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Strange Pairing: Browns and Wisdom - Keeping it Real

How often do you hear the words "Browns" and "Wisdom" in the same sentence? Well, never, but that is not the point. This weekend the Browns' wisdom is on display, while the Rams clearly...


5 Real (McCoy) Whacky Draft Predictions

Just got a chance to catch up on some draft prospects, and to be honest - the more I look at the big 3 QBs, the less I like them. So I put together a list of what I do not like about them, and...


3 Quick Combine Perceptions that Impact Browns

Blake Bortles establishes himself as the lone "prototypical" NFL QB. He is tall - he is strong - he has the arm strength, he is physical tool stud of this class. I am not that high on Bortles,...


Fair and Balanced Report Card on the Front Office

Here are 10 significant events during the Banner reign - and I have graded them as follows.


Mack Brown Eulogy

As one of the biggest Mack Brown apologists there is, I thought it fitting to give the big guy a proper eulogy. In addition, despite my intense dislike of all the negativity that surrounded on...


When the Moxie Train Stops.....

Apologies in advance for a rambling sort of look at the 2013 Texas Longhorn Season. But let me say right now, that this group of kids are quickly becoming one of my favorite. At a time when...


Winning "Weeden Roulette"

I happen to be pretty bullish on this year's team and think the season is far from over. I was so bullish, that I can honestly tell you that this was a playoff team with Hoyer at the helm. ...


Oh Wescott - We Beat OU - and "IT IS WHAT IT IS"

Dear Wescott - Well we beat OU today and likely it is the most bittersweet victory over OU that you have seen. First, what if Mack survives? Then you could possibly have another entire year of...


No Tank You Please

Man the TR trade was a little bit of a downer, not so much because it was a bad deal, it was a great deal, but because it started the whole "tanking" firestorm in the local and national media. I...


Absurd Quantification of Confirmation Bias and the New Browns Regime

I wanted to take a step back, get removed from the emotions from both the 2012 season and the 2013 draft to take a look at the new regime, how they are faring, and what the change means for Browns...


Longhorn Aplogist Summons Triumverate (and is Not Aplogizing)

I do not know a lot about coaching evaluations, but when you hear a word like "malaise" used to describe the once proud Longhorn men's athletic program, things are not in good shape. So I am here...


Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!!!!!!!

Huge hat tip to Al Michaels on the greatest announcing call in history, on the most amazing sporting event I have witnessed in my life, the 1980 "Miracle on Ice". Never before, and perhaps never...

Not the Best News on QB from Will Burge


I had been told that Brandon Weeden did not look very good through the first two days of OTAs and this was confirmed on Thursday. Weeden himself admitted this was his worst day of the week. He struggled to find the open read on many throws, missed a few open receivers and had multiple miscommunications with his wide outs. Jason Campbell didn’t look much better. While Weeden throws a better ball, Campbell seemed more comfortable finding the correct read. Once he found that read, however, he did not consistently deliver the ball in a place that led receivers away from the defender. It was a rough day for the QBs.

Will Burge of ESPN Cleveland

Way-Too-Early Cleveland Browns Progress Report

Well Messrs Haslam and Banner have been running things for about 6 months or so, and without a draft it is too early to conclude how the talent acquisition cycle has gone. Still - not too early for me to shout out my observations about new regime.


Ignorant but Passionate Defense of the 2013 Recruiting Class

I used to think that I was a fanatical, informed recruitnik until I realized that I was not going to Friday Night Lights in variaous outposts in the state, nor was I watching any film, and thank...


CHUD is no DUD

If you are like me, you were probably expecting a bigger name than Chud. But that is ok. I remember the collective yawns in Baltimore and Atlanta when they hired Smith and Harbaugh. Its ok to lose the press conference, and win on the field.


Statisical Profile of Browns Coaching Candidates

Where Do Head Coaches Come from Daddy? Since 2006 there have been exactly 50 new coaches hired into the NFL. I have broken them down into 4 major categories: • 10% are hot shot college...


The 7th Stage of Manny Diaz

Guilty as charged. I read every word out of training camp that raved about Manny Diaz and our defense. I drank every last drop Burnt Orange Kool Aid, and bought into the fact that we had the 3rd...


Browns Best Trade Ever - Part 2

This is part 2 of the greatest Brown’s trade ever. Part 1 covered the trade of Randy Lerner for Jimmy Haslam, and part 2 covers the Joe Banner for Mike Holmgren trade that should start going down...


Ranking the Browns Positional Groups - Your Thoughts?

Let’s get geared up for the season and look at the Browns unit by unit. The performance rating is as follows. A 10 means you are in the top 3 units in the league. A 5 means you would be between...

Maybe Good News for Browns and Colt


Not sure if just speculation, but article says Broncos interested in Colt.


Browns Best Trade Ever - Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, been a Browns fan for a long time, and there is a trade that has made me more excited today, than any day since the return. And it didn’t cost us a damn thing. The...


My Rage With Age

First things first, let me apologize to all on the 1st round draft thread for all the negativity. I made the Licensed pessimist look optimistic. As an fyi, while I am a huge Colt fan, I have...


Talking Turkey on Tanneyhill

I get it - you all hate Colt. And if you hate Colt you are now faced with the reality that the earliest that Holmgren will have secured his QBOTF is in year 4 of his 5 year plan. Talk about...

Interesting Stuff From Grossi - Yes It is Possible


Head over to the Grossi Riz podcast. He has an interesting and logical possibility. Basic idea - Eagles want Tannehill, Eagles have 2 second rounders, Eagles and Browns are as thick as thieves. 4 too early for WR so Browns get #15 overall + both 2nd rounders (Az+Philly) and take best WR available at #15.

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