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TBJ Blazers-Mavs Preview


Skeets and Tas break it down, and both pick the Blazers in 6.

TBJ Blazers Preview

The Basketball Jones previews the Blazers upcoming season, and guess at 54 wins. Thanks Tas!

ESPN's Highlights of Blazers-Lakers


I'd argue that this is a bordering on being a disgrace to ESPN. I'm used to a Lakers-heavy broadcast, but listen when Martell gets past Kobe for the layup. The announcer doesn't even know what to say. I don't mean to over-react, but this seems to be giving credit without any semblance of acknowledgment as to whether it is due.

Blazers make it to Sports Section of New England college newspaper


Tufts University's daily newspaper ran a story by Ethan Landy on the topic of the Blazers' impressive run to the playoffs. Why does this matter? Tufts is secretly a hot-bed of Blazer loving, and it shows how much we care.


1/29/09 Junk: Sergio or JayBay edition

I'm posting this on Eastern time because I want to make sure to ask you all a question: If you could only keep Sergio Rodriguez or Jerryd Bayless going into next season, which would you keep? ...

Truehoop on Magic Game


I'm sure you guys have already read this, but if anyone is not a Truehoop follower, here's the link. Abbot seems to agree that Roy had the ball an awful lot at the end: "But last night looked a little different. The mix was more Roy-centric. His teammates were touching the ball less, and Roy was alpha-dogging more. It was looking a little like Cleveland's "everyone watch LeBron dribble" play from crunch time of yesteryear. Was it some kind of ascension to a new level of stardom for Roy?"

Toronto game, 12-7-08


Toronto game, 12-7-08


Junk Drawer | 11/30 Sunday Mornin' Edition

Nets beat the Jazz by 17 last night.  Harris once again had 30+, and New Jersey forced a bunch of turnovers.  Glad to see a division rival go down, I suppose.   This Nets team is strangely...

Wizards Fire Jordan after 1-10 start


Injury-plagued Wizz fire coach after slow start. This is the guy that surprisingly managed to get their team into the playoffs for the last 4 years, despite similar injuries.

The Los Angeles Lakers: Prior to the game, the broadcasters and sideline reporter were engaged in a...


The Los Angeles Lakers: Prior to the game, the broadcasters and sideline reporter were engaged in a gratuitous display of Laker butt-kissing, and the talk wasn't about whether L.A. could beat the was whether they were going to match the best start in NBA history (15-0). That discussion can officially end, though, since the Lakers weren't able to even make it to 8-0. Detroit controlled the entire game and showed us how the Lakers can be beaten. First off, as talented as they are on offense, the Forum Blue and Goldians can be stopped by a sound, fundamental defensive plan executed by a team with a few versatile defensive players. Also, while the Lakers certainly have a significant size advantage against most teams, their team speed is lacking. By a lot. I don't think there was a single L.A. player who didn't get taken off the dribble at least once on Friday night...even Kobe. This enabled the Pistons to basically get any shot they wanted (they hit almost 51 percent of their field goals on the night). Furthermore, the Lakers' second unit -- which has been the prime mover of the team's strong start -- is also full of slow, limited athletes. They make up for their deficiencies with a swarming, gambling defense which generates turnovers and enables them to score a lot of easy transition baskets. But that sort of D -- which was employed liberally by the Nuggets last season -- isn't effective against teams (like Detroit) who can execute and take care of the basketball. And all that gambling and scrambling, when it doesn't work, leaves players wide open for easy shots. Even more interesting was the play of Kwame Brown, the much-maligned former Laker who responded to boos from the L.A. crowd by going off for 10 points (4-for-5), 10 rebounds and 3 assists. He also did a good job on Pau Gasol, blocking one of the Spanish Marshmallow's shots and drawing a charging call against him in the fourth quarter. And, for one night at least, he was superior to Andrew Bynum, who finished with 8 points (3-for-7) and 9 rebounds. Said Phil Jackson: "He outplayed Andrew [Bynum] in a game that was essentially a matchup."


Brandon Roy in Men's Health

Brandon Roy has a pretty good feature in the most recent Men's Health.  It, like all press with Roy, shows him as a classy guy with a long-term plan.  Just a really good read about how Roy thinks...


White Unit vs. Memphis Starters

Take a look at our bench.  It is stacked.  Stacked. In fact, let's take a look at it together. PG: Jerryd Bayless SG: Rudy Fernandez SF: Travis Outlaw PF: Channing Frye C: Joel Pryzbilla B...


New Draft Pick

Hey Guys. has a new mock draft and it features a new guy I haven't heard of.    Here's a big box quoted from their site:   Portland Alexis Ajinca Position: C Height:...


New Winning Strategy

So I'm watching the Finals.  I think the Celtics have been playing some pretty good basketball.  Their defense is really well-organized and is taking away a lot of the Lakers' opportunities.  You...


Drafting T. Green

If Green was in this draft, wouldn't we draft him again?He was the highest scorer and leader of the National Championship team, as well as being known for his defense.  He plays the position we're...

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