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The Cornermen of the NBA

Ray Allen shot 50% from the corner, so while he'll be missed (or more likely jeered on) by Boston, Courtney Lee and Jason Terry are more than enough replacement. Danny Green is also in the top 10 for corner three percentage, so PATFO did right keeping him around.


Tristan Thompson - probably a good chance for MIP

With the 4th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Tristan Thompson out of the University of Texas. While the choice has had mixed reactions, particularly with the knowledge...

Spurs Dynasty: The Recency Effect and the Spurs Offseason

I have to say this makes a lot of sense. For one, while the other contenders save made big moves in free agency, and OKC is at the stage where another year means experience and not wear and tear, the Spurs had a very good run all things considered. Not to mention their biggest moves were made mid-season.

Knicks decline to match Lin's offer sheet

So this pretty much means Tony Parker will go head to head with Jeremy Lin four times a year.


Superteams Aside, the Spurs Are Not Doomed

The first week of free agency has come and gone, and the biggest moves so far have been two-time MVP Steve Nash going to the Los Angeles Lakers in a sign-and-trade deal that would give a bunch of...


Improving the Offense

The New Orleans Hornets have won the prize in the draft, taking Anthony Davis 1st overall and added to their haul by getting Austin Rivers at 10th and Davis' teammate Darius Miller at 46th. While...

Odom, Williams involved in 4 team deal

Basically Odom goes back to the Clippers, while Mo Williams goes to the Jazz, and a bunch of draft rights and cash goes to the Mavericks and Rockets. The Clippers gain a guy who dogged it in Dallas but flourished in LA, and finally a big who can shoot free throws. Williams is an upgrade to Devin Harris at the point.


A 3 guard lineup

The Hornets came away with the biggest prize in the 2012 NBA Draft - Anthony Davis. They also got Austin Rivers with the 10th pick and Darius Miller, who was a teammate of Davis in Kentucky. What...

Foye interested in Knicks

While a backup point who isn't washed up would be nice, he averaged 11 points on 39.8% shooting. Of course, that's plenty accurate compared to the Earl's, but hey.


Unsettling truths

It has been a couple of weeks since the Spurs were sent fishing by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Spurs fanbase has been split in either vicariously rooting for the Thunder, wishing the LeBron...


The Spurs' Off-Season Moves

Now that we've reached the part of the season where our favorite team has gone fishing, it's also time to speculate on what magic PATFO will work this off-season.


The Officiating and Narratives

While this won't be an extended rant on how the officiating screwed the Spurs out of a Game 7, I do think Game 6 was officiated badly, particularly in the 4th quarter (insert jokes about Joey...

Gregory Popovich ‏@FakeCoachPop Relax. Even the Germans had a good couple of days at Stalingrad.

Gregory Popovich ‏@FakeCoachPop Relax. Even the Germans had a good couple of days at Stalingrad.

Fake Coach Pop

Victory Disease and the San Antonio Spurs

We've all heard the story tonight. The San Antonio Spurs have suffered their worst (and thankfully, only) loss of the 2012 postseason. While some will point to the poor officiating as an excuse, or...

LOL Andrew Sharp

He's got a raging man-crush for Russell Westbrook now; not to mention he admits the Thunder have better talent overall.


The Heat scare me.

I admit the San Antonio Spurs can beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Miami Heat look like the team to beat. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are practically unstoppable, once they take over a game...

Tim Duncan's series stats against Clippers

The scary thing is that it's like 2007 Duncan again.

McGee in process for Filipino naturalization

Excuse me while I laugh about my country's plans. That said, we DO need a big man.


On tall-poppy syndrome

Much has been said about the Spurs' recent success, and even if the sports media have caught on, they are still far from media darlings.

USA draws France, Argentina for Olympics

interesting - this means the US national team has to face Tony.

BSPN with the goods again


BSPN with the goods again


That Crazy April - going through 16 games in 23 nights

And so with a 107-101 win over Golden State, the Spurs have concluded their regular season run, and have extended their season streak of 50 or more wins to 13.

And so the hammer falls.

The Artest formerly known as Ron suspended for seven games without pay.


Why I think the Spurs are going for a deep playoff run

Remember last season, when the Spurs bagged a 61-21 record but promptly fell to the Memphis Grizzlies (a fact the sports media never seems to shut up about)? While the Spurs have clinched the...

Frank Reynolds' Trashman All-Star Team

Interesting article, covering those players whose contributions go far beyond scoring. It's Spurs-relevant due to the inclusion of the starting wings Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard.

Kobe plans to return on Friday

If this is true, then Friday's game will be interesting, in the Chinese sense.

Celtics leave Big Three at home

Yes, I know it concerns the Celtics, but methinks Doc Rivers pulled a Popovich on this one.

John Schuhmann's Jason Collins All-Stars

The article talks about players with low stat lines but who contribute so much to their respective teams. Of course, this includes our very own Matt Bonner and his ridiculous +/-.

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