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Visions Of 2008: An Analog For FSU's 2012 Offensive Line?

Visons of 2008? What to expect from FSU's 2012 Offensive Line in comparison to its 2008 predecessor. Age and size may portend a better fate for 2012.

Maryland to hold walk-on tryouts 2 days after the season starts


Per WNST - Baltimore Sports AM1570 - Maryland is looking for walk-ons on September 3rd. They have a game on September 1st. You now have your choice of ACC Atlantic or Coastal divisions to apparently walk-on quite easily. Remember, you have 5 years to play 4 from the first day you walk in to a class.

5 (or so) Things: Dog Days of Summer


5 (or so) more things you might not know about the 2007--2011 Florida State Seminoles.

FSU Football Kicks Off In 22 Days: Offensive Lineman Jacob Fahrenkrug

With 22 days until Florida State football, Tomahawk Nation takes a look at backup offensive lineman Jacob Fahrenkrug. ACC Atlantic - 2012 (Sneak) Preview


"...But even with a healthy quarterback and a nightmarish D, the Seminoles won’t be turning any corners without a leap forward from the offensive line, a unit so inconsistent and besieged by injuries by the end of the year that it was forced to conscript four true freshmen into the starting lineup for the bowl game." Do you agree with the FO assessment of FSU? Clemson? Worth the $5.00, IMO ($12.50 for NFL & College). Check them out

The benefits of college athletic success: An application of the propensity score design with instrumental variables

"We find that winning reduces acceptance rates and increases donations, applications, academic reputation, in-state enrollment, and incoming SAT scores." Warning: This is an academic paper, not some HuffPo article.

Vegas Win Totals

ACC Florida State 10.5 (-210u) Virginia Tech 9.5 (-150u) Clemson 8.5 (-140o) North Carolina 7.5 (-130o) Georgia Tech 7.5 (-125o) North Carolina State 7.5 (-120) Miami 6.5 (-125o) 10.5 is the highest of any team. Five teams are at 10.5 – LSU, Alabama, USC, Oregon and Florida State.

Diane Andrews, wife of FSU-great defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, passes after a long battle...


Diane Andrews, wife of FSU-great defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, passes after a long battle with cancer.

I never knew her personally, but we respect immensely Mickey Andrews for his commitment to his profession of college football and Florida State University. Thoughts and prayers are due a man who has endured much these last few years. Florida State athletic director Randy Spetman released a statement: "We have lost a member of our Seminole family today. Diane was a special person whose love and caring touched us all including hundreds of student-athletes. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mickey and their family." Diane was, according to those who knew her or even who met her, however briefly, a woman of incredible kindness and class. To the players Mickey coached for 30+ years, she was known as 'Mrs. Diane,' and a quick scan of their emotions via Twitter and Facebook reveals the incredible and lasting reach she had. RIP.

Florida State Win Prediction Poll - Pre-Summer Practice 2012


FSU Win Prediction Polls - Pre-Summer Practice. Clearly need-of-the-hour stuff here.

NFL must-read on 2 TE sets


#salivate. This is what I'm talking about. I love being multiple in terms of formation, but 12 personnel is effectively multiple in of itself, given the personnel out there combined with potential pre-snap motion. FSU definitely will want to get its elite WR corps on the field this year, undoubtedly. But it is hard to pass up the schematic advantage of having a decent blocking TE (Hicks) and elite H-back (NOL) in an Ace (TE right & left), Tight wing (2 TE right/left), or H-back (1 TE on line; 2nd off, usually motion-able). Very hard to match-up schematically against. DC leaves 7 in the box? You may have #'s to one side - or at the very least 1x1 -You always have numbers with a running QB (tx, BenDNole) and you are free to move about the cabin. Put 8 in the box? Deep comebacks ought to get you big chunks of yards. Or I believe we may have a WR or two that could get open on a post. And NOL will probably have a LB on him. I'll take that match-up. Also, makes the successful recruiting this guy ( a coveted asset.

5 Things: "It's Only June?" Edition


Needs more stats? Needs more stats. 5 things from 2011 FSU fans can rejoice and fret over heading into the 2012 seasons.

2nd-And-Manageable: A Look At 2nd Year BCS DCs


Florida State has shown the biggest turnaround over the last two years amongst teams that have 2nd year DCs.

New 'lost helmet' rule will create gray-area challenge for officials, coaches, players "

1. If a player’s helmet comes off during live play, he must leave the game for at least one play. 2. When a ball-carrier’s helmet comes off, the play is immediately whistled dead. 3. If a player who is not carrying the ball loses his helmet, he must immediate cease participation in the play (no tackling, blocking, etc.). Officials are given some ‘gray area’ jurisdiction over the time when the helmet is lost and a player stops participation. ‘Prolonged’ continued participation is punishable by a 15-yard penalty. No more 3-out-of-4 snaps fastened. This is going to burn FSU big time, mark my words.

2007-2011 FBS Adjusted Sacks Allowed


Does your CFB team give up a lot of sacks compared to the amount of passes attempted? Find out in a 2007-2011 look at FBS Adjusted Sacks Allowed.

Mickey Andrews brings heavy heart to Springtime Tallahassee parade | Tallahassee Democrat |


Seminole fans around the nation realize that part of Bobby's dynasty years at Florida State can be directly attributed to Mickey Andrews, whose fearless styles of penetrating defenses took over a decade to be schematically combated. Now's our turn to get after it. Mickey has asked that well-wishers lift Diane up in prayer.

University of Miami Football Team Advertising For "Any Student That Is At Least 6'1 And 230+ Pounds" - Miami News - Riptide 2.0

Tom Deahn, UM's director of football operations, also insisted that recruiting by fliers does not mean UM doom. "We used to do that at Maryland and Temple," Deahn told me. "We're just trying to find linemen walk-ons. You get all the skilled guys the traditional way, and you fill your other needs this way." Advertising for walk-ons - even if only for the scout team - at a school with 5 national titles shows the catastrophe Coker, Shannon, & Shapiro left at Miami. Golden desperately wants to instill a blue-collar ethic into the UM onfield culture. It's a northern steel-worker ideal from a Penn-Stater. But can this B1G approach work in the ACC? On the surface, it looks like it very well could. The ceiling for such an approach is probably a BC circa mid-2000's team with better skill position talent. But the on-field culture change is just the tip-of-the-iceberg. The biggest issue isn't changing on-field team, but an off-field SoFla culture which embraces a non-squealing Nevin Shapiro. Perhaps this is no major thing; most schools advertise walk-on tryouts in some shape or form. But show me a major program that advertises for offensive linemen during its spring practice, and then I'll recant.

2011 FBS Adjusted Sacks Allowed


2011 FBS Adjusted Sacks Allowed. See where your team ranks.

Recruiting: FSU more than held its own against national power Alabama


Recruiting: FSU more than held its own against national power Alabama in the 2012 cycle.


ESPN 97.9 the new home for Jeff Cameron

@Corey_Clark: Just got word Jeff Cameron will be back on the air in Tallahassee on Aug. 1. When he starts new job at 97.9 ESPN Radio.

Final 2011 FEI Rankings: Offense 54th, Defense 10th


Alabama's 2010 final defensive rank was 16th. They returned 9 starters in for this past 2011 championship season. Their final defensive rank: #1. FSU finishes 2011 ranked 10th defensively. And they should return roughly 9 starters for the 2012 season... Remember this is FEI, just 1/2 of the F/+ system. We expect the other half, and thus the final, soon.

"It's likely that #Noles will start 4 true frosh on the OL vs. ND in the @ChampsSportsBwl: Matias...


"It's likely that #Noles will start 4 true frosh on the OL vs. ND in the @ChampsSportsBwl: Matias (LG), Barron (C), Jackson (RG), Hart (RT)." --Brandon Mellor,

Stork at C; Krug at LG; Faircloth at RG. Started the UF game, most likely will not against Notre Dame. That is a very, very low amount of combined starts. With such inexperience, we could see as many - if not more - missed assignments against ND than we did versus UF. I don't speak for Bud here, but I think that the two Japanese groundskeepers from Major League might have an apt assessment of our offense for us.

5 Things, Bowl Edition: Notre Dame & Florida State

  1. Both defenses are efficient at limiting sustained drives: Notre Dame ranks 25th in 3rd down successes against (35.09%); FSU, 18th (33.88%).
  2. Neither offense is that explosive. ND is 56th nationally in 20+ yard big plays on offense (54). FSU is 45th (58).
  3. Both defenses are decent at stopping the big play. Notre Dame ranks #4 nationally in limiting 20+ yard big plays against (32). FSU is 6th (34).
  4. Gotta love @BillConnelly1's covariance work ( FSU Offense blew out bad defenses, laid down against good defenses; and stout against all offenses faced.
  5. Accordingly, ND played down to a few of the lesser defenses and offenses it faced, but not glaringly so.

NCAA FBS adjusted TFLs (pre-bowl)


NCAA FBS adjusted TFLs (pre-bowl). Is your offense that bad, or are the defenses you've faced just that good?

Mark Stoops staying [TDO]


Well, it appears the drama has come to an end. Clearly, Stoops understands that next year's defense will make him quite famous and that leaving to rebuild another team - while lucrative - would delay his HC aspirations. Stoops is also smart to want no part of the power struggle between Jacobs and Dye currently being waged on the plains. -Bud 5:30pm Update - Ira Schoeffel reporting that Stoops will be given a raise. More to follow.

Odds and Ends || Week 8: Maryland || Turpitude


Maryland vs. FSU: Two teams that ought to be better than they are. But may not be.

Odds and Ends || Week 7: at Duke || Got the Blues...


FSU at Duke. And not the basketball game.

Study Hall: Wake Forest 35, Florida State 30 - Football Study Hall


Accurate and insightful. 21 points in TOs from the FSU offense. FSU should have lost by 30 points based on advanced metrics.

Odds and Ends || Week 6: at Wake Forest || For Bettors or Worse


Odds and Ends || Week 6: at Wake Forest || For Betters or Worse. Why is the line on FSU @ Wake moving to Wake?

Odds and Ends || Week 5: Bye Week || Getting Defensive


Reflections on FSU's defense. Message to fans: Maintain.

Odds and Ends || Week 4: Clemson Tigers ||


Odds and Ends || Week 4: Clemson Tigers || Offensive Odds and Defensive Ends

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