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Jordan Crawford and Improvement

I wanted to take a minute out of all of your wonderful days to highlight a bright spot in these first few weeks of darkness. And I mean, a darkness we haven't seen since the inside of Gilbert...


Entitlement... What Entitlement?

I've been absolutely amazed by the outcry that these first six games have caused this season. After all, it's been six games, against high competition. Our guys are for the most part young, and...


Kudos to the Bullets Forever Community

I never thought hearing the term "lockout" would have as negative effect on my ears as it does today. This thing sucks. It's been exhausting, confusing, frustrating, and even occasionally comical....


The Cost of Winning... And How Good Do We Actually Want to Be?

As we know, John Wall has promised that he will lead the Wizards to the playoffs in the 2011-2012 season. Even if it was a spur of the moment, not so well thought out statement, I am pretty sure...

Crittenton Charged With Murder


Does this make my man Gil seem like the 'good guy' of the incident any more than he did before... When Crittenton was portrayed as the victim of that whole fiasco? UPDATE: Gilbert's response via: Twitter is here. UPDATE: Arenas deleted his tweet, but was able to get a screenshot before he did.

Why the Wizards Could Have a Legit Shot at Getting Dwight Howard


I'm not a big fan of BR. But what do we think about this scenario? I can't decide if it is giving up too much for one of the league's top 5 players. On one hand, we are giving up two of the best prospects in the league(that might be giving Jan too much credit at this point), and a draft pick, and a guy that the league is going to be buzzing over by the end of next season (Crawford). On the other hand, is it possible to give up too much for the best player, far and away, at his position in the league? Starting lineup next year of: PG- John Wall SG- (hopefully, and more likely after this trade) Nick Young SF- Chris Singleton and Turkoglu(a player I actually like) PF- Dray C- Dwight Howard Bench- Booker, Singleton, Mack, Seraphin; not to mention, a much better shot at legitimate FA's.

I know John Wall and Kyrie Irving is no John Wall


KurisuDevil posted this first. I thought it was worth a fan shot.

Will John Wall be changing his number to 11 next season??? His jersey during the uniform unveiling...


Will John Wall be changing his number to 11 next season??? His jersey during the uniform unveiling was his Kentucky number, 11, as shown, rather than his NBA 2. I kinda hope he can wear 11, I still relate 2 to Deshawn Stevenson...


Proud to be a Bullets Fan

The Wizards are having a pretty miserable season this year. We have a total of two wins away from Verizon. We have 18 wins on the year and are yet again watching the standings for the wrong...


It Is Time(with poll)

So there is a bunch of talk around here, of the feeling that this team is beginning to implode. That it is blowing up and some major change might be coming(bye-bye Flip??). However, there is no...

John Wall Voted into All-Star Skills Challenge


Surely the BF community deserves the majority of the credit for voting our Great Wall into the Skills Challenge. I know I voted a solid 50 times, at least.


What Makes Us That Much Better Than Cav's Fans(with Poll)

There has been tons of Gilbert Arenas coverage today, but I just had to put my final thoughts out there. It sucks to see him go. But there is no question, it was time.   And for those who still...


It's All Andray's Fault(ok maybe not EVERYTHING)

So last night's game against the Lakers was a lot of fun to watch. It helped that Nick Young and company were playing outstanding on the offensive end. Were it not for an atrocious first half of...


Are We Forgetting About Gilbert?

So I randomly googled Gilbert Arenas's name earlier and looking through some of the old images brought back some old memories. Some good memories. Gilbert has took a ton of heat over the past 8-10...

Bill Simmons: 2010 NBA Trade Value Column


I thought this was a good read. Kinda long but Bill Simmons will make you laugh. Sneak peek:Has a list of league's 25 worst contracts; #1 on the list and #1 in our hearts, Gilbert himself.

gton Wizards Caron Butler Reportedly Traded to Mavericks for Josh Howard


I don't know how reliable but it seems like it is definitely gonna happen.

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