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Adam from the Cities. Lifelong Twins fan and baseball nerd. Work is as an editor at a magazine in Minneapolis, free time is on video games, baseball, and novels.

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Torii with the best interview answer ever


T-nuts has some...wisdom...for LeBron.

Lohse throws Twins' pitching coaches under bus

Kyle Lohse is throwing someone under the bus? No way! That's so out of character!

Interview with Rule 5 Draftee Terry Doyle


"I don’t have overpowering stuff, so I can’t bear down and try to get a couple of extra strikeouts. I try to keep guys off base and keep out of big innings, which means throwing strikes and keeping the ball down." Finally, one of those guys.


Jamey Carroll: What To Expect

Did some digging into the Fangraphs stats for our reported new veteran middle infielder, Jamey Carroll, formerly of the Dodgers/Indians/Rockies/Nationals/Expos. He's put up back-to-back solid years...


Revere (Span) for Espinosa (Desmond)?

Courtesy of the latest from LEN3, our good friend and former Nationals GM Jim Bowden thinks that "Twins and Nationals have a trade match-up that makes too much sense..Twins need a SS (Desmond or...

Angels DFA SS Brandon Wood


Wood was DFA'd by the Angels. Remember him? Yeah, he sucks, but Casilla sucks worse than everything ever. If Wood is a legit defender of any kind at SS, I'd roll those dice.

I Met Joe Mauer Today


"...he doesn't like to 'lift weights and all that, but I kind of have to for my job.'" Seriously, dude is huge in real life. (my job has fun perks sometimes, and I thought you all would be amused to read about Mauer in a slightly different way than we normally do)

Baker is #5, Slowey goes to the bullpen


LEN III has the goods as usual. Slowey says all the right things about helping the Twins win. Personally I didn't have much of a preference here. Either of them should be fine in the rotation, either should be fine out of the pen. And six (seven, come May/June) starters for five spots is a great position for the team to be in.


Every time you call Nishioka "Yoshi"

God kills a kitten.

Baseball fans: a flowchart


This made my morning. Best flowchart ever? Possibly. Best non-AIRWOLF baseball humor in a world where Batgirl no longer blogs? Probably.


Bill Smith Is Not Bad At Trading

…but he has been dealt a whole lot of bad hands in his short tenure as Twins GM. Bear with me as we go through the major trades Smith has made. I don't love any of them -- and I'm still more than a...

Pavano signs


Two years, $16.5m + .5m in incentives. Welcome back, Carl. (thanks Luke in MN for providing numbers)

LEN3: Twins intended to trade Hardy all along


Everyone's favorite Bears fan passes along this tidbit among others in his latest blog. Anyone think this was anything but Gardy's doghouse having only one exit? Because I've just come into possession of some fine riverfront real estate...

Japanese people are insane. Insane for Ichiro. I'm not sure what I just saw, but I'm pretty sure...


Japanese people are insane. Insane for Ichiro. I'm not sure what I just saw, but I'm pretty sure I just had some kind of seizure.


How far is too far?

Where do you draw the line when you're cheering for your team -- or perhaps more importantly, against another team? Does a gutsy play by the other guys draw a respectful acknowledgment of a a...

JoePo on Kenny Williams


You should always read Joe Posnanski. But you should especially read him when he does an extensive in-depth interview with White Sox GM Kenny Williams.


Dilemma! Authentic or Replica Jersey?

Hey everybody! Help a brother out: I can't tell what the heck the difference between a "replica" jersey and an "authentic" jersey is. Other than $130. Trying to decide on a birthday present for the...

Joe Mauer interview -- by one of our own!


You think I'm above linking it here? Because I'm not. Because I got to talk to our favorite MVP. And then I got to transcribe it, which anyone who's ever done it can tell you is super duper fun. Anyway, read the thing!

Target Field Concessions Revealed


Burgers! Calzones! Walleye on a stick! Omg, Minnesota craft brews! Target Field is gonna rock. Link goes to the Strib story.


Jimmy Gobble parts ways with KC

Awwww! Boo. Gobble was my favorite non-Twins player in the division. 

Caple: Saves Massively Overrated


Old Minnesota boy Jim Caple penned an entertaining read for his new masters at ESPN about how horrendously overrated the save is. Based on discussion here recently, there are some folks who would enjoy the read.

Taking the sting of Batgirl withdrawal away


I've been reading Those Girls for a while now, but this is easily the best bit they've posted. I highly suggest this as a use for your next five minutes.


Awesome Bill James Q&A

Here is a brilliant (and long) Q&A that Bill James did with the Freakonomics NYT blog. Absolutely worth a read for anyone who digs baseball.   Turns out he's neither a robot or a computer, though...


A Beautiful Day for Baseball

Man, it sure is February. The frozen bloody North we call home sure is frozen, and we're all getting a little squirrely. That's okay, though, because Spring Training has sprung and the end of it...


Good luck in Seattle, Senor Jackal

Silva's apparently about to sign with the Mariners for $44MM/4yrs per Ken Rosenthal, and boy oh boy are the M's fans unhappy with it. Good analysis and discussion by Dave at USS Mariner (a site...


Adam Everett to Twins

Whee, we got ourselves a shortstop. One who can't hit, of course, and figures to be a noticeable downgrade from Bartlett most likely if he's the everyday starter.One-year deal, no specifics yet. I...


Jonah Keri, ESPN Columnist

This guy is easily  my new favorite sportswriter. He writes for Page 2 over at ESPN, yet pens more insightful and reality-based commentary than anything I've seen in quite a while.And he doesn't...


Torii needs to shut his [stupid] mouth

Now, I love Torii as much as the next guy. I've got nothing but respect and appreciation for his years of holding down CF on Twins teams good and bad. But the man seriously needs to stop talking to...


How the Jacque Has Fallen,0,5116352.story?coll=sfla-sports-frontAhh, Jacque, we hardly knew ye. Off to the land of oranges and apathetic old folks for a [reported, but not...

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