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"Deaf Like Me: On Derrick Coleman's Journey to the NFL"


Tricia Romano, a deaf writer (and Seattle native), writes about Derrick Coleman's TV commercial and journey to the NFL. Great stuff.

How Bad Are The Bad Announcers at Badness?


Aaron Gordon listens to a bunch of color commentators and charts how often they mutter something banal, stupid, or just outright wrong. Mostly, what this piece tells you is just how hard it is to be an effective football commentator. We give these guys a lot of crap, but we should remember that what they do is really, really hard.

Print & Play Football Card Game: "End Zone"


In addition to being a football nerd, I'm a board game geek. A designer I respect, Matt Eklund, has recently published a football card game, titled "End Zone." I'm enthusiastic about the concept: Something simple enough to play in 30-60 minutes, but still with some football depth. Check it out. It might help to bridge the long, football-less summer months.

Young and Good


Football Outsiders has an article on snap-weighted team average age. Rejoice, Seahawk fans: Our team is both young and good.


Don't trade Matt Flynn

My take on the situation is heavily wrapped up in the notion of "surplus value", which the guys at Fangraphs have been pushing on the baseball side of things. A player has a value, $X, and a contract, $Y. His surplus value is then S=X-Y.


The Use (and Misuse) of Football Statistics

A lot of the guys around thse parts use Football Outsiders' DVOA as their standard statistic for talking about football teams. I'm suspicious of DVOA, and this post will talk about why I have that...

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 13 Quick Reads


Today's Quick Reads on Football Outsiders lists Russell Wilson's Sunday performance as not just the best performance of the week, but also the best performance by a rookie in their database. (Going back to 1992, I believe.) There's also an extended comment on just how good Russell was on Sunday, which you might find highly informative.


Beyond the Officiating

For the next five days all anyone's going to want to talk about is the final play of last night's 14-12 win over the Packers. Which is really too bad, because the Seahawks played some damn fine...

New Helmet Design


There's been a lot of talk about concussions and football. Chip Ganassi and Bill Simpson are longtime safety designers for the racing circuits. They think they've built a better helmet: one that can severely reduce concussions on the football field. Check it out.

Cornerback Charting Numbers


Football Outsiders has compiled enough of their charting numbers that they feel comfortable putting up some results. The results are a bit surprising: Richard Sherman clocks in on their top 12 list in success rate. And his yards-per-attempt numbers are above average, too. I've been a Sherman booster, but I didn't think he'd been quite that good this year. I continue to be pleased at this front office's ability to find undervalued talent. (Caveat: 49 pass attempts is a fairly small sample size. Use these numbers with caution. But they do say that Sherman's had a lot of success in the NFL so far.)


A Proposal For An Alternate NFL Playoff System

I remember last year's criticism of the Seattle Seahawks: "No team with a losing record should be in the playoffs!"  This is probably true.  In fact, I'd go so far as to argue that every team...

Word of Muth: Seahawk Squadron


Ben Muth is back with more analysis of your Seahawk offensive line. He has high praise for the left side of the line. Not so much for the right.

Word of Muth: No Huddle Hawks


FO's offensive line columnist, Ben Muth, is back on the Seahawks. He breaks down some bits from the 'Hawks-Giants game last week. He has some really nice things to say about Max Unger.

Cover 2: Brandon Browner


Doug Farrar devotes this week's entire Cover-2 column to Brandon Browner. Doug's got nice things to say about his play in the Falcons game.

Word of Muth: Seahawk Slide


My favorite FO column discusses the Seahawk offensive line.

Word of Muth is Back


And no more Mr. Nice Guy. Football Outsider's Ben Muth covers offensive line play. He chooses three teams at the beginning of the season, and then watches and breaks down tape of their line play. We get a bonus: this year he's covering the Seahawks in-depth. "Why They Were Chosen" "The Seahawks offensive line should be the most interesting to breakdown, much in the same way that a crash is the most interesting part of an Indy Car Race."


Restaurant Bleg

I swung tickets for tonight's game.  (They're cheap for this series!)  My wife and I are dropping the kids with grandma and heading to the game.  We're going to roll into the area around Safeco...


WPA vs. wRAA

I'm looking at the difference between WPA and wRAA as a tool for measuring leverage.  Background: I've got a coworker who has argued that Ichiro's hits come "when they don't matter."  I don't...

ESPN Playoff Machine


I picked this up from Football Outsiders. It's a playoff scenario management system. Bluntly: The Seahawks need to beat the Rams and the Niners. As long as they do that, they're probably going to the playoffs. The Rams can still make it in if they beat the Niners, Saints and Chiefs in their other games, rendering the last game of the season irrelevant. I find this highly unlikely.

Who Holds The Ball Too Damn Long?


The linked article includes a table with mean and median sack times for every NFL QB. As one would expect, Peyton, Eli, and Brees are doing a good job of getting the ball out in a timely fashion. Roethlisberger and Cutler are not. I'd thought Hasselbeck was holding the ball too damn long. I've been yelling at the TV about the subject during his last couple of starts. And yet, it seems that he's doing a pretty decent job of getting rid of the ball. Who are you going to believe? My lying eyes, or the data?

Word of Muth


If you haven't been reading the Word of Muth column at Football Outsiders, do yourself a favor and start. Muth is a former All-Pac 10 lineman who's been describing and diagramming line play for FO all year. He's spending this year watching and analyzing Cardinals, Redskins, and Cowboys games. The link is to the archive of all of his articles. Start at the bottom and work up.


Six and Fourteen

This is the most common draft order that I've been seeing.  It's got the Seahawks at six, and then again at fourteen using Denver's pick. We need to thank the nice people in Kansas City for...

Sports Fans Need Dose of Negative


A summary of an academic study on emotion in sports. The authors found that negative emotions play a key role in our enjoyment of sports events.

FO Game Charters Speak


Vince Verhei has been charting Seahawks games for Football Outsiders. He talks about what he's seen this year, and it ain't pretty.

Raiders Achieve First Down


Another classic from The Onion. There's a reason they're America's Finest News Source.

Doug Farrar on Aaron Curry


Doug Farrar covers Aaron Curry's Sunday in the first part of this week's Cover 3 at Football Outsiders.

Game Theory and Playcalling


Via Football Outsiders. To translate from the Econspeak: "NFL teams should pass more. They'd win more games."


The Difference Between Us and Them

Mike Tanier, in this week's Walkthrough on Football Outsiders asks, "What Do I Know?" It's an interesting and useful question.  Because really, what separates Tanier from the rest of us?  The...

FO's Preseason DVOA Out


As is the first Postseason Odds Report. Two things of note: (1) FO thinks the 'Hawks are the favorites in the NFC West. (2) FO thinks Denver's the worst team in football, and likely to hand the 'Hawks the first pick in the 2010 draft.


Goodell Suggests Longer Season

Surprised nobody's mentioned this one yet.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is pushing for a longer NFL season. Goodell wants a 17 or 18 game season, with fewer preseason games.  Says the Commish:...

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