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alltime favorite kings lineup .Jason Williams 2.Kevin Martin 3.Mitch Richmond 4.Brian Grant 5.Vlade Divac Off the bench- Vernon Maxwell, Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, Webber, Keon Clark, Bibby, Peja Cheeleaders-John Barry, Mateen Cleaves, Hedo Turkaglu, and Donte Greene

Also like the SF Giants(admittedly a Barry Bonds fan) and the 49ers and to a lesser extent i root for the Oakland teams. I understand why people from SF and Oakland cant root for the other team but being from Sactoe, the eastbay v sf hate is foreign(i even lived in SF for a short while and couldnt find it within myself to partake in the rivallry). They are both my home teams and they play in different divisions, it's been over 20 years since there was a meaningful game played between these 4 franchises.


A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAB UC Davis Aggies
  • Golf Kevin Sutherland
  • NASCAR No thank you.
  • Boxing mike tyson
  • Cycling Drug free ones...pot is okay
  • Tennis Americans in general
User Blog

The Bandwagon Cam, make it happen VIVEK.


"Q: I’m sure you heard that the Washington Professional Basketball Team put Miami Heat fans on a "Bandwagon Cam" at the game in DC tonight. I cannot tell you how happy this made me. My question is simple: Why doesn’t every other arena in the NBA do this??? —Clark Gerber, Provo, UT SG: I’m demanding it. People running the video screens for the other 28 teams — let’s get this done. You see Heat fans or Thunder fans at your arena in good seats, you throw them on the Bandwagon Cam during a timeout. Just do it. It will be a bigger hit than the Kiss Cam. (Thinking.) Actually, nothing will ever be a bigger hit than the Kiss Cam. ABC should just stop launching new shows and broadcast the Kiss Cam in prime time for 10 hours a week. What would you rather watch — a new drama starring Christian Slater and Steve Zahn, or the Kiss Cam?"

We Don't Get the Disrespect We Deserve


"That simple exercise applied to the Charlotte Bobcats raises some thorny questions about the past, present, and future of the NBA's resident punch line — a struggling, small-market franchise only now emerging from a morass of bad draft picks, questionable trades, management confusion, sad lottery luck, and a teardown that has lasted longer than a Hank Schrader bowel movement." How is this not about the Kings? Will someone please show us our due disrespect, weve earned it by now.

Carmichael Dave is back


1140 "will launch a new Sports Talk morning show with longtime radio host Keith Brooks and the return of Carmichael Dave inside the KHTK studios."

#FTM shirt


My buddy Alvin is starting a custom shirt business and this is the first one he made. I figured there might be some people here interested in getting one as well, if you are his email is

Kelly Dwyer wants Tyreke back


Good piece on the events that have caused Tyreke to regress or at least not improve and he offers ways in which he can and should improve. "It appears as if the onus is on Evans. He's made mistakes before, but he knows what's up … right? Turn 23, turn the whole thing around? Maybe work a give and go? Maybe make it so not every score has to come either from his right hand or off of one of his assists? Perhaps look at another 6-5 Sacto legend, in Mitch Richmond, that used footwork and touch (and, at times, a well-placed rear-wheeled bump to the defender) to pile up the points and respect? A lot would have to take place, and all of it (sadly) would end up being quite surprising. The in-house guy, Keith Smart, would have to take an outsider's tone. And Evans would have to significantly reverse things. It's a tall, though do-able, order. We'd love to see it. And Sacramento Kings fans, after seven years of nonsense, deserve as much. Tyreke Evans' potential, after just as many years between his amateur and professional turn, does as well."

I know tyreke fills the statline but i couldnt help but think of him when i read this Abbot piece...


I know tyreke fills the statline but i couldnt help but think of him when i read this Abbot piece because I can never decide if what he does actually helps the team. I love watching the kid and i hope he can make similar progressions that Abbot claims DRose made. He'll never be DRose but maybe he can learn how to influence the game in more than just one way. Heres Abbot: When most of us watch basketball, we watch the ball. That's normal -- that's where the action is -- especially if you're watching for entertainment, as opposed to scouting your next opponent. But any scout will tell you us ball-watchers are poorly equipped to judge who is really playing well. I asked David Thorpe this morning for some examples of things you miss when just watching the ball and he asked "how many do you want?" Within seconds he was rattling off: What did the perimeter players do to get open? How are the bigs handling their crucial away-from-the-play duties? All the work that goes into offensive rebounding before the shot is even released. and Scoring's the main thing people do with the ball. People who do a lot of it will always have vehement fans in the stands. But are they actually helping their team with that scoring? Depends how much it cost in lost opportunities. As a rookie, Derrick Rose scored a ton, but didn't help his team much 'cause he missed quite a bit, played so-so defense and didn't get to the line very often. To the naked eye, and by looking for great scoring moments, Rose played similarly last season. But to scouts and advanced stats, his game had progressed immensely -- now he is clearly helping his team, thanks to stuff that you might not notice just watching the ball.

A Good Read on Spurs Fandom from Grantland


Really good article that reminded me of some of the stuff ive read here, thought some of you might enjoy. "If this is my only game of the season, I might as well sit really close.' There is nothing more empowering than the feeling of descending down aisles and aisles of seats. Your face makes the 'I don't belong here' grin. You wish you could build a time machine and tell your younger self that one day, it will all be OK, you will sit in the seats that you dreamed of. Then you feel like an a-hole, and realize some dude just scammed your inner child for mad bank on StubHub just because you are that à la carte consumer who has expendable income to waste on sports tickets."

Now for some humor, Quincy Douby was Poached?!?!?


Glass has shown a willingness to defend himself in situations like these. After he lost Kings guard Quincy Douby as a client in 2007, he was awarded $40,000 in damages from agent Andy Miller because he was found guilty of "interfering with a contractual relations claim" -- otherwise known in the industry as "poaching." Read more:


random thought unrelated to the kings

 i heard cuban joke that oklahoma city should join a division with houston, san antonio, and dallas called the "dustbowl division" which made me laugh and also got me thinking that the northwest...


David Thorpe's Rookie Watch

Thompson was ranked 17th on Thorpes projection of top rookies in a list that included  Greg Oden, Rudy  Fernandez, and Marc Gasol .Also ahead of Thompson were Courtney Lee, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon...


Mariotti takes shot at sacramento in his column.

just thought id share- While discussing  D'Antoni going to the Knicks instead of the Bulls, Mariotti attacks Reinsdorf by saying, "Since when did we become Sacramento?"  I dont know if he's...


Reggie stop talking to the media

I dont care if Reggie won more games than musselman did or that he didnt develop Hawes, Douby, and Williams more what i care about is his mistreatment of his players in the media.  He repeatedly...

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