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Angels fan since '67

Baseball is a crazy game. ANYTHING can happen... but it usually doesn't.

If the team doesn't seem to give a damn, then why should I?

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Walk To Defeat ALS - October 16

Hi HH'ers!!! (Advance notice -- I cleared this with the Rev before posting. I'll probably repost/update sometime in early October.) (Update - link was bad, plus the site was down for a couple of...


ALS Event Report 7/3

I'm pretty lousy at writing up post-event reports, but I guess I should. During the 7th, we left our seats to go down to the tunnel.  I did catch Branyan's HR on the in-stadium TVs (from Howards)....

ALS Event 7/3 Update


Just an update. 1. I will be somewhere in 201-203 WC. Please feel free to drop by *BEFORE THE 7TH INNING*. 2. Mrs. red floyd will be introduced on the field (according to the paperwork I got). Look for Sue Neugroschl. 3. There's an updated list of celebs and former pros at the link. Included on that list are Bobby Grich, Hud, and Jay Johnstone.

Evan Longoria Baserunning Error


Nice to know the Halos aren't the only ones who screw up on the basepaths.

The rules of the game for the BoSux


The rules of the game for the BoSux

Watch The Angels Beat the Dodgers! Fight ALS!!!!


After the Halos trash the Doyers on Sunday July 3, there will be a Pro/Celeb Homerun Derby and Softball game to raise awareness/funds to fight ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). So come on down and join us!


You Never Realize What You Have Until It's Gone

Back in the days when the Halos weren't mediocre, we always bitched about how Stoneman wouldn't pull the trigger on any deals at all, preferring to sign FA's in the offseason. Now, of course,...


The Full Lyrics to the Halo Blitz

Of course, today, when I don't post on the game thread, we have a Halo Blitz! So in honor of this miraculous event, I have the *FULL* lyrics posted after the break (with apologies to Sweet):


MLB's Top 20

Well, yesterday MLBN showed game number 2 on their list (1991 Game 7, Twins vs. Braves). And as far as I know, guess which game hasn't been shown yet? I think next Sunday is 2002 Game 6. Enjoy...


Poll: Who do we hate the most?

Yes, DOV, I know this should be a Fanshot, but there are no polls in fanshots. I wanted to ask who was the Douchiest, but I figured in a headline that was inappropriate. Anyways, in tonight's game...

Angels willing to wait for Trout


According to DiGiovanna, the Halos will be going slow with Trout. Also, he reports that Trout seems like a level-headed kid who's ignoring the hype as best he can.

Yankees to Use Sack Filled With $24 Million as Fourth Starter


Saw a link to this HuffPo article, and I thought it was funny.


Poll: Favorite HH In-Joke

I'd really like to post this as a FanShot, but Fanshots don't have polls.

Jim Leyritz acquited of DUI Manslaughter


He was convicted on misdemeanor DUI and can get no more than 6 months. Andrew Gallo, take note -- you should have been famous *FIRST*.

Well Bar to close


The Well Bar in Covina, where Andrew Gallo was drinking before he murdered Nick Adenhart, has lost its license, and will close as of Dec 2.

The most epic game thread ever on Halos Heaven


Pursuant to a discussion on the Giants Win the Series thread, here is the game thread when the Rev waived the F-bomb rule. Please note, this thread is NSFW!

BoSux Owners to buy Liverpool FC


If anyone here on HH is a fan of Liverpool, you might want to consider changing your allegiance.


Poll: Why are the Baseball gods crapping on us?

I'd have made this a fanshot, but I can't figure out any way to attach a poll to one. So here we go. We all know that this season sucks.  It's a given.  Kendry's leg.  Pineiro's ribs.  The...

Why Napoli always gets laid....


Apparently women are attracted to the color red.

LA Times asks the Soth about his favorite restaurants


Naturally, most of them are in the Ventura county area, but I thought this was kind of fun.

SFV Get-Together Planning


Here it is, the long-promised FanShot for those of us from the San Fernando Valley (and points north) to make plans for the glorious 5/15 Halos Heaven Meetup!!


One thing you can do with a stadium giveaway

So the other day, Mrs. red floyd told me this story about her manicurist... Seems her grandson (about 5) was in Little League. But when he heard he wasn't going to be on the Angels, he didn't want...


Halos Heaven March Madness 2010 Redux

And congratulations to the winner of the 2010 Halos Heaven March Madness.... Clutch!!! Honorable mention to "Morales in Wonderland" and to Dad of Vlad! Full results follow the jump...


Halos Heaven March Madness 2010

Yes, it's that time of year again!  It's MARCH MADNESS TIME!!!!! Once again, I have set up a group at Yahoo!  It's called "HalosHeaven", Group #137203, password halos2002 See if you can beat last...

New Nickname for Godzilla?


Torii says he's going to call Matsui, "The Quiet Assassin" Discuss amongst yourselves.

Jim Edmonds to the Brewers


Jim Edmonds singed a Minor League deal with the Brewers, which includes a Spring Trainiing invite.If he makes the team, he could make $825K or more.

It's Official, Pineiro an Angel


It's on the Angels' website; I guess that means it's official. And yes, on that link it says 2/$16MM

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