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Angels fan since '67

Baseball is a crazy game. ANYTHING can happen... but it usually doesn't.

If the team doesn't seem to give a damn, then why should I?

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NHL Los Angeles Kings
User Blog

Supercomputers and Baseball


An MLB team somewhere has or is investing in a Cray supercomputer for ultra-analytics. Speculate away.


A Natural Disaster in the Making?

Hello everyone, This is a Fanpost, mainly because Fanshots don't let you post polls (hint hint, SBN). In any case, those of you following the ST game threads have probably noticed a disturbing...


Halos Heaven Memes and Newbie Guide, 2014 Edition

Howdy y'all!!!! Once again, a season of Halos Baseball is upon us, and we have some newbies here. So, to try to forestall the inevitable questions of "what does that mean?" here is a...


The (Un)Official Halos Heaven Christmas Thread

Since nobody put one up, I thought I'd do it. Yes, as a fan of the Halos, 2013 sucked. Hopefully 2014 will be better. But that's not why I'm putting this up. It's that time of the year, when...

Trout wins GIBBY for his cycle


Trout has won the GIBBY for hitting performance for his cycle.

Happy Halloween!!!!


Happy Halloween, Halo Homies!!! From one Sharp Dressed Man...


2013 Walk To Defeat ALS® Pictures

So, as you all know (and are probably sick of hearing about), the 2013 Ventura/Santa Barbara Walk To Defeat ALS® was last Saturday 10/12. First, the great news... Sue's Squad raised over $4000, of...


The Ventura/SB Walk to Defeat ALS® is THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

Hi again, everybody!!! No, not this Saturday, but this coming Saturday (10/12). I know you're probably sick of hearing me talk about this, so look at the bright side... This will be the last...


Less Than Three Weeks Until the Walk to Defeat ALS

Less Than Three Weeks Until the Walk to Defeat ALS!!! Baseball season coming to a disappointing end? Can't think of anything to do? Can't bear the thought of watching the Chowds and Doyers in...

Happy New Year


Here's wishing all HH'ers a happy and healthy new year!!!


Rev and Leigh's Reception

... I went to Rev and Leigh (Missus Halofan)'s reception at the gallery. When Rev caught me taking some pictures, he told me that he was expecting a FanPost. I'm afraid I'm not a very good...


2013 Walk to Defeat ALS

Hi Everyone. It's that time of year again. Even though Mrs. red floyd lost her battle against ALS earlier this year, I am still raising funds for the ALS Association. This year's walk is...


My Excellent Fresno Minor League Adventure

My nephew is a SSH rep for the Fresno Grizzlies (the SFG AAA team). For a while, I'd been meaning to take a roadtrip up to Fresno to visit him and catch a game. I would have caught the Bees, but...

Monday is D-Day for A-Fraud


Sounds like A-Roid will be gone, but not permanently, so the MFY aren't completely off the hook.

Milton Bradley could get 7 years for wife-beating


Thank the FSM and His Noodly Appendage that we never signed this loser...

A Simple Explanation


I'd have posted this as an image, but don't want to get Rev in trouble for potential copyright infringement.


ALS Awareness

Hi everyone. I'm visiting from Halos Heaven to ask a favor. On 7/7, when you guys are hosting the Dodgers, the Giants will be sponsoring an ALS awareness event. ALS is also known as "Lou...


ALS Awareness Event and Fundraiser at the Coliseum on 7/27

Hi everyone. I'm visiting from Halos Heaven to ask a favor. On 7/27, when you guys are hosting the Angels, the A's will be sponsoring an ALS awareness event. ALS is also known as "Lou Gehrig's...

Please Attend 7/27 Game In Oakland


I'll probably be reposting this again next month, but... The 7/27 LAA@OAK game at the Tarp Covered Monstrosity will be an ALSA Sponsored event where MLB honors Lou Gehrig's legacy. There will be a fundraiser to help fight ALS at the game. Please, if you can, try to make it up to the Bay Area for the game.

Umps have been Disciplined!!!


The men behind the craptacular ignorance of Rule 3.05(b) have been suspended.


Halos Heaven Memes 101 -- For New Members

Now that the regular season is almost here, I believe we may have some newbies. Having commented over 40000 times with my own fingers (take that, Lyle!), I feel totally unqualified to explain the...


Mrs. red floyd Funeral Information

Hi Everyone... As my journey through the hell of ALS comes to an end, I know that many of you have asked for information about Mrs. red floyd's funeral or memorial. I had not made arrangements...

Mrs. red floyd


I'm posting this because you have all been so supportive. Sue lost her fight against this fucking disease today.


Pix from the Walk To Defeat ALS®

Sorry that it's so late, but I've been busy... In any case, here are some pix from the Walk To Defeat ALS®. Once again, Halos Heaven came through, with $1063 in donations (not counting my own). T...

Happy Christmahannukwanzaa To You!


Happy ChristmaHannukwaanza to all you HH'ers!!! What's your favorite Xmas carol? And on this board there is, in fact, exactly ONE right answer.

OK, now I can say it. ZOMG!!!! TRIPLE CROWN!!!!! MCap gets MVP


Even though he can't defend or run worth a damn. (Note: link is to the video feed. MLB doesn't have the page up yet).

Oops. I misread the clock and the op-ed piece. Sorry. Pay no attention to the fat man behind...


Oops. I misread the clock and the op-ed piece. Sorry. Pay no attention to the fat man behind the curtain.

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