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alltime favorite kings lineup .Jason Williams 2.Kevin Martin 3.Mitch Richmond 4.Brian Grant 5.Vlade Divac Off the bench- Vernon Maxwell, Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, Webber, Keon Clark, Bibby, Peja Cheeleaders-John Barry, Mateen Cleaves, Hedo Turkaglu, and Donte Greene

Also like the SF Giants(admittedly a Barry Bonds fan) and the 49ers and to a lesser extent i root for the Oakland teams. I understand why people from SF and Oakland cant root for the other team but being from Sactoe, the eastbay v sf hate is foreign(i even lived in SF for a short while and couldnt find it within myself to partake in the rivallry). They are both my home teams and they play in different divisions, it's been over 20 years since there was a meaningful game played between these 4 franchises.


A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAB UC Davis Aggies
  • Golf Kevin Sutherland
  • NASCAR No thank you.
  • Boxing mike tyson
  • Cycling Drug free ones...pot is okay
  • Tennis Americans in general
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