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When it comes to CK 7, yep, I told you so!!

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Breaking Down the Seattle (cough, cough) win vs 49ers


I will just leave this here for our fans to judge, as I know Seattle fans will not like the truth.

These Refs, Are COMICAL.....!!!!


Fantasy Teams and scared of Ray Lewis, where'd they find these guys?

Depth Chart Released


Moss is the starter, big sigh from me..!!

Media will lie, lie, and lie some more..!!


Romo was interviewed and whoever wrote the column, flat out lied..!!

11 second 89 yard kick return, did I really see that?


Sammy Watkins 2014, trade up or what have just get him!!

Another Reason, I prefer Manning


Bottom 5 moments #3, not worried about Peyton not throwing to an open first read..!!

9ers to Tender Grant..!!


Tender hasn't been specified, but a new contract is not being discussed. I vote for the second round tender and expect the Eagles to be all over it.

Potential Cap Casualties, Any Interest for 9ers?


There are some interesting possibilities. Will Baalke pursue any of these potential cap casualties? Do you think any could help?

Here's to our Luck sliding.....Hmmmm


Bills Gm says Fitzpatrick is not the problem in buffalo, so, why take another QB in the top 5. Can Andrew Luck fall to SF??



I would sign him to the 53 and cut Norris.

Nah I was trying to score!!


I think raye has this under control!

Reporter on Singletary's corner gets the Boot!!!


I LOL'd when I read that part. not really a big deal, but we know during the middle of the week, anything is better than nothing to talk about. Go 49ers.

Briggs Waived????


I don't like this move and personally I'd like to see Norris gone and Byham and Walker used for lead blocking duties.

No New Deal For Franklin...Maybe NEVER????


Wow 49ers and Franklin can't reach a deal, what is to come of Davis?? And what to do in the future......

5 RB prospects fail physicals


I extracted this from the Best post, but there have been 5 RB prospects from the first 3 rounds that have failed physicals. Wow, this could change some mocks a bit. Maybe Matthews comes of the board first.

What is Trent Baalke up to?


Promising you'll get who you want is either reaching for picks or giving up wahtever to get them. Maybe their board is set up to take 3rd round projected players that they value as 2nd rounders, maybe it's a trade back idea, or trade up. Hopefully we are not trading up for an OL. Another Linka to look at!!

Roger Craig said WHAAAAAAT?????


If I were Frank I would be a lil ticked, Craig was arguably the best Niner back of all time, until Gore broke free and helped us dodge Reggie Bush. How would you feel if you were Frank?

Has there ever been a better defensive prospect??


I doubt this is a 49er FO member, but I hope it is, and I hope he wants him bad enough to trade up.

Another Tragedy


Tough deal to swallow, especially for families involved. My condolences go out..

Singletary pro-day siting #1


Why on earth would Singletary be at this pro day?? Help me out NN.

Who is calling Joe Haden slow??


Is this gonna change the view of Niners fan when Haden is on the board at 13?

Shawn Andrews cut by Philly!!


Should the niners show any interest for this often distracted and injured player?

rlott#42's First round mock....As shocking as the real thing!!

Just wanted to post this so i could hear opinions from a variety of fans from diffeent teams.  No need to be nice, it's only the blogosphere.

Cody Shreds 16lbs. For The Combine!!


This kid gets down to 330, he could be a MONSTER in the 3-4.

Players Frustration with Goodell, Should They Be??


How would it make you feel if you played in the league for 10 seasons, and NEVER received that much money in one year.

Michael Vick could possibly be traded to the Rams!! What will the Niners do with him and Jackson...


Michael Vick could possibly be traded to the Rams!! What will the Niners do with him and Jackson in the backfield.

I have the DVR set on ESPN's First Take and seen it. Spags was reported as said to not have gone into the process of what will be done about a QB, Bulger will not be retained. He will not sway from trading for Vick and says he likes him as a player. Exec in STL was in ATL as well!!

CBA plans are pointing toward a 2011 lockout.


Fans, are learning that the owners are th ones being greedy!!

Wilfork makes it known, It's about the money!!


Would Wilfork be a better option for the 49ers at NT? Franklin had up and down seasons, and it doesn't surprise me that he all of a sudden played well this year. Discuss........

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