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Backing Blackmon BigTime

Well I emerged from my post RGIII funk and am a little more positive about the Browns. After screaming "WE CAN’T EVEN SUCK RIGHT" – I am now at an even keel. After looking over all of our options...

What Brown Does For UT Horns Players and program


These are quotes from the players on what Mack meant to them.


Quick RGIII Hypothetical

Here is the deal, using the SB mothership mock draft as the gospel of how things go down. The top 3 picks go as follows:1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford 2. St. Louis Rams: Matt...

TT NIce Debut for Cavs - Cleveland Plain Dealer


TT NIce Debut for Cavs - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Meanwhile, rookie forward Tristan Thompson had a "wonderful" first game, said Scott. Give the power forward from Texas a nice boxscore of 12 points and five rebounds. The 50 percent college free-throw shooter was 4-of-6. He is a relentless runner, jumper and tenacious on defense. He probably should have played more than 17 minutes.

Dear Pat

Dear Pat - I am on your side.   I want you to succeed, and was thrilled to finally have an offensive minded head coach.  And we are Browns fans, many who have lived through red right 88, the drive,...


10 Things I Think I Know After 2 Weeks

Coach Shurmur is one happy camper.   Getting that first win is a wonderful achievement, and don’t think for a minute that it was not a quality win.  Even with Kerry Collins, the Colts have many...


Debate the Strength of Browns' Units

Let’s get geared up for the season and look at the Browns unit by unit.  The performance rating is as follows.  A 10 means you are in the top 3 units in the league.  A 5 means you would be between...


Cynicism and Cleveland QBs

I want to offer a counter argument to the posters who compare Colt McCoy's start in preseason vs. Jake Delhomme's 2010 preseason.   You know who you are, and I am here to tell you that cynicism is...


Hola Bronco Fans

Looks like we are getting ready for some football.   I am again adopting the Broncos as my second favorite NFL team behind my beloved Cleveland Browns.   I am really interested in the diehard...


Talking a little Little

The now departed Golanbtrac put out a fanshot on Greg Little's parking tickets that triggered a host of spirited comments, some colorful language, and rousing character vs. talent debate.   Without...

Diggs and Ash Tearing it Up? Bohl's


Have no idea of Bohl's sources - but he mentions only 2 players that are doing well in the summer and they are both freshmen. Wonder if Ash is making a bigger splash than GG?


Are The Owner's This Stupid???

I have clipped and pasted from a yahoo article that gives a summary of the current status of the negotiations are at this point.   If those 2 paragraphs are fairly accurate, it would appear that...


Bass Ackwards - Players Have to Lead Owners Back to Table

Every day that goes by with the labor situation in the legal process moves us a step closer to a shortened season or even the unthinkable of a missed season.   Why the combatants are investing in...


Ghost of Browns Drafts Past - Part 2

Continuing on - we head to the better news and here are the best half of the 18 picks. 9.  Braylon Edwards, WR University of Michigan, 3rd Pick 2005 In alot of ways the consecutive drafts of BE...


Ghosts of Browns Drafts Past - Part 1

The PD published the list of the 18 Browns first round draft picks since 1990.  To get our minds off the possbile lockout, and kill some time before the 2011 draft - here is my personal ranking of...


Labor Impasse and the Player Perspective

First of all, from the TMI section, I am not a pro union person.  I deal with an absolute corrupt Mexican union everyday at work, and I also worry that union benefit liabilities are creating the...


With the 6th Overall Pick - the Browns don't Select Von Miller or Prince of Bel Air

This is my second draft prospect profile that I hope meets the intent of what Chris intended.    My rule is that I have had to see a full 5 games of the player and have seen him in...


In the 3rd Round - Cleveland Browns Select - Sam Acho - DE - University of Texas

First of all, spew your vitriol about how this is just another "Texas Longhorn  Homer"  post below, then lets look at the facts. 1. The likely move to a 4-3 defense combined with the fact that the...

Please Check Out This Colt McCoy Interview


I know it is a busy news day with coaching hires - but wanted to share this video on Colt´s reaction to his head coach being fired. What a fantastic leader and representative of the University of Texas.

Muschamp selects Weiss as OC per ESPN


Muschamp selects Weiss as OC per ESPN


"Michael Jackson" Coaching Search

When I say this is Michel Jackson coaching search - I am not telling you that the NFL has extended its minority hiring policy to include seance interviews with a dead pedophile.  I am saying that...


On Good Will Muschamp

I have some stuff to get off my chest.  I have stopped reading many other sites because they are just simply spewing vitriol towards Texas and Mack Brown.  What was bad after the season, became...


Public Apology to True Bronco Fans

I am sorry Bronco Fans, truly, deeply, remorsefully sorry! This summer, I joined MHR, and adopted the Broncos as my second favorite NFL team.   You see, I have been a Browns fan for many, many...


Horns Up For Colt

I am the rare combination of a Browns and Longhorn fan and just finished watching the Steelers destroy the Browns 28-10.  They did not however destroy the play or competitiveness of one Colt McCoy....


Keep Mangini Dot Com

First of all, I think a reality check is in place.  We are probably looking at a season somewhere in the 3-13 to 5-11 range.   Chances are that Eric Mangini will not be able to show the 2010...

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