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1st Half Clutch Performers


Hey, I want to write something about the first half too! Slyde’s earlier post about the 1st Half Nuxhall Star of the Season got me thinking a bit about one of my favorite "junk stats": WPA...

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 5


Hoping to swing for a home run, the Reds are forced to ask if we’d settle for a double.  In what was the most critical stretch of games Cincinnati has faced to date this year, the Reds...

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 4


Deep breaths, deep breaths.  The Cincinnati Reds, after clawing their way to the top of the division with ferocity, fell a bit back to earth in the last 18 games.  And yet, even this...

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 3


Looking at the Reds performance over the last 18 games.

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 2


See how much happier everyone is when the Reds just take my advice and win some games?  Before we get into this glorious stretch of numbers, I thought I'd open up a bit, and let you know a little...

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 1


  We’re together again!   If you’re new to the site, this is a recurring feature in which I break the season into 18 game capsules, hoping to pull meaning from these semi-arbitrary segments of...

The Anti-Greats: Day 5

The Anti-Great series wraps up on Red Reporter today, including a hypothetical match-up for the ages.

The Anti-Greats: Day 4


Strolling through more bad memories of the anti-greats on Red Reporter. C-Patt, C-Patt, C-Patt!

The Anti-Greats: Day 3


The RR anti-greats hits Day 3. Reap the rewards of The Trade.

The Anti-Greats: Day 2


The RR anti-great list rolls on, with a new batch of five.

The Anti-Greats: Day 1


A new feature begins today on Red Reporter: investigating the worst Reds of all time. Come check it out!

The Greatest Reds: "I don't know how to quit you"

The Greatest Reds series on Red Reporter takes another look at the list, and an alternate approach.

Wrapping up the top 100

If you've followed the top-100 countdown on Red Reporter, please come back as we officially wrap up the project.

The Greatest Reds: #1

Red Reporter celebrates the greatest player in team history today. Come check it out!

The Greatest Reds - #2

Only a pair left in Red Reporter's top-100 countdown. Find out who #2 is, and see if you can guess the top spot.

The Greatest Reds: #3


Red Reporter unveils the 3rd best player in franchise history. Who has 5 of the 10 best Cincy seasons since the end of the dead-ball era?

The Greatest Reds: #4


Red Reporter's #4 player is the embodiment of class. A winner, even when the team wasn't.

The Greatest Reds: #5


Most of Red Reporter's top-100 greatest players involve a good trade somehow. #5 involves one of the worst.

The Greatest Reds: #6


After today, only five remain on Red Reporter's top-100 countdown. It's Big Dog time...

The Greatest Reds: #7


Red Reporter is on lucky number 7 on the franchise countdown. Learn about a trade that involved 3 hall of famers that all went to the Reds...

The Greatest Reds: #8


Red Reporter's top 100 countdown marches on with the #8 player in franchise history--Cincy's best 3rd baseman.

The Greatest Reds: #9


The 9th greatest Red is now up at Red Reporter. Plus, an opportunity to win a bar bet.

The Greatest Reds: #10


Red Reporter unveils the 10th greatest player in franchise history today. Come check it out!

The Greatest Reds: #12 - #11


Who's the best pitcher in Reds history? Find out now on Red Reporter as we stop just shy of the 10 greatest Reds ever.

The Greatest Reds: #14 - #13


Red Reporter's greatest player countdown hits #14-13 with a pair of old-school hurlers.

The Greatest Reds: #16 - #15


Dipping into the top 15 of Red Reporter's top 100 countdown today, with a guy with no sleeves.

The Greatest Reds: #18 - #17


Red Reporter continues the countdown with the 18th and 17th greatest players in team history, including the most exciting player I've ever seen.

The Greatest Reds: #20 - #19


Players 20 and 19 on Red Reporter's top 100 countdown are unveiled today.

The Greatest Reds: #23 - #21


Red Reporter continues the top 100 countdown with #23-#21 today, including the greatest right-fielder in team history.

The Greatest Reds: #26 - #24


Which historical players are Cincy fans thankful for? Find out today as Red Reporter's top 100 countdown cracks the final 25...

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