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LeBron files application for change to #6


This news has bigger implications than just marketing, apparel sales, etc. When changing teams, a player can change his number at will. Is LeBron tipping his hand a bit, or just filing for the switch just in case? Does this absolutely mean he' staying in Cleveland? Of course not. But it does show he has serious thoughts about returning. If he had already made up his mind to leave, there would have been no reason to file for the number change.

Burying the Lead: style


White Sox won't invite Thome to camp... blah blah blah... Ken Williams gave Ozzie Guillen final say.. oh that's interesting. Note enough at-bats available... okay I can buy that. "He plans to use a rotation of Paul Konerko, Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay and Omar Vizquel in the DH spot. " Wha-wha-whaaaaaaaatttttttttt?

Rob Ryan Does Not Lack Confidence


"I will be a head coach in this league, and I will be damn successful, too," via the Rotowire feed on the left-hand side of DBN's front page.

LT Style, Electric Glide... If you weren't already rooting against Braylon and for the Chargers,...

LT Style, Electric Glide... If you weren't already rooting against Braylon and for the Chargers, you should be now. I almost thought this video could have been done by Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job!

Mark McGwire announces that the sky is blue


...also that he used steroids.

Mike Holmgren press conference, 4:00 p.m. 1-5-2010


Coming to you within the hour. In other developing news, the Eagles have granted the Browns permission to speak with GM Tom Heckert, and Schefter tweets that he's on his way into town tonight to meet with Browns tomorrow.

BP names '08-'09 Cavaliers 4th best team of the decade


From Basketball Prospectus: 4. 2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers (10.0 rating | +8.9 regular-season differential | +11.1 adjusted playoff differential) Because it ended in the Eastern Conference Finals, last year's Cavaliers team will be remembered by history as a disappointment. Still, from a purely statistical standpoint, Cleveland was a great team. The Cavaliers posted the second-best regular-season differential of the decade en route to winning 66 games, then rampaged through the first two rounds of the playoffs, sweeping overmatched Detroit and Atlanta teams. Then everything went wrong in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Cleveland was still barely outplayed by a very good Orlando team in a series that turned on matchups and poorly timed shooting slumps for the Cavaliers' guards. I'm willing to believe that, despite not reaching the NBA Finals, Cleveland was the best non-champion of the decade. Were the Cavaliers better than several champions? I'm not sure I agree with that.

Two Browns named to FootballOutsiders' All-Rookie Team


The surprise isn't which two rookies, but probably that the 2nd one was named at all. And yes, is the only website I read.

FO's Bill Barnwell on Jerome Harrison


For all of us Jerome Harrison backers of the past few years, here's a nice vindicating summary of our beliefs.

"Great decision, great throw.... awful drop."


"Great decision, great throw.... awful drop."

Your Ted Ginn highlight reel! Wish someone had thought of doing this for Braylon.


Your Ted Ginn highlight reel! Wish someone had thought of doing this for Braylon.

Baltimore's jealousy of Cleveland continues


First, they steal our football team, and 13 years later, they sign our leading scorer.

Jeff Kent was just gritty


Jeff Kent was just gritty

That lil quote, and other answers in Prospectus Q&A with Kerry Wood. Also! Kerry Wood is not worried about walking guys.

For you game-film buffs


$24.99 for NFL GameRewind, 50% of regular price.

The hard-luck life of a Browns fan


Appears on ESPN's page 2. Good writeup, not much "new" angle but entertaining to read and nice to see it appear on a national platform. My favorite excerpts: 9. I love being from an underdog, disrespected city like Cleveland -- especially compared to the other AFC North locales. Consider what we're up against: Pittsburgh: America's crotch. Literally one of the worst cities on the planet. Full of toothless mountain people. Looks from above as if someone decided, "You know what I'm going to do? Cut out a huge chunk of one of the worst sections of Eastern Europe and drop it in the middle of Pennsylvanian Appalachia." At the end of the day, the Cleveland Browns suck, but at least we're not from Pittsburgh. Baltimore: A city of hypocrites and degenerates. Cried (rightfully) for nearly a decade and a half, not just about losing the Colts, but about how they lost them … and then accepted another team stolen under eerily similar pretenses and jackassedly supported it with nary a peep. Hang your head in shame, Baltimore.

O/T: Happy Beer Week, Cleveland!


Baseball in Cleveland is over with for 2009, and what better way to forget about what transpired than with the sport's companion beverage for those of the legal age: beer. I will celebrate at home over the coming days, but will be in attendance at Brewzilla to close out the week's festivities.

Repost: "I Still Call It The Jake" T-shirts


Reposting this today because @FB_Outsiders twitter alerted me to 50% sale by entering the code "2004" for their 5-year anniversary. Editing to add that I stand nothing to benefit from this, as I don't want it to appear as that I'm spamming for my own good.

Dolan projects $16M loss


The last sentence shall not be ignored: "Dolan also said ownership will have input into whether manager Eric Wedge returns next season." Updated: Hoynsie's review of presser (HT: millionairesrow)


Football Outsiders' 2009 Football Almanac

Today, the 2009 Football Almanac was released for purchase by the boys at Football Outsiders.  I know that some don't care for their writing or feel that their player ratings are not as desirable...

LGFT: So good, he doesn't have to pitch to get the W


On Tuesday, former Indian Alan Embree picked up a W with 1/3 IP. However, the "inning pitched" is a bit deceiving, as he recorded his only out via a pickoff before throwing a single pitch in a tied ballgame. As luck would have it, the Rockies would score in the bottom half, and Embree would be relieved of his duties and pick up a win without ever throwing a single pitch. I'm sure Jayson Stark will be informing us as to how many times, if at all, this has happened in the past.

Aubrey Huff would probably get along with David Dellucci


Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing someone backflip around the bases once in a while.

6th round pick Don Carey's family...


is unlikely to be wearing brown and orange in the player's family section should he make the team. From the article: Point 5: Norfolk State cornerback Don Carey wins the award for the funniest NFL draft story of 2009. The 5-foot-11, 192-pound defensive back worked out for the Pittsburgh Steelers twice and had an official visit with the team. He also had visits with the Dolphins and the Seahawks, and their interest seemed sincere, but the Steelers were so impressed by Carey that they had returned for a second workout just a few days prior to the draft. Everyone on his father's side of the family is from Pittsburgh, and the anticipation that a member of their family would be wearing the black and gold continued to build. Close to 60 family members showed up for the family's draft weekend gathering, many of them waiving their Terrible Towels, proudly wearing Steelers team jerseys and hats that they've worn for years. In the beginning moments of the sixth round, the phone rang. The anticipation built to a feverish pitch as Carey learned that he's been drafted ... by the Cleveland Browns, a divisional arch-rival. So how did his family react? "They told me, we hope you have a good game, but that you lose — and don't hurt nobody," Carey said with a laugh. Carey captured the moment well in a message that he sent out through Twitter shortly after our talk. "Terrible towel $15. Polamalu jersey $65. Season tickets $3,000. The look on his face when his son gets drafted by the Browns ... Priceless!!!"

Atom Miller to undergo career-threatening surgery


This has been suggested and hinted at in the past, but now Lonnie Soloff says it's going down Tuesday. Sad to think that his career could be over before we ever really knew what he was. Hoping it goes well.

Say "No" to Utz Potato Chips!


Taking pictures with a Canon Powershot? Toss it and buy a Nikon. Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in you freezer? Dump it for some Edy's (and seriously... does the word "Turkey" make you think tasty ice cream?) Plan on ending your bachelorhood with a big purchase at Zales? Go to Alvin's and pray for rain. Other than those three reasons, don't support the Evil Empire's official sponsors..

He looked good enough to be in the big leagues to me... If they need a corner outfielder, I...


He looked good enough to be in the big leagues to me... If they need a corner outfielder, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all starting him in the big leagues—he should be one of their first call-ups unless they decide to work his service clock.

says some scout quoted on BP's recent Future Shock article on Matt LaPorta.

Keith Woolner Chat at BP


Tried to post this as a chat, but royally screwed it up and reposted here as s link. I think this is free content, but if not, it's a headsup to the other subscribers. Which of you Chicago-area lawyers submitted this? Anonymous 2L (Chicago): Any place in the Indians organization for someone with (or eventually with) a law degree? Keith Woolner: This isn't so much a direct response to the question, but I have been astonished at the volume and quality of resumes that come in unsolicited to a major league front office. In fact, my first day of work in Cleveland I had two letters from prospective interns waiting for me. There are tons of lawyers, physicists, grad students from elite universities, and Wall Street quants (especially lately) that are willing to work in baseball for peanuts. It's very hard to be noticed in such a torrent. The odds are against you, but if you want to go this route, do something that sets yourself apart from the 15 covers letters that all express how much they love baseball and their dream is to work for a team. Demonstrate your value and your uniqueness.

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