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Morgan fined $7,500 for hit on Flacco.

1,000,000 MCM Bucks says if that was Ray Lewis hitting Hasselbeck, there would've been no flag. Morgan is also appealing it, good for him.


The real crime here is on Young for impersonating a NFL QB.

CJ's Goals for the Season.

I like that he's got a team-oriented one. I know he's never been a troublemaker like Britt, but it's nice to hear him talk about team stuff rather than just wanting the money.


Ron Burgundy's Fantasy Football Guide 2011

First off, thanks to JustinS for being cool with me butting in on his fantasy writings, I look forward to reading the rest of those throughout the season. I don't think there will be any overlap...

Cap space as of today.

Titans are $7.9 million under the cap. One or two notable cuts (ahem...Gage) would leave enough room for a new deal for a certain RB and have an "emergency fund" for any injuries that could happen down the road.

Colts inquired about Hasselbeck last month.

Those sons of bitches can have Old Man Collins, I'll take Hasselbeck. If they were asking about him back then, has to further hurt Pey-Pey's chances of starting Week One. Rejoice, Titans fans! If I were a mean person, I would say go rub it in on a certain blog...but I'm above that.

Further evidence that Peter King is a tool.

Locker handles it like a pro, but am I the only one who feels like King is trying to bait him into saying something negative about himself or Hasselbeck? Come on, man!

Reason 1,405 Why Our New QBs are Infinitely Better Than Last Year

Just skip all the King fluff and read the last paragraph of this...he may not be what he was a few years ago, but I like Hasselbeck so much better already.


UPDATED!!!111!!!! Official MCM Fantasy League Trash Talking Forum

UPDATED WITH TEAMS AFTER JUMP! I know we can use that "Smack Talk" feature on Yahoo, but I think it'd be more fun if we were all in one place and could trash talk everyone rather than just our...

We could make a game of this...find Frank Walker, ha.


We could make a game of this...find Frank Walker, ha.


Ron Burgundy's "Titan Watch 2011: LP Field Edition"

A recap of what happened in the Titans scrimmage today at LP Field.


Another contract dispute, fantastic.

Babin to Eagles.

Is anyone really surprised by this?

Panthers resign Deangelo Williams, CJ's floor set.

He is definitely going to want more than the $21 million gauranteed, I stick by being ok with the $25 million number that has been thrown around these parts.

Derrick Mason cut.

I would be all for him coming back here and getting Britt in line and being a mentor to all the young guys. Not sure what he has to offer on-the-field, but his value would be huge as far as mentoring and leadership.


/sarcasm. Seriously though, I like this approach. We can nitpick and say he's doing exactly what Young was doing, but I have to agree with McFarland, this sounds more like Locker actually wanting it to be a team thing and not about him.


Ranking the AFC South Position by Position: Why the Titans Look Primed for a Comeback.

Now that the draft is over and the Eighth Court has upheld the lockout, it's time to kill some time. What better way to do that than with speculation and bragging rights? Stampede Blue Some insane...


I really hope Locker got a playbook already...

Judge Nelson denies league's request for stay on lockout decision.

How crazy would it be to have the draft and free agency going on at the same time? GMs everywhere would age about twenty years I think.

Titans 2011 Schedule.

Pretty much all nooners, yay for those of us who attend! (I like to come home to watch the late/prime-time games)

Titans settle with USC over Pola lawsuit.

I was so hoping they would go after Kiffin's ass...oh well.

Owners and NFLPA allegedly agree to rookie wage scale.

I'd be more ok with taking a QB at 8 if this holds up.

MCM's gone big time...

Shockingly, no sarcasm from Florio. He even paid a compliment...kind of.


A Call to Sanity.

We have been through one hell of an offseason here in Titan land, definitely one of the most tumultuous in recent NFL history. Emotions have been heated for everyone (myself included, I'm no saint...

Don Banks' Mock Draft

Anyone know the guy he has the Titans taking? Looks huge...but is he worth number eight? Come on, Big 12 fans!


2008 Titans Draft Re-Do

Well we are officially in draft season for 2011, with all the showcase games and combine coming up quickly. I wanted to revisit a different draft, however, and rewind to 2008 to review the Titans'...


2010...Most Disappointing Titans Season Ever?

I'm kind of just curious to get MCMers opinion on whether they feel this season is the most disappointing in Titans (and I do recognize the Oilers' history and heritage, but I want to limit this...


Bring on the kids...

At this point, while the Titans may not mathematically out of the playoffs, barring a miracle it is pretty evident they have both quit on the season and are not going to make it. With that said,...

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