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Simple Man...A loyal Die Hard Pacer guy. A Rocker, A father and a God Fearing man.

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User Blog

Hello From Rockguyinindy

Hey everyone/Cornrowers: Its about that time and I am amped up for this season. To put up 50 or more wins is my prediction. I look forward to hearing all of the debates and total debackles from all...


Will Granger Be a King or a Hornet by Opening Night?

Hey All at Cornrows. Its been awhile since I posted so I thought I would get some of you going. I used to get tired of seeing "TRADE GRANGER" shots over the past couple of seasons but with Paul...


Guys, Just a thought for 2013

For 1 minute guys, lets jump ahead to this coming offseason. NOW, that Hill has taken over the starting role of point guard and DC as the back up it has raised some questions with a few Pacer dudes...


Can I Get an Amen!!!

WOW...I mean really cool freeking WOW! I havent been this jazzed up over our Pacers for many MANY years now. This is one of the best units put together in Pacers history. We are no longer at the...


Would We Take D.Williams

Looks like New Jersey may want to see what they can get for D.Will. It looks like we have as good as a chance than anybody BUT, we will have to offer Granger/Collinson and a 2012. They may want our...


Our 1st Ten Games/More Rant

OK Cornrowers. Its been ten games. Many hard to watch EVEN the ones they won. We only looked good in really 3 games, that being our 1st against the Pistons whom also handed us our 1st loss. The C...


Moving Granger

Just a thought guys...Don't Crush me over this, but it could happen.....Maybe. Yes, No? Since it seems bleek on us getting Nene or Gasol or it seems that talks have settled to they are going to...


Lets Kick This Around

OK Cornrow'ers, its late Tuesday afternoon. There have been talks, sources, information leaked etc... on who the Pacers are going after as they're big free agent signing. Some say Marc Gasol, Nene,...


I guess We Can Start Discussing The 2012 Draft

After hearing/reading the decline from the players of the latest offer (WTF else is new). Its time to throw in the towel on our (Cornrow Nation's) wishlist. First, Please let me know how you think...


Something To Kick At

OK guys, Its starting to become a little stale here on Cornrows over the past few weeks. So I figure to stir up a few of you and post an upcoming possiblities for this season. HOPEFULLY, the CBA...


Cornrow Nation Thoughts of Possibilities

OK, this is merely a "what if" couple of scenarios that COULD go down once the lockout is over. We send D.Jones & Rush to Minny for Beasley and then send Beasley to Washington for Andray Blatche....


Tyson C up for Free Agency

I just read from Yahoo sports that Tyson Chandler wants to explore opportunities in the market. He stated that they're are some good and Up & Coming teams that he would be a good fit for. I have...


Oh Well....

We might as well see what kind of line-up the Pacers could have had. Here is a sample of my line-up. PG Hill, Sg George, SF Granger, PF West, C Hibbert with back ups of Darren, Micheal Redd,...


Resurfacing The T-Wolves Trade Scenario

The rumour is still floating that the wolves may indeed trade they're #2 pick and Granger is still a front runner. How does this scenario sound for the Pacer nation and Yes it should be considered. ...


Another Scenario for 2011-12 Season

OK, Again. Assume we stand pat during the drafts and get lucky (which is possible after looking at several draft boards) we draft Marqueif Morris 6-10, 250lb to play 4 & 5 and maybe buy a late 1st...


What If....

OK, I am going to toss a scenario for this upcoming season. Assuming No Trades happen w/ Granger. We trade Collinson to Golden St and we draft Bismack....We use our #15 and try to land...


Josh Smith???

OK, As mentioned in a few posts I have seen Josh Smith name pop up as a possible trade for us without loosing Granger. In some of you're opionons how could this happen? He seems to be a good with...


Lets Be Real!

We will NOT benefit a thing in the supposed rumoured trade for #2 and Beasley/Rubio and sending Granger to Minny. I say if it happens which I dont think, then trade Beasley & Rubio (who wont come...


Blow This ALL Up!!!!!

 Well, for several days now all I have read is "Lets Blow Up This Team", lets trade Granger for pix, Lets trade for Mayo, oh, Rudy Gay would be the NEW centerpiece here in Naptown! (With his...


Time To Play BIG BOY Basketball

  OK, Y'all can't kill me or hate me on this one....Lets start w/ Roy. And I know that some of the players read this. ROY: You're 7-2, 260lbs, stop pussy footin around the rim and smash it. Its...

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