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I played catcher through high school in Garland at Lakeview Centennial, but I was most productive on the bench where I dreamed of playing catcher at UT. The one claim I can make to an interesting baseball event is that our Pony League team was one win from the Pony League World Series.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAB Iowa St. Cyclones
  • Golf Sort of a Sport
  • NASCAR Not a Sport
  • Boxing Ali
  • Cycling Sort of a Sport
  • Tennis Connors
  • General Royals, Twins
User Blog

Barring trade, 2012 MILB Rotation (or why it's cool CD and Big Game were traded)

So, CD might go off for 30 HR some year. Hunter could post a 180 IP 3.9 ERA season. But, look at the trade ammo the Rangers have going into the offseason. Round Rock: Old Man Hurley, Perez,...


6/30 Minors

This is a minors thread to open a discussion on draft philosophies stemming from "baseball wisdom" Buck Showalter uses in the draft as well as, at the suggestion of shroom, to accommodate the...


5/10 Farm: Ramirez, Perez, Wieland, Mendez, End of the World

5/10 9p, Neil "He's better than Teheran" Ramirez 26.2 IP | 15 H | 7 R | 6 ER | 10 BB | 30 SO | 10.13 K/9 | 3.38 BB/9 | 77.2% LOB% | 2.03 ERA | 2.68 FIP 11a, Martin "He's still only 20" Perez 27...

KC Royals Discussion


Eric Hosmer, who only has one flaw -- a 'c' rather than 'k' at the end of his first name -- is the symbol of the new Royals. His first ML hit came in this game, a 4-3 victory over the hated A's. Thanks to Drayton for picking and promoting Hosmer, so that on this day the A's would sink a game behind the Rangers.


Nera, MPer, and Mendez Day (5/5) and Beyond

The stars are aligned on the Rangers' farm. I expect a lot of chatter today, so a new thread makes sense. And, I feel like making Mighty Joe Wieland an honorary member of this historic day after...



Not surprisingly, Professor Parks with a great breakdown of the Feliz situation. Let's discuss the situation here, as the morning thread often gets fouled. I still don't see this move to the...


Winter Doldrum Stat of the Week: Andrus can bunt!

From John Dewan's stat of the week... Each year we give the Flat Bat Award to baseball's best bunter, and it's time to hand out the 2010 award. First, let's look at the best bunters in sacrifice...


Let's just say the Rangers sign Beltre, what would you do with the roster?

What would you like the Rangers to do with their 3B/DH situation if they do sign Beltre? It almost sounds like it would be an accident if they did, but, still, what type of roster shuffling could...


Greinke Trade Alternatives ---> Would you have traded Elvis?

Moore wanted nothing more or less than ML-ready, up-the-middle players. Not exactly the Rangers strength, unless Elvis is in the conversation. I think I would've been supportive of such a trade,...


Toronto and Greinke, bring on the Winter Meetings

This has been a really interesting pre-winter meetings. The Jeter bashing, Lee speculation, Dunn, Werth, Jorge de la Rosa, Gonzalez trade, Victor Martinez, Benoit, Beltre to the A's or not.... B...


Minor League Video Highlights from this year

Put your links to the best 2010 minor league action below. Profar makes a diving play on Aug 11 against Yakima. Short-A: Spokane 3, at Yakima 11 Record: 8-6 tied for 1st Ben Henry (4.93 ERA)...


I'm trying to learn about Xbox and Kinect

So, I know nothing about Xbox and a little about WII. I'm thinking one of these two things will be a gift from Santa to the kids. I am clueless about the differences between the two. Help me. A...


My favorite topic: Greinke Trade

This has been my favorite topic for about 3 years. I can't imagine Greinke starting the season as a Royal, and Newberg nicely runs down the many reasons why. I'm sure this has come up in a number...

Great Weekend Thus Far

  1. Rangers going to WS
  2. OU loses
  3. ISU beats UT
  4. SCSU beats Gophers in Hockey (homecoming weekend)
  5. Son's 3rd birthday

Nadel on Sabathia in second: "Sabathia likes to wear the jersey blousy"


Nadel on Sabathia in second: "Sabathia likes to wear the jersey blousy"


John Dewar's Stat of the Week: MVP Candidates

Miguel Cabrera, American League MVP? August 20, 2010 As we approach September, it’s time to start considering MVP candidates. In the American League, Miguel Cabrera is a popular choice because...


Nolan on Dan Patrick at 10-ish

Unfortunately, I will be in a meeting.


KC is teasing me

The Rangers can't afford to trade with KC, can they? "Our goal is by 2012 and 2013 to have as many homegrown guys playing as we can," said GM Dayton Moore The New York Post had an interesting...


New Poll on Lee Trade

So, another fanpost that should be a fanshot, but I'm really interested in everyone's opinion, and a better way than a poll to summarize the board's opinion just can't be found. My opinion is...


Poll on Lee trade

I'm posting a stupid fanpost. It should be a fanshot, but I'm really interested to see everyone's opinion and I think there are quite a few who would not see a poll posted as a fanshot. So, the...


Josh Garoon's blog of Judge Lynn's ruling should go in the LSB Almanac

This is an epic post at BBTIA. If there isn't a precedence for another blog's entry being put into the LSB Almanac, this one should set the precedent.

Which top prospect would you least like seeing traded for a TORP?

  1. Scheppers
  2. Perez
  3. Font
  4. Beavan
  5. None of these will be traded for a TORP.

Which TORP (or none) should Rangers trade for?

  1. Roy Oswalt
  2. Dan Haren
  3. Zack Greinke
  4. Cliff Lee
  5. None

Who is the SBN-Dallas editor, and

why does that person get to put fanposts at the top?

The Rangers also know that Skole, who has a blend of speed and power, would not have been around at...


The Rangers also know that Skole, who has a blend of speed and power, would not have been around at the 15th pick if he had played a full season as a senior.


[Oduber Herrera] figures to see most of his time this year at second base, with Luis Sardinas and...


[Oduber Herrera] figures to see most of his time this year at second base, with Luis Sardinas and Santiago Chirino carrying the AZL Rangers torch at short. --- Question by rooster --- does this suggest Profar starts at Spokane?

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