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HT/WT:5'11, 195
HAIR/EYES:Long, bald on top, brown; eyes, brown
LOCATION: Portland, OR, USA, Earth, Milky Way
LIKE: Karaoke, drawing, video games, sports, movies, classic rock music, fast food
DISLIKE: Most veggies, arrogant people, Lakers, my allergy problems, bugs in my house
OCCUPATION: Housekeeper @ Veteran's Hospital

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NFL Buffalo Bills
  • NCAAF Oregon Ducks
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
User Blog

YOUR UPDATED MOCKS! And come back and re-update after more FA signings!

Hey BRers! Time for a new mock, since needs have obviously changed (or at least the order of them). Great signing of Spikes; that makes the priority of LB shift to simply depth. Since Chris...


Your nicknames for the other NBA teams. (non-profane please)

Many fans have little nicknames they give the opposing teams, often given when they are the next team we play. Whether they flat-out suck or are the top team in the league or somewhere in between,...


What's your Super Bowl spread gonna be? (Food, not points)

Hey BR'ers: What do you plan to make for the Super Bowl feast? From scratch? Ordering out? Take-home or delivery? Potluck with a bunch of friends? What's on the menu? This year my mom...


My 2014 Bills Mock Draft

Well folks, time for me to step up to the plate (or line of scrimmage?) and throw out my mock draft for our Bills. Here we go: FIRST ROUND C.J. MOSLEY, ILB ALABAMA Not gifted with particular...


Your 2014 NBA Mock: In a semi-realistic scenario, who would you take?

By semi-realistic scenario, I mean: Let's say we miss the playoffs. With the upgrades we've had, we shouldn't miss the postseason by much. And let's also assume we don't get a ridiculously...


Seeing the team's roster as it is right now heading into preseason game 1.. what position would you improve FIRST with next year's initial draft pick?

We still have some glaring holes to fill.. I swore up and down once this year's draft ended we needed a lot of work of defense. Maybe we still do.. but so far for the most part the unit looks...


Sumbit your own "All- (specific attribute) Blazer team"!

You can make it the starting 5, or a 12-man roster, or 3 5-man units, with a few honorable mentions if you like. The various attributes can be like: ALL-WEIRD NAME BLAZER TEAM! PG ENNIS...


Now that the draft is over.. what holes do we need to fill with FAs, and who?

Hey gang! Well, I'd say this draft was pretty decent. I think we could have gotten one PF that we didn't trade for cash (that would have been better than Jerrett) but hey, this is a good start. ...


What would YOU do with the bench this season/postseason? Who would you drop/keep?

Okay, let's look at the bench: PG Nolan Smith PG Ronnie Price SG Elliot Williams SG Will Barton SF Luke Babbitt SF Victor Claver SF Sasha Pavlovic PF Jared Jeffries PF/C Joel Freeland C M...


Create a Blazer Frankenstein out of past/present Blazer body parts!

Thought I'd try something very new and very different: Create a "Frankenstein" out of the best Blazer body parts (head, feet, arms, legs, brain, eyes, heart, etc.) from the past or present. Maybe...


What was the biggest "what the heck..?" loss you can remember?

What was the biggest head-scratching loss you can remember? After which you thought to yourself "There's no way we're that bad!", or "The other team isn't that good, we just stunk up the joint!". ...


Blazer buzzer-beating wins.. did I miss any?

Hey folks. Just seeing if there's any Blazer buzzer-beating wins that I may have missed. Here's the ones I know of: 2/26/78: Hollins sinks a 40-footer to beat the Bulls 100-99. 12/30/80: Bates...


Your ten biggest Blazer draft busts. In order or not.

Hey folks! Pick your choice of the ten worst Blazer draft picks. It can be in order from worst to 10th worst, or whatever ones that were particularly bad that spring to mind. And ones that...


Who did you feel was the NICEST Blazer?

Who did you feel was the nicest Blazer or Blazers of all time? It doesn't have to be one you met (though that would be cool). You could have just seen them in interviews and thought, "Gee, what a...


What was your Super Bowl grub?

What did you make for the big game? I threw down some lasagna with extra cheese (Marie Callendar's) and some Banquet fried chicken with brown sugar spiced barbeque sauce. Lotsa leftovers since it...


Best Bills from jersey number 1-99

Hey BRers. Just a little game to throw out there.  Who was the best Bill to wear jersey #1?  Then #2?  Then #3?  etc.  I'm not sure that there's no 00 but if there is go ahead and post that...


Now if anyone has info for THESE Blazer firsts..

Hey gang. Hate to trouble you again, but this time I was wondering if anyone had info on which Blazer was the first to acquire these for the franchise, and when: Rebound Foul Turnover Block Steal F...


Who made the first 3-pointer in Blazers history?

Just curious if anybody can find out for me.  The first season the 3-point shot became integrated in the NBA rules was 1979-80.  I think it boils down to one of these guys: Billy Ray Bates Ron...

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