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Down on the Farm in May


It's been a while since we visited with the Rays minor leaguers, so it seemed like a good idea to see what happened in the minors in the month of May. Monthly samples aren't any more telling in...

2011 MLB Draft: The Change-Up and Draft Strategy


With the big league success of Big Game James and the steady successes of Alex Cobb and Jeremy Hellickson in the minors, I've been thinking a lot about the change-up. Arguably the most undervalued...

Deep Thoughts: The Draft


We're going to be busting out a lot of Draft content today, as well as live blogging the picks tonight at 7 PM, so stick around for the ride. And now, on to Glass and Imperialism (Kevin) to get us...

Having this many high-round picks, is there any burden associated with signing them all? AF: Like I...


Having this many high-round picks, is there any burden associated with signing them all? AF: Like I said, this was something that didn‟t just sneak up on us. We anticipated being in this position and so it‟s something that we‟ve prepared for. As I said in the beginning, it‟s not lost on us how significant this process is for us and our future success and so we‟re prepared to do what we need to do. I‟m very confident that with the guys who actually want to go out and start their pro careers we‟ll be in a position to sign all of them.

Rays Pre-Draft Press Release Good stuff. That is great to here, and it makes me feel good about the potential for a new record in the draft. There's more good stuff in here, so check it out...

Part Two of a Power Tome


College "1-toolers" are seemingly safe picks. Easy signs with limited upside that have a decent shot to contribute, they are seemingly the more Juan Pierre approach to drafting power (rarely...

A Tome on Draft Power, In Two Parts


Chicks dig the long ball. -NL Pitchers (1969-2012) Unfortunately for "chicks," power is down across baseball, and particularly down with the Rays and their farm teams. As such, I'm hoping the...

Minor League Quick Hitter 4/12/11


We're almost a week in to the MiLB season, and every starter that's healthy and in full season ball has made their first star. As I mentioned in my pre-season post about things that most intrigued...

Fun with selective endpoints!


"Did you know? Only two teams have begun the season 0-5 and made the playoffs! It's, like, math and stuff!"

This is the pitch speed for Russell's work today. That velo looks great (as high as 93.9 and...


This is the pitch speed for Russell's work today. That velo looks great (as high as 93.9 and sitting at 93 MPH). This should put to rest any concerns about velo or injury that some had. Link

Moore with four no-hit innings Matt Moore had a "decent" start Monday, throwing four no-hit...


Moore with four no-hit innings Matt Moore had a "decent" start Monday, throwing four no-hit innings and striking out 10 in an intrasquad game. The Triple-A guys only put two balls in play: a Desmond Jennings flyout in the first and a Justin Ruggiano groundout in the fourth. Moore walked one.

http://stacylong.blogspot.com/ Looks like the AAA lineup was pretty legit too with Anderson, Chrinos, Jennings, Carter, Kotchman, and Felipe Lopez. Kid's a stud.

ZIPs Projections for wOBA in the AL East

After a spirited discussion in today's GDT about the relative strength of the AL East teams' offenses, I put together a few tables to try to make some sense of it. I used Zips projections and...

Here Comes the Sun


People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.  ~Rogers Hornsby If you were to ask my loved ones or friends,...


Final Draft Order Set

With the Rays signing Felipe Lopez to an MiLB deal, the 2011 Rule IV draft order is set. From Baseball America: First Round  1. Pirates  2. Mariners  3. Diamondbacks  4. O...

Rays To Sign Felipe Lopez


"The Rays agreed to sign infielder Felipe Lopez to a minor league deal that includes an invitation to Spring Training, according to ESPNDeportes' Enrique Rojas (on Twitter). Lopez will earn $1MM if he makes the Major League roster and can earn another $1MM in incentives, according to Rojas. Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times reported yesterday that the sides were close to a deal." Sorry Sox. Consider this Shouse retribution...

Defensive Projections 2011


"I’ve run my defensive projections for 2011 using UZR as the primary input data source. For a general feel for the methodology read this post. A couple changes from last year Instead of using the average FSR for bins of players I’m using the FSR converted to runs as found on Fangraphs as my scouting component number. I took into account multiple positions this year. I used the Fangraphs standard position adjustments to convert all UZR values from all positions to a player’s primary position. As mentioned, this set of data is run with UZR as the primary data input. Over the next few weeks/month I’ll be running the same process with DRS as an input, TZ as an input, and an average as an input. I’ll post those files as they become available." Couple this with ZIPs or whathaveyou and Sandy's WAR calculator to play with some team projections for next year.

Prospect Smackdown: Chris Archer vs. Trey McNutt


Sickles takes a look at the two RHP prospects. The reviews on Archer look good.

Johnny Damon, Depth, and the Manny/Vlad Scenario


My first thought upon hearing of the Rays signing Johnny Damon was a bit chagrined. "MANNY'S STILL AVAILABLE!" rang through my head. The more I thought about it, the more I think that the Rays...

A Look at Kyle Farnsworth


When first encountered with the news we had signed Kyle Farnsworth my initial reaction was "Ugh." Then I started to warm up as I looked closer in to his numbers, read what some bright folks around...

Trevor Hoffman Retires


This ensures the Rays a higher selection for a few picks as the Brewers had a worse record, so the comp. pick would have been above our's. Not a surprise at all, to me anyway, but still good to see.

Padres, Jason Bartlett Agree To Two-Year Deal


"The Padres avoided arbitration with Jason Bartlett and agreed to sign him to a two-year deal, the team announced. The sides agreed to an $11MM deal, according to MLB.com's Corey Brock and Bernie Wilson of the AP has the details on the LSW Baseball client (Twitter links). Bartlett earns $4MM in 2011, $5.5MM in 2012 and either $5.5MM or a $1.5MM buyout in 2013." Congrats to Bartlett. Hopefully he plays well and earns the $5.5 in 2012. Nice for a seemingly great guy and good player to get a nice payday.

Joel Peralta is...Dan Wheeler


Per Buster Olney, the Rays have agreed to terms with Joel Peralta. Peralta's been a big league reliever since 2005. He had his best season of his career last year posting ERA / FIP / xFIP of 2.02 /...

Rays reported to sign Joel Peralta


Have more on it in a bit, but it looks like we signed Joel Peralta for $900k.


2012 Free Agent Starting Pitcher Class

With news that the Phils inked Lee, the Yanks have to be scrambling to figure out what to do with their rotation. It seems a trade might be a must because here's a look at the 2012 FA SP class:  ...

UPDATED: Padres deal for shortstop still on hold

It appears the holdup on the Padres-Rays trade for shortstop Jason Bartlett is the physical condition of one of the pitchers involved in the deal, Adam Russell or Cesar Ramos. A source said Tampa Bay wanted to get a second opinion on one of the pitchers after conducting an initial physical. The problem is not believed to be serious, but there are no guarantees the deal will go through as originally agreed upon. Not sure why none of the local papers have word on this, but it seems as though there was an issue in the physicals. Rays getting a second opinion.

I Hate to See You Go, But I Love to Watch 'em Leave


In the past week, there has been a persistent teeth-gnashing in the Bay Area (and abroad) about the departures of Ray favorites Carlos Pena, Jason Bartlett, Carl Crawford, and (to a lesser extent)...


Blast from the Past

I was debating with someone about the Royals system and how it stacks up against the Rays 2008 system, so I pulled up Sickles' top 20 with notables. It's insane. I'm sure there are...

Joel Sherman is an Idiot


Joel Sherman says the Rays' "fantasyland" of competing in the AL East is coming to an end because of what's transpired in the past few weeks. Just more know-nothing spouting from an idiot, north-eastern sportswriter. Here's one example of how dumb he is: "Tampa Bay felt that $6 million-plus was too much to pay for Jason Bartlett, and traded him to Pittsburgh." Umm... bro, your job is writing about baseball. Please know what the hell your talking about when you spew your trash. I hate all these entitled morons that spew trite BS about why their teams are great, but don't actually know the facts or have any analytical ability. Why does this moron have a job? Because he can fellate agents the best?

I couldn't help but think of this all day...


I couldn't help but think of this all day...


OTTOTD 12/8/10: A Fireside Chat with Matthan's Favorite Player, O's DH Luke Scott

DB: You don't think that Obama wasn't born in the United States, do you? LS: He was not born here. DB: [Sighs]. LS: That's my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born...

SPTimesRays #Rays will tender Bartlett, if there was any question. They won't tender Navarro....


SPTimesRays #Rays will tender Bartlett, if there was any question. They won't tender Navarro. Questions are Cormier, Aybar, D. Johnson, Howell Update: SPTimesRays #Rays re-sign INF Furmaniak, RHP De los santos, LHP Swindle; confirm signings of INF Canzler and RHP Wade to minor-league deals

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