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Craig Dahl: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Niners Nation has a lot of quirky cyclical habits. Every preseason some player is anointed the best player ever (OUR FUTURE) only to be cut and out of the NFL in a couple years. Some player is...

Eric Reid Rated #1 in Kiper's Rookie Rankings


Obviously rookie rankings after game one is a complete load of crap ... except when a 49er is ranked #1, in which case they're not.

Saints already impressed by Parys Haralson


Haralson was voted one of the top three defensive players for the saints in the Atlanta - Saints game. Sad we only got a 7th rounder for him, but happy to see that not only is he getting significant playing time, he'll probably get himself an extension somewhere for next year.


A. J. Jenkins - What are the 49ers missing

I've noticed a lot of comments lately about how either A.J. Jenkins is wasting away on the bench or he was a wasted pick. First round WRs are meant to come in and contribute right away ... never...


Post game congrats from 49ers fan

Well, for a 49ers fan, that sucked. Giants did a great job. Bradshaw got enough to keep the chains moving, and Manning was amazing. Was impressed that Hixon was able to step up where...


Frank Gore is Headed for yet Another Elite Season

This off-season a large number of NN bloggers seemed to lose faith in Gore. The story went that Gore was over the hill, at 28 years old he'd suffered too many injuries, had lost a step and would...

Kenny Britt Finds New Place to Get DUI


A military check point. 8th problem with the police since entering the league. Wouldn't be an offseason without him and a police headline.

Asher Allen - Vikings CB - Retires


The Vikings game just got a little easier. Allen was a third round pick in 2009. Guess it was a bad year for football motivation.

Tebow's Offseason Training Regime


He'll be ready to hold that clip board like no other player

Ryan Leaf on the Lam


Article is right, same day colts replace manning, Leaf is declared a fugative. Ironic.

Ryan Leaf Arrested for Burglary and Drugs


Wonder if in 15 years there will be a story like this about Andrew Luck or RG3


Carlos Rogers' Franchise Tag

Matt Maiocci recently released the contract details for Carlos Rogers' 4 year contract with the 49ers here. The Franchise Tag Cost for the CB position, according to Mike Sando was $10.281 million. ...

Texans Release Eric Winston


Can't believe the Texans released Winston, he's a great RT and the Texans line was really solid last year. Should the 49ers pick him up and move Davis to RG?


The Most Anticipated Mock Draft of the Draft Season – 100% as accurate as Mel Kiper – Guaranteed

With the combine wrapping up, I finally have enough information to unveil the most anticipated mock draft of the season . . . the next mock draft that you read. After countless hours of...

Aldon Smith on ESPN's radar for Defensive Rookie of the Year


Matt Williamson at Scout, Inc. has a good article explaining why Smith deserves the award, even though he was a situational player in 2011.

Willis Likely Out for 3-6 Weeks


According to the article typical recovery for a grade 2 hamstring injury is 3-6 weeks which makes wrapping up that bye week in the playoffs all the more important.


Halfway to the Rushing TD Record Books

Two (2).  That’s the record for fewest rushing TDs a defense has allowed over a season.  Three (3) teams have managed to hold opponents to a total of 2 rushing TDs all season.  No team has...

Urlacher's mom passed away


Bears still want him to play this sunday


49ers Roster for the 2011 Season is Here!

UPDATED 8/30/11 TO TAKE ROSTER CUTS INTO ACCOUNT   With two preseason games behind us, the season record predictions have already begun.  Even those who point out the pointlessness of...

LA to Build NFL Stadium


What team is moving to LA? Anyone know?

Good back story on Masoli


Good article on what caused his career to fall apart


Crazy Trading Draft

A lot of people have talked about trading down.  I would like to preface this post by stating that I am vehemently against trading down the 7th pick.  This year's top 10 is phenomenal and you don't...


Mock Draft 1.0

It's been interesting reading all the mocks that have come out so far.  The subjectivity and speculation is amazing, given that the NFL combine and pro-days haven't happened yet.  Nevertheless,...

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