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User Blog

Veldheer ????


Can someone verify this?


Word of the Day

INTIMIDATE! to make timid or fearful to compel or deter to defeat! Like a RAIDER. Walk tall today stand proud and let everyone know you have no fear as RAIDER fan. Walk into that store grab your...


For those of you and the First of Many

I've been seeing a lot of post for those Raider game virgins. I wish you and your family or friends well & drinks & food a plenty. "Pillaging is just for fun." Go experience what a Raider does. ...



For all those of you that have a Fantasy League. Yeah I know it's only Tues. Set your teams tonight or tomorrow. Any of you guys with thoughts on players and how to use them. Great comments...


Off Subject Raider Nation

So I move to this new Cancer Patients of America to OKC from the Mayo in AZ. In AZ. I was able to go out to the park have fun and shit. Here in OKC can't do shit! I scope the place out (I'm...

Shaun King blasts Darren McFadden, says Raiders running back is ‘just trying to collect a check’


When I read this, I got so pissed off! WTF has this guy ever done in the NFL besides collect a check and took sack after sack and thrown into CB or FS. Shit pissed me off!


How A Raider Nation Comes Together

As most of you know, my time is short. I am 37 3 kids great wife for YES 21 years "young dumb full of yell you know" got three kids. Well today the doctors said relax it's time to end all things...

Terrelle Pryor is not that bright!


O.K. as most of you know I want the QB that gives the Raiders the best chance to win. Pryor, Flynn, Wilson & McGloin whoever that may be. I see this article this morning called "Hate the Hater", well this guy is not bright himself picking on a Raider. Lets bomb this shit head! Please no threats to him or family lets just make this ass feel like the guy who does not know 2^2.



As ruff and tuff as our Raiders are and been in the past. I do not think they have been as STUPID as these last two Seafucks players. Why in earth would you threaten to put hands on or threaten a coach? Grow the fuck up you assholes! I never even did that at work in Iraq and Afghan. (killed some guys up close but they had weapons as well, shoot or be killed and I got a familia so I shot) Any ways this is a game, I had life or death. Seafucks it's a game Do not treat another coach like that. RAIDER NATION yes I am sticking up for the 49ers coach, it's still not right.

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