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I'm a Guest On This Week's Baseball Prospectus Podcast


I posted about our film COLD WEATHER when it was released theatrically back in February: http://www.bucsdugout.com/2011/2/18/2001383/my-movie-cold-weather-opens-in-pittsburgh-today I know a few people expressed interest in checking it out so I just wanted to let everyone know it's now out on DVD and we make an appearance on the podcast to talk about it. Here are a couple reviews to give you a sense of what to expect from it: http://movies.nytimes.com/2011/02/04/movies/04cold-weather.html http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20110310/REVIEWS/110319995 Thanks guys, Brendan

Casey Kotchman Underrated 1B Option?


Of the 'available' bats he has the fourth highest wOBA. Certainly he's not the prototypical corner bat. But he does have a higher Fangraphs WAR than Pena. 2.1 to 0.8.

What it might take to acquire Colby Rasmus


Firstly this is not an advocation for the Pirates to acquire Rasmus. I think it's safe to say Cardinals wouldn't trade him within the NL Central and certainly wouldn't trade him to a team who has even an outside shot at competing for the division title. However there has been discussion about acquiring Rasmus over the last year or so, thus I thought I'd link to this article on ESPN that hints at what the White Sox, who are evidently interested, might have to give up to get him. Reportedly Edwin Jackson or Matt Thornton and a prospect. Of course you don't get a sense of what sort of prospect, which is an important detail.


Has Pedro Made an Adjustment?

I posted this in the game thread, but this might be a more appropriate place for it. 10 for his last 14, as I type this. I don’t want to make too much of a small sample size, but obviously like...


Dejan Says the Pirates Should Acquire a Bat

And has done so repeatedly. But from what I can tell, has yet to go into specifics about what sort of bat they should acquire, how he proposes they should acquire said bat,  and how they'd fit into...


Scott Kazmir?

I don't know enough about what's ailing him (i.e. how much of  his struggles are  mechanical/psychological  vs. a declining skill set),as to have a sense as to whether or not it might be worth...


The Andrew McCutchen All Star Conspiracy

One of the especially irrational posters on Smizik's blog offered the 'theory' that McCutchen was not included on last years All Star roster at the Pirates behest, so to make him less expensive in...


So What if Very Little of the 'Core' is Here when (if) Taillon, etc reach the Majors?

A topic of significant concern on this blog over the last year or so is whether or not players like McCutchen, Alvarez, Tabata, and Walker will still be on the roster when some of the highly touted...


The 'Average Fan' and Sabermetrics

A couple of points in regard to JimiL comments on the previous draft related fanpost. I made them there but realized I'd missed the boat on that thread: 1) The Average Fan - Well, I think it...


"I Find it too time consuming to keep track of Class A Player..."

To each his own. I found it too time consuming to keep track of Class A players, especially when many of them will be weeded out at the next level. --- Bob Smizik h...


My movie 'Cold Weather' Opens in Pittsburgh Today

Hey guys, I'm normally very reluctant to indulge in self promotion. But I know that at least a few of you still make your home in Pittsburgh, so I wanted to let you know that my movie COLD WEATHER...


Jason Bartlett

There's been some occasional discussion on the board about the possibility of acquiring Jason Bartlett, as there's speculation that the Ray might move him.  He made 4,000,000.00 in 2010, and is...


The McCutchen Hand Wringing

Now that Cutch's line 288/369/454/823 is commensurate to last years 286/365/471/823 I hope that Smizik et al will rethink their 'what's wrong with Andrew McCutchen pieces' and take a step back from...


Luis Heredia

The draft is in the books, and the speculation as to who will and won't sign and how for much is over.  So the biggest off the field story is  now Luis Heredia. I thought I'd put up a fanpost so...


Expectations for McCutchen, Tabata, Alvarez, + Walker in 2011

What sort of numbers and general development do you feel like you need to see from the four next season, to indicate they're progressing at an acceptable rate? What sort of numbers do you think are...


Ozzie Guillen rip MLB over treatment of Latin Players

http://mlb.fanhouse.com/2010/08/01/ozzie-guillen-rips-major-league-baseball-for-treatment-of-latino/ I'm not sure that Ozzie Guillen is the ideal advocate for the rights of young Latino players,...


Neil Walker's Defense

Like everyone else I've been pleasantly surprised by Walker's progression this year after having essentially written him off.  I've only watched a handle of games in full since his call-up, but...


AZ All Star Boycott

I noticed a 'discussion' on the subject on the Smizk's vaunted PG.  Were baseball to decide to move the game I doubt it would be a decision of principle. The players association has come out in...


John Russell Here to Stay?

It occurred to me that there hasn't been a discussion of Russell (both currently and going forward) as a manager recently, at least that I can recall. It's sort of a non-issue at this point until...


Tony Sanchez Redux

The subject of Sanchez was revisited via the Q & A over at the PBC Blog.  Somehow (and not surprisingly) the draft strategy is still full for the 'pirates are cheap fire' in the comments section. ...

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