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Is this a joke? I have no faith in Ireland!!!

This off-season I have been left speechless and thus I will try and write my thoughts. I really do not understand this front office so if someone can please help explain it to me. I like the...


The Worst Moments in the past 25 years

I don’t know how many of you guys read Regardless they have been doing a special on the worst moments in each franchise. Last June, they held the special on the dolphins....


The case for ONE PLAYER Nnamdi

I know this seems crazy as we have two pretty to very solid young corners on our team already. However, Nnamdi Asomugha is just hands down so freaking good every time should be paying for his...


Why I watch the pro bowl and you should too

My enthusiasm for the pro bowl gets criticized and ridiculed by co-workers and friends alike. While I must admit it gets harder and harder to pronounce to the world I will be watching the entire...


reggie bush

back when this guy was drafted, I was one of the people who "knew" this guy was not worthy of the number 2 much less the supposed number 1 pick. however, now his contract of 10 million dollars next...


voice of an optomist

  I would like address a few points this week. First of all, for all those not just drinking but chugging the hatorade, let us not forget that we just beat the Jets in New Jersey. Our defense...


Why I hate that team from New York

Farorefox got me going to indeed list the reasons why. Because they are actually from New Jersey Because their name is only four letters because thats the longest word their fans can spell B...


our slim playoff hopes

So we begin with the premise the Dolphins win the rest of their games and consider the following: If the Jets don't win another game, then the Dolphins project as the sixth seed. If the Patriots...


Who to root for? The full edition...

  Ok, so this is a rather intense look at every match up. Some of you, most of you will say this is stupid and we should only worry about the games that actually matter. Every game in football has...


Know your enemy - Ask the Phinsider

Browns fans, I'm saw that you guys get these every week and it shouldn't be any different now. If you have any questions about the Miami Dolphins, free free to post them. I will try to answer them...


Catch all for those drinking the haterade

In the comments section I listed a number of people who should be blamed. Please only place your comments for those people under their respective categories. this is a very emotional time for...


He said, she said bull s^$#

The blame game. It's Henne's fault, no now it's thigpen. It's henning, no it's sparano. Ireland didn't get us there. Bill Parcells messed this one up. Can we all just blame Dave Wannstadt and Nick...


Any Dolphins fans in the DC Area please read

I forgot to send this out a while back. Anyway, I recently moved to DC and watched week 1 against the bears lonely in a bar without any fins fans. Randomly, before the second game started I saw a...

dolphins qb chad penniongton will miss resto of season with sholder incjury soruces told


dolphins qb chad penniongton will miss resto of season with sholder incjury soruces told

espn nfl text

my worst moment as a dolphins fan

Since I moved to south florida when i was three years old, i have been a die hard fins fan. i have seen us a kick away (stoyanovich) and perhaps a qb (fiedler) or coach (wannstadt) away from...

current back up quarterback

  1. ronnie brown
  2. brandon marshall
  3. ricky williams
  4. ?

making moves- the dolphins sign al harris

Adam Schefter reports Dolphins sign Al Harris. (ESPN text) When I saw the 2 time pro bowler was released by the packers, I was hesitant to get excited about potentially adding someone to our...


Tickets/questions for this weeks game

I just moved to DC from Florida and am looking for tickets to this weekends game if anybody has some to sell. I really don't care about location and just want to go to the game. Also, if you have...


aaron rodgers could miss week 6

with the new found nervousness regarding concussions, aarond rodgers could be out for week six according to mike McCarthy. This is good news for us and could bring matt flynn to the main stage....


Patrick Cobbs or why Sparano needs to stop loving and forget the man

Patrick Cobbs is the guy this organization, specifically Sparano is absolutely in love with. He's a hard worker, tough guy, can help in the wildcat, rushing attack, kick returns and other facets of...


Finally someone else says Henne > Sanchez ESPN's afc east blog posted a solid article saying why Henne is far far superior to sanchez so i thought id send it out. im pretty certain everyone on this blog...


antrel rolle wants to come to miami

per profootball talk article antrel rolle is very interested in coming back to miami. while he still has a...


Don't hate on the Pat White Pick

As this season has progressed a lot of people have started talking about the coming off-season and what our needs will be. While the obvious need for a number one wide receiver has been apparent...

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