nothing to add to that. That's just funny.

Falcons Cut Moorehead


Kindal Moorehead was released today by the Falcons. After five seasons with Carolina, Moorehead left via free agency and signed with the Falcons last season. One and done. His best season was with the Panthers in their 2005 playoff run, when he amassed 23 tackles and 5 sacks in a reserve roll. Hopefully he makes it onto a roster for camp. We'll see where he goes from here.


Pro Bowl Watch: Panthers Earning Respect? released a list of Pro Bowl ballots by their writers, and there are a surprising (to me, anyway) number of Panthers making appearances. Here's the full list. Of the five ballots cast by...


In case you don't have Showtime...

If you don't have Showtime, you can't watch Inside The NFL in its current iteration. You also can't watch Dexter, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, or This American Life. But that's your own loss, and not...


Panthers Camp Report

Well, me and a friend were at training camp today, and the practice was... well, it was hot. Real real hot. It was also strange because so many people were out. Rosario, Beason, Harris, Robinson...


Online game: Goal Line Blitz

Like many of you folks, I like my football. I mean, if you're reading this in the middle of May when there is literally nothing happening in the football world, then you clearly are an obsessed...


Yeah, this is nice.

This shiny new SB Nation world is a nice one. Flowers and rainbows and nymphs splashing in waterfalls. All that, and a real nice WYSIWYG editor. What more could you ask for? Okay, I suppose there...

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