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Rob Neyer began his career with legendary baseball author Bill James, and later worked for STATS, Inc. and ESPN.com, writing more words for that website than anyone else. Rob has written or co-written six baseball books, including Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends.

Growing up in Kansas City, Rob's favorite teams were the Royals, the Minnesota Vikings and the long-lost Kansas City Kings. These days, he spends his winters staying warm and rooting for the Jayhawks.

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O, for the days when sportswriting was great

I'm tired of writing about Grant Balfour's medicals so I decided instead to wonder if Michael Wilbon's on to something when he says sports writing ain't what it used to be in this interview: W...

Too much baseball for them?


Too many men who run baseball teams don't have any faith in ... well, in baseball. Which makes life less worth living for some of us.

Hey, which doctor just cost me $14 million?


Grant Balfour was supposed to get a big raise and become the Orioles' new closer? But after reportedly faring poorly on his physical, Balfour's big plans are on hold.

They let these guys into the Hall of Fame?


Last week, the Hall of Fame elected three incredibly successful managers: Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre. Unanimously. But one scribe wonders how they can be in, when Mark McGwire and...

If only "sabermetrics" appreciated him ...


Have you heard the news? Sabermetrics has kept Jack Morris out of the Hall of Fame and doesn't appreciated Alan Trammell or Lou Whitaker at all. Must be a Detroit thing.

Pitcher helmets look silly? Tell this guy.


There's word that helmets will be available for pitchers in 2014. They'll look weird. We'll get used to it.

MLB's got more money than they can spend

It's all pure profit now, baby. At least until the players demand a bigger piece of the pie.

Can this fella help your team?


The Royals just traded for third baseman Danny Valencia. Which was smart. It'll seem even smarter if they actually give him a job.

The best of a weak field?


Bunting isn't a lost art. There just aren't nearly as many artists as there used to be. In 2013, Rangers center fielder Leonys Martin was probably the best of them.

Did sabermetrics win the war already?

For late-arrivers, Mets360's Joe Vasile has written a fairly comprehensive overview of sabermetrics' century-long history, with quotes from Bill James, Tom Tango, Jacob Pomrenke, and Eddie Epstein....

Is $10 million really smart money?


The A's let closer Grant Balfour get away and he's signed for two years and $15 million. The A's traded for Jim Johnson and will pay him around $10 million. In both cases, the other team is the...

H.C.B.C. - The book I won't read unless I have to

Alex Rodriguez is reportedly "writing" a "tell-all" book for a few million dollars. Godspeed, my literary friend.

Who gets into the Coop first?


Thanks to the BBWAA's collective stance on modern sports drugs (as opposed to old-fashioned greenies) and the Hall of Fame's unwillingness to adjust, Curt Schilling's going to have wait a long,...

40 years too late for Ray Fosse

As I've mentioned at least a few times, there are a couple of subscription-only newsletters that I consider essential. One is Joe Sheehan's, which generally covers the events of the day from Joe's...

Asking Crash to bunt


Chris Davis hit 53 home runs last season. He didn't bunt much (this photo was snapped in spring training). But it's not difficult to imagine a future when Davis and other lefty sluggers are bunting...

Where's the pressure for new Expos?


According to a new feasibility study, Montreal's just a billion dollars (U.S.) -- give or take a few hundred million -- from having what it takes to get another major-league team. Which is all well...

What if these guys can't play?


There's no easy way out of the Yankees' infield problems. But there's one thing they can do that will make life at least a little easier for everyone involved.

Arguing with Terry Francona about Buster Posey

Wednesday at the Winter Meetings, I attended Terry Francona's little press conference. All 30 managers do these 30-minute sessions, on a two-track schedule. Which is frustrating, because I'd like...

Welcome back, Tomo Ohka!

Remember Tomo Ohka? Used to be a decent pitcher in the majors? Well, that seems like a long time ago. But he's reinvented himself as a knuckleballer, and it looks like he'll be pitching in the...

MLB finally says that's enough of these


With a long tradition of home-plate collisions and (as we know, now) concussions, Major League Baseball will institute new rules designed to eliminate, or at least prohibit, such collisions.

Is this kid smarter than the voters?


It's been around 30 years since baseball fans began to realize that the old statistics weren't always the best statistics. The Hall of Fame is still waiting for proof.

The Angels just traded their top slugger?


Yes, the Angels did trade their top slugger. But they Angels needed some pitchers. So they sent Mark Trumbo to the Diamondbacks, the Angels got a couple of young pitchers, and the White Sox have a...

Is this guy available, too?


If anybody knows what the Phillies are up to, please call your local authorities.

Roger Angell's finally off to Cooperstown

Roger Angell, who's been writing beautifully about baseball for roughly half a century, has picked up the highest honor that's available to a baseball writer.

The Hall of Fame's big surprise

This was supposed to (finally) be Marvin Miller's year. Instead, he lost a significant amount of support from the Hall of Fame voters. So how did he go from 11 votes three years ago to six or fewer...

The day the hugging died


We're going to miss Roy Halladay. We're going to miss Roy Halladay's complete games. We're going to miss complete games.


Hall of Fame adds Torre, La Russa, Cox

Monday at baseball's Winter Meetings, the Hall of Fame announced that Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa, and Bobby Cox have all been elected unanimously by the Hall's Expansion Era Committee.

Happier times!


A couple of former Mariners employees -- including their last manager -- have publicly ripped general manager Jack Zduriencik and his bosses.

Do these new-look Yankees have what it takes?


Robinson Canó's gone, but the Yankees have added three big-time players already this winter. Do they have enough to bounce back from their worst season in decades?

Mariners: Robbie's no A-Rod!


Thirteen years ago, the Mariners scoffed at the idea of a $25 million superstar. Friday, they turned Robinson Canó into a $25 million superstar.

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