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Topics other then Nash and Richie chemistry we should be thinking about

Guys I think the bigger questions should be the following: Nash and Richie are ridiculously talented players, they will figure out a way to score together a la Gabby n Richie courtesy of Hagelin,...


Semin will sign a 1 year deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins later today

Later in the day today, i am writing this at 1:49 am but I bet by lunch time we will hear of this news. according to a russian website (seems legit). They say it will be announced tomorrow. With...


2012 Draft, Second Round Pick, Take a look at Zach Stepan

As most of you probably know already, Derek Stepan's cousin is in this years draft. While I am not saying lets jump and get him right away because they are related, why don't we at least consider...


Mike Rupp, let's trade him, Banter what he is worth

Michael "Mike" Francis Rupp (born January 13, 1980) is an American professional ice hockey player currently playing for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL). Drafted: 1998 NHL...


2012 NHL Draft, North American Skater Forward Edition

I have been looking over the Top 30 North American Skaters for this 2012 NHL Draft and wanted to learn more about them to see what we could do with our #28th overall pick this year. I only took...


Am I crazy or is there something off with Staal/Gabby

In the last two games, where all the other rangers have played considerably well and have made few mistakes. Staal and gabby to me just seem kind of lost, maybe nursing something, i sure hope not...


2011-2012 Regular Season Eastern Conference Standings Prediction using Statistics

2011-2012 Regular Season Eastern Conference Standings Prediction Hi Guys, I was a little bored this sunday evening so I thought I would take some time to predict the end of the year standings and...


Do you the fans like Jeff Carter as a player for the jackets?

There has been a lot of rumor about him in regards to the trade deadline. I am curious to see what you guys think of him this year as I don't really get to watch any Jackets' games. Is he just...


Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Excuses.. give me a break..

Is it me or do the Flyers have a history of breaking good goaltenders. I mean what goalie would want to play for a team that consistently blames him for their misfortunes. They consistently...


lol Gabby really is sh*t talking Hank pretty bad

Have you guys seen all the videos on Blueshirts United with Hank and Gabby interviewed one on one. I mean i always knew gabby was competitive but he is kinda taking it to a childish level lol.. w...


Any word on Marc Staal (is he okay?)

Didn't he take a big hit in the game against the Jets yesterday? I noticed he only had around 12 minutes of ice time and not so much after the hit. any rumors popping up?? My sources don't seem to...


Realistic Trade Opportunities

I am not so worried about what we would get in return but do we realistically have the ability to dump dead weight like Erik Christensen, Wojtek Wolski, and Sean Avery so that we can get some cap...

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