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Minor League Report...April 14, 2012


What a wonderful start to the 2012 season for all the Twins farm clubs. They were 15-11 in their first full week and 17-13 to start the season. All four teams were .500 or better with Beloit at...

Minor League Report...April 7, 2012


With all four full-season teams beginning play on Thursday, the minor league teams are off and running. And what a wonderful first day it was as Fort Myers' exciting comeback fell short holding...

Opening Day Payroll is $98,585,000!


The Twins begin the season in a few hours with a payroll of $98,585,000. That total is for twenty-nine players. When Baker, Marquis and Waldrop return, three players will drop back to minor...

Minor League Report...March 31, 2012


Today I want to discuss something related to what Jesse wrote about when he reviewed recent Twins drafts. Until recently, the Twins were a small market team and it was prudent that they operate...

Minor League Report...March 24, 2012


Since Christian Guzman left after the 2004 season, the starting shortstop position for the Twins has been a revolving door. Jason Bartlett was solid for a couple years, but other than Bartlett the...

Minor League Report...March 17, 2012

Ready for your latest dose of minor league updates on the Twins farm system? Let's get to it.

Minor League Report...March 10, 2012


The readers of Twinkie Town believe that last summer's problems were a hiccup in Alex Wimmers journey to the Twins starting rotation as you selected him our preseason Pitcher of the Year. Wimmers...

Minor League Report...March 3, 2012

Roger's most recent minor league update for the Twins.

Minor League Report...February 25, 2012

For this week's Twins minor league update, Roger begins discussion about which players could be competing for Player of the Year down on the farm.

Minor League Report...February 11, 2012


I will use today's report to review this year's Top 50. The Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50 included 22 position players and 28 pitchers, although only two pitchers made our top ten. Seven players who...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50.....Final Round!


Today we will be voting for the last player to make our 2012 Top 50, which is perfect timing as I am about to leave on that long road trip home. The players who won the four preliminary rounds are...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 50d!


In our final preliminary round for our 50th spot, we will be voting on nine pitchers who were with Elizabethton and the GCL Twins last year. The winners of the four preliminary rounds will then...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 50c!


Today we will be selecting a pitcher from a full season team to compete for our Fiftieth spot. There are eleven that I believe should get some consideration, so all will be included. Steve...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 50b!


It appears that Jairo Perez finally got the respect of the readers of Twinkie Town, winning the first of four spots in the finals of the 50th round. Today we will be voting on ten young men who...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 50a!


After hanging around for sixteen rounds, Angel Mata captured the Forty-Ninth spot in this year's poll with 34 of 165 votes (20%). We now move on to the first of four preliminary rounds for the...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 49!


You selected a slick fielding young shortstop for our Forty-Eighth spot this year, Jorge Polanco. Polanco received 31 of 113 votes (27%), with Jairo Perez second (16), Angel Mata and Steven Gruver...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 48!


Danny Lehmann picked up 29 of 137 votes (21%) to capture the Forty-Seventh spot this year. Jorge Polanco was second (22), Jairo Perez third (19) with Angel Mata and Steven Gruver tied for fourth...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 47!


Tony Davis had 50 of 188 votes (26%), winning the Forty-Sixth spot in this year's poll. Danny Lehmann was second with 33 votes, Jorge Polanco third (26) and Angel Mata and Jairo Perez tied for...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 46!


Although it took nearly ten rounds, former Beloit Snapper MVP James Beresford was selected as our Forty-Fifth ranked prospect. He collected 42 of 201 votes (20%) with Tony Davis, Danny Lehmann and...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 45!


The Forty-Fourth spot in this year's ranking goes to New Britain outfielder Evan Bigley. Bigley collected 67 of 208 votes (32%), with Angel Mata second (27), Danny Lehmann third (25), James...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 44!


Lance Ray was selected as our Forty-third rated prospect with 44 of 156 votes (28%). Jairo Perez, Angel Mata and Danny Lehmann all tied for second with 21 votes. James Beresford was fifth with 18...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 43!


Last year's Appalachian League Pitcher of the Year, Tim Shibuya, took the Forty-Second spot this year. Shibuya received 77 of 246 votes (31%), with Lance Ray second (54), James Beresford third...

Twinkie Town 2012 top 50...Round 42!


Dakota Watts, a hard throwing short reliever won our Forty-First spot with 40 of 176 votes (22%). Lance Ray was second (29), Tim Shibuya third (28), Angel Mata fourth (25) and Jairo Perez fifth...

Minor League Report...January 28, 2012


There is a lot happening in the Twins organization this weekend as the Twins hold their annual Twins Fest. It is a great opportunity for fans to meet and mingle with players, coaches and...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 41!


Our Fortieth spot went to the reliever who may have had the best year of any reliever in the organization, Andrew Albers. Albers collected 38 of 171 votes (22%), with Dakota Watts second (29), L...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 40!


Our Thirty-Ninth pick this year is the second pitcher out of Boston College to make our list, Pat Dean. Dean collected 34 of 163 votes (20%), with Andrew Albers second (28), Dakota Watts third...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 39!


Danny Rams surged towards the finish line to collect 64 of 209 votes (30%), thus, winning the Thirty-Eighth spot in this year's poll. Andrew Albers was second (34), Pat Dean third (28), Dakota...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 38!


Perhaps the fastest player in the organization, JaDamion Williams, captured the Thirty-Seventh spot in this year's poll. Williams received 38 of 171 votes (22%). Andrew Albers was second (23), D...

Twinkie Town 2012 Top 50...Round 37!


And with the Thirty-Sixth pick of the 2012 Top 50, the readers of Twinkie Town selected former first round pick Matt Bashore. Bashore collected 56 of 247 votes (22%). JaDamion Williams was...

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