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Rob Neyer began his career with legendary baseball author Bill James, and later worked for STATS, Inc. and ESPN.com, writing more words for that website than anyone else. Rob has written or co-written six baseball books, including Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends.

Growing up in Kansas City, Rob's favorite teams were the Royals, the Minnesota Vikings and the long-lost Kansas City Kings. These days, he spends his winters staying warm and rooting for the Jayhawks.

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10 for the Coop


Pete Rose heads the list of baseball greats who haven't yet received their due from the good burghers of Cooperstown.

"I'm worth this many top prospects? Cool."


Everybody wants David Price. Everybody doesn't have the young talent it will take to get David Price. But the Mariners and the Pirates have it, and the Pirates actually need him.

Presenting the new Miguel Cabrera (sort of maybe)


Thanks to Nick Castellanos and a host of others, the Tigers' Opening Day infield next spring should look almost completely different than the infield that won 93 games this year.

Can this man save the American League?


The American League still holds the upper hand in interleague play, but the National League crushed the A.L. in terms of rookie pitchers this year. And it sure likes they might do it again next...

Two Seattles, one New York, and a Canó

Is Robinson Canó really so interested in playing in Seattle, 3,000 miles away from the bright lights and big city to which he's become so accustomed? You can color Keith Olbermann (and yours truly)...

Seven years is a long time


Sure, the Evil Empire just got a lot better in 2014. But as the Yankees know better than anyone, mega-contracts don't look good forever. So just be patient, non-Yankees fans.

H.C.B.C. - The latest Ted Williams biography

So it's probably worth listening to this interview with Ben Bradlee Jr. if only for the pleasure of hearing Terry Gross pronounce "on-base percentage" as if it's Sanskrit ... I'm pretty sure...

Heath Bell, Misfit Toy


Is Heath Bell suddenly going to become a star again after joining the Tampa Bay Rays? Probably not. But that doesn't mean he can't help them keep doing what they always do.

Detroit, where 65 > 200


The numbers suggest that Doug Fister's one of the dozen best pitchers in the American League over the last few years. The numbers suggest that a pitcher like Doug Fister is more valuable than the...

The Hall of Fame candidate nobody talks about


Should two terrible minutes be enough to keep a fellow out of the Hall of Fame? The voters probably think so. The Hall of Fame probably thinks so. Which doesn't mean we can't think for ourselves.

Three more years for The Process?


Royals general manager Dayton Moore's got a new contract that will, unless he leaves early, make him the longest-tenured GM in franchise history. Will this team ever make the playoffs again, though?

We've now got a century of box scores

You know all about Baseball-Reference.com. Well, not all about it. I've been relying on Baseball-Reference.com for at least a decade, and there are still many, many things I don't know about it....

Sir Paul's got nothing on the Say Hey Kid


Has anybody been more famous than Paul McCartney who's as famous as Paul McCartney for as long as Paul McCartney's been famous? Maybe not. But Willie Mays has a pretty good run going. And so do...

The secret's out! Nolasco's worth $49 million.


Friday, the Twins shocked the baseball world -- well, maybe a little corner of it anyway -- by outbidding the other 29 teams for the services of free-agent starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco, who is...

An unlikely All-Star takes his leave

Lou Brissie, who recovered from a devastating war injury to become an All-Star pitcher, died Monday.

Sure, blame the BBWAA ... but start with the Hall.


It's simply unrealistic to expect the Baseball Writers to police themselves. So let's direct some of our criticism toward the burghers in Cooperstown who have allowed the process to look as...

Is he right about Jhonny Peralta?


Tuesday, Brad Ziegler expressed his frustration with Jhonny Peralta, who served a 50-game suspension just before signing a big new contract. Does Ziegler have a point? And if so, what's to be done?

The Nationals just want some cookies

Yes, the Nationals are asking for a $300 million roof. Hey, why not? It's always worked before.

Should you read Doc's new memoir?

Dwight Gooden's got a new autobiography. Rob Neyer read it so you don't have to.

Is the Dickey Effect a thing?


For maybe the first time, we've got evidence that R.A. Dickey might help the pitchers who follow him. And not just in the same game!

Livery Watch! Rangers better, Royals (a bit) worse

It's been a long time since I've liked the Texas Rangers. Actually, I've never liked the Texas Rangers. It's not their fault, really. First they were in the same division as my favorite team, and...

This is a $52 Million Man?


The Cardinals sure seem to think so. Oh, and so do the numbers that teams like the Cardinals look at.

One game, 37 innings?

Have we found a new record for a marathon baseball game?

Ban the DH? Nah. Just watch a show about it.

Off-season, schmoff-season ... Thanks to MLB Network, there's usually something to watch in the winter months (including November, which is "winter" if you're a baseball person). Case in point:...

Who is the Joe Smith


Is an anonymous relief pitcher really worth nearly $16 million? That baseball team in Orange County sure seems to think so, and Joe Smith's signing with the Angels for three years.

Saying goodbye to a great man


If anyone's ever said anything negative about union head Michael Weiner, who died Thursday, we haven't found them yet.

What the ChiSox owe Paulie


Paul Konerko's been a good hitter and a great guy for a long time, but do the White Sox really owe him another season and a few million dollars?

Dispatch from Donora

Ninety-one years ago today, Stan Musial was born. Forty-four years ago today, Ken Griffey Jr. was born. That's what we call, in the business, a coincidence. Both were also born in the town of...

Coming soon to a payroll near you ...


Yes, the huge Rangers-Tigers trade probably makes some sense for both teams (especially the Tigers). But that doesn't mean both Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler aren't going to be overpaid for a...

On the camouflaging of American sports

Paul Lukas has the skinny on a movement that is sweeping American sports: Camouflage! and Flags! Because pandering will get you everywhere! (Maybe. We hope not.)

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