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Vote for Russ!


Wooden award fan voting. Vote every day from now through March 23.


WTF is that gif?

I was fascinated by this gif which appeared in the comments thread of the Matz Stockman video. I didn't want to hijack that thread so I thought I'd move this to a separate FanPost. OK, I...


My computer didn't hate the Cards' bye week

Most of the computer rankings used by the BCS aren't published this early in the season, and with good reason. There isn't enough interlinking of schedules via common opponents for a prejudice-free...



Yes, I'm shouting. Nissan is running an ad on Yahoo's college football front page that says: NISSAN HAS ONE OFFICIAL VOTE. And they're giving it to you, the fans. Cast your vote for the...

ESPN's Adelson: Tom Jurich is Louisville's MVP


The college sports calendar is on the verge of flipping to the next season, so it seems appropriate to reflect on the season that was. Undoubtedly, there has been no bigger story in collegiate athletics than Louisville over the past year. But you will never hear the man running the athletic department say that. Tom Jurich uses words like "magical" to describe the incredible run of success the Cardinals had in 2012-13, punctuated by an impending move to the ACC, as if outside forces pulled invisible strings to get Louisville where it is....

Is this baby a CCer?


Pantsless baby photobombs the Rockets' post-game show. He's got to be a Chronicloid in training.


Synchronizing Paul Rogers with the TV: Macintosh edition

So you hate listening to Clark Kellogg, and you'd rather listen to Paul Rogers while watching the game; but when you do, the audio is always ahead of the picture. I promised a few days ago to post...

USA Today: UofL is the Miami Heat of college hoops


"Louisville cannot lose. Not just because they are too good, but because they have too much at stake. That is a lot of pressure, but the Cardinals have embraced it."


Makeshift Open Thread for the Sunday games

It seems the strain of covering 40 games in three days has done our fearless leader in, so maybe we can use a fanpost as a surrogate for the open thread until he gets the official one going. Here...

CCBM Live On Stage!


Just before the BET Finals tipped off, I had a chance to show off my fanhood - and my CCBM - and get in a dig a Duke fans in the process.

Holy Falling Off a Cliff, Batman!


What happened to our confidence?

Smith Earns National Academic Momentum Award


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- University of Louisville guard Russ Smith has been honored with a 2013 Academic Momentum Award, as presented by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports and the Scholar Baller program.

Not looking good for Hurtt


"They are pretty much throwing everything at him," the source said of Hurtt. "They have him on essentially everything that was brought to the attention of the NCAA, some of which has been publicly known because of (Shapiro) but there are some other things that did not involve Shapiro that they're charging him with."



Sources say that joining the SEC is the reason why Brian Kelly decided not to join the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. "Brian wants to take on the SEC and… dominate. That’s why he’s staying at Notre Dame," a source close to Kelly said.


Where's the Michigan-Ohio State open thread?

Ohio State us up 24-6 as I begin to write this. Let's see what the score is by the time I reach 75 words. I watched the John Calipari show this morning and it was sad, funny and sickening all at...

UofL team buses decorated for the Sugar Bowl


UofL team buses decorated for the Sugar Bowl


A Cardinal Christmas Carol

Mike asked for it, now you can all suffer through it. Words by me, music by John Lennon. So now I can say I co-wrote a song with John. Cool, huh? Sorry for the auto-play; I couldn't figure out how...


Card Chronicle Meet-Up in New Orleans

OK, Chronicloids, I know we're all focused on December 29 right now; but by the time that's over, there won't be time to give this justice. Those of us going to the Sugar Bowl (and I assume that's...


Ten signs you might be a Card Chronicle addict

There are many signs of being a Chronicloid, for example, being able to recite the story of how Austin Montgomery got Bryce Cotton a scholarship to Providence or knowing that any reference to "the...

CBS preview of UConn @ UofL


Teddy Bridgewater - "he's as steady as they come..." Is this a new nickname? Steady Teddy?

Why Bullet left


For very personal reasons, the former Eastern Kentucky high school hoops folk hero says the decision to give up a spot on a team that could easily be the next NCAA champ was not a hard one.

''We had a chance to finish right there,'' linebacker Sam Barrington said. ''It's crazy because...


''We had a chance to finish right there,'' linebacker Sam Barrington said. ''It's crazy because there were two minutes left in the game, and I'm sitting there confident because God finally blessed us and helped us win. Now I'm talking on the other end, and we lost the game. It's definitely tough.''

God obviously hates you, Sam. source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/no-16-louisville-edges-south-230645236--ncaaf.html;_ylt=Ap_Y3P3mZSa4B4u.92kN6RiP1LYF

Gripes about the new format

  1. What's with the grey links in comments? Also the grey links in FanShot and FanPost lists? The point of making links a different color is to highlight them, not to hide them.
  2. What happened to the "Discussion" FanShot? Having to put this into a list is annoying.
  3. Especially when I can't see more than about 25 characters of each list item.
  4. I've said I could deal with it, but it's annoying that I can't use the browser's search command to find front-page articles, as well as fanposts and fanshots, that have new comments.
  5. There ought to be a place for readers to comment on the new format, so SBNation and site managers can find out what people think of the new format. Also, "List" fanshots ought to allow more than five items per list.

Bozich notes unsold seats, doesn't mention that they're returned from Mo St


Rick Bozich mentions in his article today that Louisville has 3,000 unsold seats for teh Missouri State game. Um, Rick, aren't those tickets that were returned from Missouri State? My prediction: they'll all be sold by Saturday.

Funniest play of the year happened on the first Saturday


This has nothing to do with UofL, but it's too funny not to share. Kent State punts to Towson, but the receiver muffs. Kent State recovers the live ball on the Towson 5 yard line - and returns it 65 yards to their own 30. What's worse, Towson tackles the dude instead of letting him go all the way for a safety.

Maybe we talk too much about Big Blue around here?


Maybe we talk too much about Big Blue around here?

Angel McCoughtry helps USA put away pesky Croatia


Angel was a key player in turning this game around. Heavily favored USA struggled until Geno Auriemma put Angel in during the 3rd quarter. Angel wound up scoring 13, all in the second half, as Team USA pulled away late to win by 15.

Off topic, but this kind of sportsmanship deserves recognition. West Liberty-Salem runner Meghan...


Off topic, but this kind of sportsmanship deserves recognition. West Liberty-Salem runner Meghan Vogel helps carry struggling Arlington runner Arden McMath, who had collapsed just short of the finish line at the DIII 3200 meter race at the OHSAA state track meet at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus on June 2, 2012. The West Liberty-Salem athlete finished first in the 1600 meter race earlier in the day. She was running in last place in the 3200 meter race when she approached her opponent struggling to pick herself up from the track on the home stretch. Without hesitation, she scooped her competitor up and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. As the crowd roared, the incredible sportsmanship continued to the finish line...

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