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Free Throws....


Indy shot more, shot a higher percentage and outrebounded Miami...and lost by 12. Another reason jump shooting teams are disadvantaged by the league. LMA and Lillard have to be better at drawing free throws to win!



New analysis method from ESPN. LA looks good, Batum and Wes not so much. Could this be telling us what we aready knew, but didn't have proof?

Barton over Wright


Wright is +8 and having a great shooting night, Barton's shot is off and he is -14...what is Stotts doing?



Could Granger be an offseason target? His age and injury history should keep his cost down and Philly is certainly not expecting to keep him after the season (heck I wonder if they will talk about a buy-out). He is older, but he fits Stott's system to a 'T'. Good off the bench guy?

Trade option?


Second unit needs some help. His January numbers are bad but that means his value drops too. Maybe he can be had for cheap?


Is it really that crazy?

To think the Blazers have a shot at DWill. I know it isn't likely, but from a basketball perspective it might be his best option.



I'm sitting here in Denver watching the Denver v Houston game and, ball movement, player movement, young guys getting serious minutes and overachieving....basically, everything the...


Will Gerald be coming back?

This year has seemingly been defined by the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the team. Dominate Atlanta, beat OKC, vs losses to Detroit and Washington...or just look at the home vs. away record. Wallace...


The real problem with Felton

Felton's failure to secure the starting spot as the PGotF becomes a huge problem for the long term development of this team as a championship contender. The team already has big questions at the...


If not Greg...who?

Presuming the team does not blow it up and start over the team is in need of a defensive minded center that they can pair with LMA. Greg (if he can ever get healthy) is th best option for this...


How much is too much

Wow, another swing and miss for the front office...this is becoming a pattern. I hope they truly do have something planned for Greg beyond the simple 1.5 mil...otherwise they are 0-3 (maybe 1-4...


So Nolan?

Nate feels that Nolan is pg? All the guy seems to do is put up shots, bad shots, shots not in the flow of the offense, ignoring open players...and Nate thinks this guy is a pg. Man, if you have a...


a little comparison

By my math, Nate thinks that Wes Matthews is at least 30% a better player than Nic Batum. Which is odd, because so far this year Nic is out shooting Wes Money, out rebounding him, and out blocking...


If not Felton...

Then who. I read a lot about Felton's skill set and while he have been frustrating at times this season he is still playing like a starting pg in this league. He isn't an all-star, but he can...


Nic as 8th Man?

Recently, Nate (in all his glorious wisdom) has decided that Nic is our 8th man, and thus worthy of less than 20 mins a game. This has to be really frustrating for our favorite Frenchman after...


Just say no

To Jamal Crawford that is...Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, free agency hasn't even started yet, but I don't think Crawford pushes this team over the hump.  Great NW story, and a good player. ...


not the time to play it safe

Nolan Smith was the safe pick, no way around it.  His skill set (shooting, pg skills, defense) is average and his experience makes him bankable.  He's a backup point guard, sorry Nate, who doesn't...


Time to move the Euros?

I know it comes up every year, and maybe I missed the post about this already this year...but maybe this is the year to cash in on these Euro players? Freeland wants playing time and would like to...


Nic Fits

A lot of discussion has revolved around Nic Batum, trade bait, ceiling...whatever. here is a discussion about why the Nic of today is a good fit for this team and shouldn't be moved unless they get...


dead horse...or not

Strange as this may sound, I wonder if Devin Harris to the Blazers could happen. Utah has two picks in this draft, and the mocks that I have seen show them picking a pg-type at either spot (3 or...


The case against Faried

So Kennent Faried has been listed in multiple mock drafts as the guy the Blazers draft.While Faried has shown many positive qualities, I offer this humble rebuttal.Faried's main skill that will...


Value of the Euro(s)

With a lockout looming and the team in need of mini rebuild, is now the time to move these assets?  The Blazers currently have need for depth at the 2, 3, and 5.  Which just so happens to be...


Time is now

For Cho to do something.  Either trade to get better now, or trade to get better in the future.  With two draft picks this year, cash reserves, and young talent to move (Fernandez, Babbit,...


To Roy...Or Not to Roy

Hopefully this isn't really a question, but with this group in management...who knows.   It would seem obvious that building around Roy is a foolish investment for the team to make, but if you...

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