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Writer/editor for Azusa Pacific University, and one of the few Celtics fans in a sea of Lakers hacks here in Southern California. Check out my fiction and nonfiction work at

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Celtics Are a Mere Speed Bump for Miami

They played great. They were missing not only their out-for-the-season All-Star point guard, but also their emotional leader and defensive anchor, and they still gave Miami all it could handle....

The problem is not Rondo; the problem is how Doc uses him

Most people are arguing as to whether the Celtics are better with or without Rondo, but the situation is more nuanced than that. It’s obvious that when it comes to basketball (putting aside ...


Gods and Guns

The Newtown shooting was a tragedy, the kind of thing we hope never happens to anybody. In the aftermath of such horror, our minds are blasted with questions. The shooter: Who was he? Why did he...


Requiem for a Celtic Dream

We're all disappointed right now, of course, but hopefully we've all cooled off a bit. I have. I feel like I can see things more clearly now, and here's where my thinking stands (caution: it's...


The End of an Era

Well, Rondo's shooting jumpers in a "quick-fix" attempt at cutting Miami's 13-point lead with less than three minutes left, so I guess that makes it official: the C's are done ... for this game,...


Help Me Understand: An Essay

I really need some help. Not in a "talk me off the ledge" sense, but in a "I really don't get it" sense. Really. I don't understand. And I hope someone can help me. Why does Doc insist on...


The Year of KG

I'm sure we all want KG to have a big year, and that we all hope he'll have a big year, but opinions may differ on whether he will. Me? I've had a feeling for some time now that KG will be dynamite...


Celtics' reaction to tonight's debacle

By a miracle of quantum physics (for details, see LOST), I managed to secure a copy of tonight's postgame comments from various Celtics perpetrators -- I mean players. Here's a sampling. From Paul...


Bobby Jackson calls it quits

Bobby Jackson is retiring! Bobby Jackson is retiring! According to The Associated Press, Bobby Jackson is retiring. Not that the Celtics had definite plans to go after him at any point this season,...

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