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Raider 2010 Recap and 2011 Coaching outlook.

  What did we find out in 2010?  Who are franchise player is. Darren McFadden was one injury away from being traded to the Browns for a 6th round pick or Brady Quinn. We had a very good draft...


Possible 2011 Free Agents

Just something to get my mind off of Manning torching our secondary because Marshall won't bring the heat. QBS Matt Lienart- Bust if you ask me. Someone will take him as a backup. Det, Ten,...


The Raiders Need Help From an Old Friend and A Florida Quarterback.

To start off i'd like to say I am sorry. I know I wasn't the only one who doubted Campbell but he is our man for the next 3 or more years. I was a big Gradkowski supporter and still am but Jay can...


Bruce Gradkowski the starter? says Bruce Almighty is the starter. My prayers have been answered. If he stays healthy we might get some revenge against our friends in the Pennsylvania area. That means playoffs boys....


HappyThanksgiving To the Nation. What are we Thankful for?

  The Raiders are 5-5 so I guess that's something we should be thankful for. The AZ and SF loses still haunt me. If the NFL's goal was to make all boring and pointless games for thanksgiving then...


Another Quarterback Debate.

Jason Campbell. What I like: I like his work ethic. He knows the offense very well for just being in it for a couple months. His attitude. He's been calm and really just sits back and watches how...


Matt Cassel Sacked 8 Times in 7 Games Then He Played The Raiders.

Our pass rush is gonna win it for us. We have been blitzing more this year and it's helping. With CJ and Aso hert the line has got to anchor the team. The chiefs love the screens absolutely...


What if you were the G.M?

A lot of fans think Mr.Davis should hire a G.M and quit being the wrinkled face of the franchise. Well i'm one of these people something needs to be done and fast. I have a ton of ideas that...


Recap Texans. Preview Chargers. Suggestions and Opinons.

Recap. When is somebody gonna make a play on defense? A sack, big hit in the back field, a god dang INT for god sake. Our defense got beat in every way possible. It's not one persons fault but...


Would the Raiders offense please stand up.

One player doesn't win or lose a game for you. Maybe just maybe if Bruce Gradkowski, Michael Bush, Chaz Schilens, Samson Satele, and possibly big Bruce Campbell soup were all on the field at the...


In Bruce We Trust.

 September 14th 2009, Monday night football. After a good game of football with some questionable throws and penaltys the The Oakland Raiders lose 20-24 to the Chargers.   November 15th 2009,...


Missing Pieces on Defense

Other then maybe a LT and C our offense is pretty set right? We have 2 QBs, 2 HBs, 2FBs, 5 or 6 Wrs, and a lot of youth on the Line. The two rookie tackles will play some this season not sure...


Oaklands top ten.

 Guys i'm gonna start making a top ten everyweek by position and you guys can agree, disagree, comment, or even rec. See me and my friends argue about almost everything when it comes down to the...


Options On the Defensive Line.

I'm thankful for the Henderson signing. Not because i think he's that great but i won't have to hear about how we don't have an anchor on the Line. Scott needs to be a OLB. Maybe now that we have...


Steve Wyche Rankings.

Steve is a senior writer for who recently posted his rankings for 2010. Now he started off bad by saying SD is the number 1 team in the league and NO is 8th. Basically his whole top ten...


Raiders Camp Battles- Offensive Line

Additions-  Jared Veldheer OT, Bruce Campbell OL, Daniel Loper OG. Lost- Cornell Green. Loper played some games with the Lions and will be used for depth. If he couldn't start with the Lions he...


Is it time for some T.O?

Coming into the offseason The Oakland Raiders had 3 goals. 1. Get some guys to stop the run. 2. Replace Russell 3. Get a better pass game to help the run game.   After drafting two defensive...


Darren McFadden Vs. Michael Bush

McFadden was drafted with the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Raiders signed McFadden to a six-year, $60.1 million contract which included $26 million in guarantees. Contract...


A "W" in Houston? The Raiders start out 4-0?

With the new improvements on our team could we go 4-0 before we play SD? Week 1- As you all know we play Titans week 1 and what does that mean for the Titans? They lost big D leader in Keith and i...


Bruce Gradkowski Vs. Jason Cambpell

'Bruce Almighty' Has proved he can win with our team. A day after being waived by the Browns, Gradkowski was claimed off waivers by the Raiders. His first start he threw two touchdowns against the...


Do you hear that? Time to bring the noise. Defense part 2

After going defense in the first 2 rounds stopping the run was our first order of buisness. Then a little later got some Corners and special team players. I was half right with my Bye bye LBs post...


Do you hear that? It's the sound of change. Part 1

Guys we have a shot this year. Wildcard is in reach. If some guys step up the AFC west is possible to win. Alot of our guys show superstar potential and they need to show it on an everyday basis....


The 2 new Oakland Raiders

Two new Tackles. One Offense and one Defense. Lamarr Houston DT 6'3" 305 pounds Texas. We picked him with our 2nd Rd pick. With Taylor Mays still on the board i don't think this was an Al davis...


Players we can get tomarrow.

Now that our linebacking corp is set we have got to fix up the oline,dline,CBs, and QB. Here are some players that might be on our team after tomarrow. Jimmy Clausen QB ND Roger Saffold OT...


3-4 i think not.

We have heard over and over about switching to a 3-4 but guys it's not gonna happen. Even if we got a stud NT that would just help out the 4-3 alot more. The depth chart will look like this. D...


Would it be a good idea to trade for Haynesworth and Campbell?

Now before I start I just want to say i'm not all for it. I still have questions about both players. Haynesworth-At 6-6 350 pounds Albert was once considered the best NT in the league maybe he...


Bye bye Linebackers.

Let me be the first to say goodbye to our former starter LBs. Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard will be traded on draft day. What will we get in return? Who knows it could be anything. Maybe get a...


Could we go all out this year?

As you all know the Raiders have no first round next year so why not go all out this year? We could trade the rest of our picks to get more for this year. I mean we would have more trade bait and...


My dream draft could it happen?

If the lions do not take Suh at number 2 he will drop to us. I see the draft going like this. Rams. Sam Bradford QB Lions. Russell Okung OT Bucs. Gerald Mccoy DT Skins. Trent Williams OT KC....


Going into the draft with or without our MLB Kirk Morrison.

Without.             Right now it looks like Kirks days in Oakland are numbered. He gets more than his share of the blame for the horrible run defense. I mean since he has had the starting spot we...

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