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It Is Margaret You Mourn For...

As has been discussed previously on these pages, when I’m not not fulfilling my duties as Associate Editor of Sactown Royalty, I am "working" for the state of California. There are myriad reasons...


On Shirley Jackson's Sequel

Sacramento isn't dead.

Ian Thomsen's Best Fits for Top Picks...


The best fit for Sacramento? B.J. Mullens! Just kidding.

This Evening...


ESPN, inexplicably, re-aired the 2007 Powerade High School Jam Fest. Because I have no love life I watched it. It culminated with Blake Griffin completing a behind the legs reverse dunk and Donte Greene subsequently jumping into his arms exultantly. It was the happiest I've been in three years as a Kings fan.

The Wall Street Journal on the NBA


One can only assume were among the catastrophically bad...

Prospect Hip Check


Nothing groundbreaking, but probably as substantive an overview of potential prospects as I've seen so far in the media. If nothing else infinitely preferable to Chad Ford's "The GM I've been speaking to that I made up who reads my postings religiously...." ramblings


The Triumphant Return of the Ombudsman?!?

I’m sure many of you have wondered, and by many of you I of course mean none of you, why I am referred to as "Associate Editor" of this site. I write pieces sporadically, my comments are usually...


And All for the Want of a Horseshoe Nail

Know when I knew Theus wouldn't last through this season? Saturday. But not when the Kings were getting drubbed by Zach Randolph. Earlier Saturday, during the Georgetown-Memphis game, when I saw...


Winter Wonderlands

One of the unique qualities of an individual NBA game is its ability to function as a finger nail universe. When a team plays 80 some odd times over the course of the season there tend to be two...


Sometimes You Eat the Bar, and Sometimes, well, He Eats You

Some time ago TZ appointed me to Associate Editor primarily with the intention of serving as the Sactown Royalty business class equivalent of the now retired Rob Iracane at Deadspin. A sort of...


The Life You Save May Be Your Own

One of the inherent problems with sports is that in any other entity what may be the most irrational reaction is the most rational in athletics. How else to explain that this is the most excited...

Does Thorpe Love Martin more than Ziller?


The Bill Simmons NBA preview, which is worthwhile on it's own, but all the more so for this passage: 19. Kevin Martin The next Mitch Richmond, right down to the team, the stats and the lottery appearances. By the way, congrats to David Thorpe for officially breaking my name-drop record with Jimmy Kimmel by mentioning Kevin Martin for the 485th time last week. The good news is I just tied him again. So if you're scoring at home, here's the career name-drop leaderboard: 1. David Thorpe/Kevin Martin, 485 1. Bill Simmons/Jimmy Kimmel, 485 3. Rob Ryder/"The Warriors," 373 4. Marc Stein/Bill Simmons, 172 5. Chad Ford/Joe Dumars, 159

That's not a sculpture Danny...


If the powers that be knew this three months ago wouldn't our drafting of Chalmers and Arthur been an inevitability? Realize realistically 100% of active rosters in the NBA are smokers (even Grant Hill, especially Grant Hill) but Sacto has had a history of enthusiasts...


Summer Teeth

(From the FanPosts. - TZ) I find, as I grow older, it increasingly tough to tell whether my perception of certain cultural phenomenon dying out is legitimate or simply a byproduct of me aging...

Nice Howard-Cooper Question


I'm sure we've all debated this, so it's not particularly groundbreaking. And for me personally the answer is fairly easy and resounding. But a curiosity none the less and good to kick off a weekend spent by those of you of age in various phases of consumption.

Don't Sleep on Houston as a potential Artest player...


Though I'm not sure, at this juncture, what they have to give up.


The Kings and the Solid NFL Draft

(Ignore the time stamp: this was published by rbiegler late Thursday night. Just needed to get it to the top of the page so everyone can read it. -- TZ) Of the variety of differences between an...


Lewis and Keon Clark

We've discussed in passing in these parts previously Petrie's proclivity for specific kinds of players, and I think we'd collectively agree there are most certainly Petrie players in this draft. T...

Obligatory Ford-Simmons Mock Draft Link


Given the tenor of our posts and comments the past few days pay particular attention to Ford's take on Ajinca, where Bayless ends up, Randolph and Jordan's slips and who they have Sacto taking.

Unofficial Eric Gordon Fan Club Post # 1


Watch his blocks at 27 seconds and also 1:55 in... I'm not saying...I'm just saying

Each year the NBA invites a select group of players to Orlando for physicals. They don't have to...


Each year the NBA invites a select group of players to Orlando for physicals. They don't have to play in the camp, just do some testing (height, weight, vertical jump, strength training), a medical physical and go through some light drills. It's usually the first indication of the players the league feels are the best in the draft. A league source told me that there are 12 players on the list at the moment: Beasley, Rose, Mayo, Brook Lopez, Jerryd Bayless, Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Eric Gordon, Jordan, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and D.J. Augustin. That also happens to be our Top 12 in our Top 100 Among the guys that were surprisingly snubbed were Joe Alexander, Kosta Koufos, Marreese Speights, Donte Greene and Darrell Arthur.

Chad Ford's Draft Watch

John, Hanalei, HI: Puppy is "Gator". Who in this draft would be perfect for Kevin Martin's Kings?...


John, Hanalei, HI: Puppy is "Gator". Who in this draft would be perfect for Kevin Martin's Kings? David Thorpe: No-I never push the Gators on my kids. That's what my parents and brothers do. I thought Augustin initially, but I've heard scary reports about his character. Scott (fresno): How about Love to Kevin Martin's Kings? The best PG's will be gone and Love fits the Kings prototypical big man. BTW, how about Bobby V? David Thorpe: They already are the least athletic frontline in the NBA. So no.

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