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NORV TURNER come to MIAMI as O-Coordinator!!

Well because of this... it looks like Norv Turner will be a free agent, haha,...


There goes the what?

With the good but not good enough showing from our Phins the season is done. So the question is now what. I'm going to pop off what I think, then lets here what you have to say. Maybe just maybe...


I said I wouldn't but I can't help but say it....

Our offensive game plan SUCKS! That is on Mike Sherman and Philbin for (a) not implementing new/more plays, (b) protecting/limiting the game plan so RT17 isn't get his confidence crushed, or (c)...


This site isn't what it used to be!

Ever since the new format there is less and less fanshots and fanposts! What happened? I used to come here for the most up to date information on the phins now all that is post is information...

Midwest EPA business


Little help guys, please go to this page and link EPA Region 7. I work there and we got a competition going to see who can get the most "likes" in one week. Help a fan out!


TE....Problem Solved???

OK, so while everyone is wrapped up in QB talk, DE, RT, FS, TE drafting I want to stop and figure something out. Do we have 1 decent TE and 2 decent FBs or do we have 2 decent TEs and 1 FB? Some of...

Jets tryout Lou Polite


Really the Jets need more insider info on us? It seems as if every team in the NFL trys out our players before we play them, then they beat us. Could our Offense and Defense be so simple that an out player can give away that must information? Why can't we change things up some? Moore, I have a feeling is going to have a huge day...either tons of yards or INTs lol. Anyone know if Clay is ok to play?



Nolan Carroll are you serious? You got beat all night and didn't do anything about it! B.Sapp great play to read that Brady pass and create the INT...However you need to play better! V.Davis and...


Complete Dolphins vs Panthers play by play anaylsis!

Here we go again, please let me know if you think I am wrong.  I'll try to be neutral in all aspects of the game.  This post is going to be long as every play will be listed! Additionally this...


Complete Dolphins vs Falcons game review

  Ok so I have been logging onto this site for about 1.5 years and after the game last night I broke down and created an account.  I am a huge fan and sometimes miss/can't watch the games so this...

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