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On Ryan Hanigan, and an Author's Shortcomings


That one time I pretended to be something I was most clearly not.

Joey Votto and the Top 100


The last player to ever wear #19 in Cincinnati.

Jay Bruce and the Top 100


Entering the prime years.

Bronson Arroyo and the Top 100


Arroyo cracks the list just in time to say good-bye.

Johnny Cueto and the Top 100


Kicking off the first annual oblique muscle donation drive. Won't you please give?

Ryan Hanigan and the Top 100


A tough year for our favorite tough guy.

Aroldis Chapman and the Top 100


The most enjoyable player to watch on the team, hands down.

Mr. Choo and the Top 100


Nice trade, Walt. Now do it again.

Todd Frazier and the Top 100


You know who's not on the top100 list? Bryce Harper, that's who!

Mike Leake and the Top 100


Baseball season is officially over, so whaddya say we update Red Reporter's All-Time Reds list?

Dusty's Legacy


It turned out a lot better than it was supposed to.

The last 18 games are dead, man


PSA: drink bleach til you forget September.

The Urgency of Now


There will be stories, heroes, and goats to emerge from the 2013 pennant race, and we likely won't recognize most of them until it's all over.

Hurtling Towards Chaos


In six weeks, probability tells us, the Reds will be in a one-game playoff. Better stock up on Pepto now...

Trudging through Drudgery


It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

Getting lost in the shuffle


It's a long season, as you know. This simple fact obscures some obvious truths.

This story is about the last 18 games played by th


Can't hit? No problem. Can't pitch? Can I interest you in a relief role?

2013 Reds Rotation Really Ranks


This team's starting staff seems to be pretty solid, but did you know just how solid? You didn't, did you? What a disappointment you are, so very unlike the Reds rotation...

LeProblem: LeCure!


Sam LeCure and other LeNotes on a very hot team.

This team isn't dead, nor dying


The second 18 game stretch produced another ten wins. So why is there so much negativity surrounding the club?

Joey Votto and the all-time Reds


How good is Joey Votto? How far can he go? Where does he rank all-time?

Brandon Phillips keeps on rollin'


Brandon Phillips and the franchise's best second basemen

Jay Bruce moves on up


Jay Bruce is now an official member of the Red Reporter Top 100! How high up? Come see...

Bronson Arroyo and the all-time Reds


Mr. Durable bounces back; where does he rate in the Reds pantheon?

Johnny Cueto, the Top 100, and you


Another great season by Cincy's ace. What does it mean with respect to the list of all-time greats, and why isn't he better appreciated?

Ryan Hanigan and the all-time Reds list


Ryan Hanigan, Johnny Bench, and the Reds pantheon...

The all-time Reds: Drew Stubbs


How far did Stubbs rise in the ranks of the Reds pantheon this year? Or did he drop...?

Updating the Top 100: Scott Rolen


Where does Scott Rolen rank in the Redleg pantheon?

The Tao of Dusty


Looking at the final 18 games of the Reds' 2012 season, with a poorly trained Eastern philosophical bent.

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