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Rob Neyer began his career with legendary baseball author Bill James, and later worked for STATS, Inc. and ESPN.com, writing more words for that website than anyone else. Rob has written or co-written six baseball books, including Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends.

Growing up in Kansas City, Rob's favorite teams were the Royals, the Minnesota Vikings and the long-lost Kansas City Kings. These days, he spends his winters staying warm and rooting for the Jayhawks.

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The Yankees have one option with A-Rod


It's obvious what the Yankees must do, and it's probably just a matter of time, of brief time, until they do it.

Should they rip off that Band-Aid


It looks like the Indians are taking yet another step to deëmphasize Chief Wahoo. Should they just get rid of him, once and for all?



Yes, the BBWAA suspended Dan Le Batard because he publicly criticized the Hall of Fame voting process. Yes, this is probably the worst thing they could have done. No, we shouldn't be surprised.

Going out on top: A brief history


If A.J. Burnett retires, he'll join a long list of pitchers who posted good (or great) numbers in their last season. But their reasons for exiting are all over the place.

A "Kimbrel" is not a "Maddux"


There's just something about Braves pitchers that makes you think.

On the selling of a ballot


So it was Dan Le Batard who sold his Hall of Fame ballot to Deadspin. Should we string him up ... or build a statue instead.

Three down, a dozen or more to go


Even with the election of three new Hall of Famers by the BBWAA, there are still too many deserving candidates who stand little chance in future years.

Does actually failing a drug test matter?


To this point, all the supposed and acknowledged steroids users have been lumped together by most Hall of Fame voters. Is there a better way?

Nope. Not unanimous. Played with cheaters.


You see a lot of sloppy reasoning when BBWAA voters try to justify their Hall of Fame ballots. But this might be the absolutely sloppiest ever.

The roof's open! Shoot off the fireworks!


Houston's Minute Maid Park has a retractable roof, which would be even cooler if it were retracted at some point during the summer.

When you don't need the money


What does Aubrey Huff's retirement tell us about the modern ballplayer and his modern salary?

Jerry Coleman: One of a kind


Sunday, legendary player, broadcaster, and war hero Jerry Coleman passed away. The only major leaguer who saw combat in both World War II and Korea, Coleman was 89.

Bryce Harper's winter plans: Food


This winter, Bryce Harper's going to eat a lot of good home cooking. But it's okay! He actually wants to weigh at least 240 pounds when spring training starts.

"I saved the bullpen again!"


Are durable starters like Adam Wainwright even more valuable than their numbers suggest?

What shall we tell the children?


Another column written by a Hall of Fame voter, and yet another missed opportunity to convince us that players of the Steroid Era had unique character flaws that must now be addressed by Hall of...

No Coop for you!


In which one Hall of Fame voter argues against ... well, against just about anybody from the last 30 years going into the Hall of Fame. Which makes filling out those ballots quite a lot easier!

No. 1 on my (fake) Hall of Fame ballot


Either he's No. 1 or he's not on your ballot at all. As always, with Barry Bonds there's nowhere in the middle.

The A's found another edge?


Sure, hugging's important! But so is putting together a lineup with the right sorts of hitters, and the A's seem to have discovered a subtle edge that other teams haven't.

Baseball in 2015?


Yes, the dustjacket looks backward. Far backward. But in his classic opus, Bill James made some predictions about 2015. Now we're almost there! So let's check his work.

Should defenses just let runners run?

You don't really want to run on A.J. Ellis and the Dodgers' pitchers ... but maybe Ellis shouldn't worry so much about you running?

The Integrity Clause


The "integrity clause". It's been used against Shoeless Joe Jackson and Roger Clemens, and essentially nobody in between. Also, greenies are perfectly okay? These are the things that keep your...

He's fast in December, too.


Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if someone nicknamed "The Wild Horse" could control himself. Maybe, someday.

Just another newfangled glamour boy


Addison Reed's been a relief pitcher since the day he signed with the White Sox. But some of our top firemen still come up the hard way!

Paul Blair motored in center field

Thursday, longtime Orioles center fielder Paul Blair died. He was 69.

The GM who traded Choo


Back in 2006, Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi traded Shin-Soo Choo to the Indians for Ben Broussard. Here's what Bavasi was thinking ...

Just another dirty cheater?


Well, Murray Chass has gone ahead and essentially accused Craig Biggio of steroids use. Which means ... something, anyway.

Shin-Soo Choo before the M's traded him

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Mariners trading Shin-Soo Choo for Ben Broussard, back in 2006. In the course of writing that piece, I asked my friend Mike Curto -- both then and now the lead...

I Believe

I believe that nothing happens for a reason. I believe that leaf-blowers should be outlawed by decent people everywhere. I believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, but not the Easter Bunny. I...

When the M's traded Choo for a platoon DH


Shin-Soo Choo just got a $130 million contract to play seven seasons with the Rangers. Not so terribly long ago, the last-place Mariners traded Choo for a platoon designated hitter.

Saying goodbye to Candlestick Park


The Giants moved out of Candlestick Park, but more than half-century of sports history ends Monday night when the 49ers play their last game in the climatically brutal old stadium.

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