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Best Players by Position... All-AFC North Team

As I sit back and admire the AFC North this offseason, I'm wondering how I'd feel about this division if I were a fan of the NFC South, our inter-conference competition this year. Who's the most...


Bengals in week 1

Wanted to chat about my Bengals coming to Gillette in Week 1.  First a couple questions. Who do you think will start across from Meriweather Sept. 12?  -Chung, Sanders, or McGowan?  People seem...


Checking Out Week One... Offensive Matchups

In the blink of an eye the regular season will be upon us.  Though training camp and the preseason still seem like distant, science-fiction inspired concepts, they'll be here consuming us before we...


Time For Chad to Lead

I  love Chad. Though I was ready to ditch him during his tirades in the offseason in '08, the way he swallowed his pride and responded to that criticism during the next offseason, was astounding....


A Shocking Return from Vacation

So I'm gone for a mere two weeks and the Nati is upside down when I get back...As I'm traveling down I-75, approaching the end of a 14hour sprint from northern Ontario, Jesus' mangled and charred...


Top 10 Reasons Jeremi Johnson is a Fat Moron

10... The new Food Network series, Jeremi Tackles a Grillout. 9... Removed his own surgical lap-belt using only the Golden Corral buffet. 8... The usual donut curls and twinkie-eats in his...


My Yearly Fantasy Football Dilemma...

So this is what happens... I Draft too many Bengals, I never take them out, and I refuse to draft any Ravens, Steelers, or Braylon Edwards. Most of my cohorts do their best to keep their hometown...


Still the Underdogs (Part 2)

Well that was a productive band practice, now on to the defenses... FRONT 7 (Interior) 1) Bal: (NTs) Terrence Cody/ Kelly Gregg, (ILBs) Ray Lewis, Tavares Gooden, and Dannell Ellerbe 2) Pit: (NT) C...


Still the Underdogs

Despite sweeping the division last year and our aggressiveness this offseason, we get no love. A poll at has the Bengals as the highest vote getter for "Which AFC division winner is most...


Who's gonna play at the Slim position?

Who takes over for the late Chris Henry? Its down to Dez Briscoe, Matt Jones, Jerome Simpson, Maurice Purify, and Freddie Brown (if I'm thinking clearly at 8 a.m.) On the surface, the battle seems...


Adam Jones & Chris Henry...the return game... the value of a veteran safety

Adam Jones (lets not call him Pacman if he's trying to drop the stigma associated with that name) deserves a shot with the Bengals. As the former partner-in-crime of Chris Henry at WVU, I'm sure he...


Yo Ravens Fans

What about this offseason, eh? I'm a Bengals fan in the Nati and we're excited about seeing the AFC North in 2009, to say the least. Kindle and Cody were great picks (I was hoping we'd get Cody...



In the past, Carson has definitely used no-huddle plays, and that extra audible time, to pick apart defenses. Last year inside the two-minute warning he was still doing it, even with the recent...


Otis Hudson was a value pick (w/ a great article I found on him, not sure if its been posted yet)

  I found an excellent pre-draft article on our new O-line project, Otis Hudson,  here, at (?). ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS Worked out with Travelle Gaines at's top-ranked development...


Poll Results Response

The original poll published in the Roster Spots Fanpost indicated that the vast majority of us are worried that the team didn't gather any top-flight Safety prospects in the draft. Lets take an...


Bengals' Roster Spots in Short Supply (Updated 4/25/10 -fullback/poll)

Here's a position by position look at the roster after the draft picks and CFA signings. Leave a comment and say which positions are the strongest or weakest, or which still need to be addressed. Q...


What a Doozie of a Schedule

So our schedule ranks as the 4th toughest in the league this year. To me, though, it looks like a historically rough one. We play every superbowl winner from the last 9 years with the exception of...


Federalist no. 51

Tight end is clearly one of the big question marks this season. Is Reggie Kelly really healthy? Why haven't we signed him yet? Is Coffman healthy? Is he progressing or treading water? Is Dan Coats...


(Not So) Picky

The following suggestions/guesses are the result of my mock draft. For each pick I'll have... the overall pick number: Mock Selection, Available 2nd Choice, and a possible "Stumbler"  (a falling...


Mardy wont be there!

If the Bengals want to take Gilyard they'll have to find a pick at the top of the second round. They wont spend 1st round money on him at #21, and NewEngland/Carolina are sure to nab him ahead of...


Will BobbyBrat Tinker With The Dennis Roland Formation Again?

It was a lot of fun last year to watch the Bengals' Jumbo formation dismantle opposing Run-Ds, but it can't go down unless the 6'9" Roland is out there. The resigning of Dan Coats, to me, indicated...


Jumpy's Got Another Nephew, Robert's Bro

A post at highlighted Clifton Geathers, who has declared for the 2010 draft out of South Carolina. You know how we like to keep it in the family. A set of brothers on each side of the...

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